CU Environmental Committee

tillmanClemson University is responsible for the use of considerable amounts of energy and materials and for significant effects on the environment. As individuals and as a university, we have a responsibility to promote environmental stewardship on campus. Environmental awareness is not new to campus, but we need to be asking more of the right questions, seeking the relevant information and implementing the appropriate programs. Revitalization of the Clemson University Environmental Committee will enable the development and coordination of the information necessary to initiate a continuing process of self-examination and improvement by Clemson University on environmental issues.

Purpose of the Committee

•To formalize within Clemson University's mission the concepts of environmental stewardship and sustainability,
•To minimize adverse impacts and consumption of material and energy for environmental and economic reasons,
•To seek and coordinate comprehensive information on which to base reasonable and effective conservation, recycling, and environmental programs and policies,
•To integrate fragmented programs and policies that already exist,
•To provide a mechanism for environmental education of students, staff, and faculty,
•To promote learning and research, and
•To establish Clemson University as a national leader in incorporating environmental principles into campus operations and design.