Resolutions & Resources


Resolution No. 04-0001
A resolution to support the designation of the Clemson University International Center for Automotive Research as a sustainable research center.

Sustainable Building Policy
The responsible use of all forms of energy and the good health of the community are high priorities of Clemson University. This policy makes a clear statement that the University embraces these priorities and will invest in them through every major building project. Contained in the policy are procedures, responsibilities, exemptions and requirements that will render the policy useful. This document identifies those projects that will be LEED certified, and those that will adhere to sustainable building practices.

Litter Control University Resolution
The Clemson University Environmental Committee, in its regular open business session, supports Clemson University becoming a "litter free" campus and requests that this goal be supported and promoted by university administrators, faculty, staff, and students.


Leed Overview and New Legislation