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Interacting With Instructors
Interacting With Instructors

Who Are Your Instructors?

  Your instructors will likely fall into one of three categories: professors, lecturers, and graduate teaching assistants. Professors are faculty (typically holding a terminal degree in their discipline) who teach undergraduate classes and do some type of research at the University. If they meet stringent performance criteria for these activities over a period of years, then they can be granted a form of academic freedom and job security known as tenure.

  Lecturers are teaching faculty who may or may not hold the terminal degree in their field, and who are in temporary faculty positions not eligible for tenure. Graduate teaching assistants (commonly known as TAs) are graduate students currently working on a masters or doctoral degree who gain teaching experience and help pay for their education by assisting with undergraduate courses.

  Most lecture and seminar courses that you take at the University are taught either by professors or lecturers. Lab and discussion sections are often taught by TAs, although lecturers and professors may teach them as well. Your instructor will indicate to you their academic status and how they would like to be addressed. Depending on the individual, Doctor is an appropriate title for those with the Ph.D. degree . Professor is a term typically reserved for faculty in tenure track positions.

  The titles Mr., Mrs., or Ms. are appropriate for those without a doctorate who are in non-tenure track positions. Many instructors will be happy for you to address them on a first-name basis once they get to know you, but as a matter of professional etiquette, you should not do so until given permission by the specific instructor.


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