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Meet the Mentors

The Calhoun Honors College has twenty mentors within the College of Engineering and Science. Please take the time to read about their involvement on campus and with the Honors Mentor Program below.


Name: Britney Allen
Hometown: Aiken, SC
Major: Computer Science
Class: 2019

Campus Involvement: Honors Community Service Group, Honors Peer Mentoring, Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society, WISE(Women in Engineering and Science)

Bio: "Hey y’all, my name is Britney and I am a rising sophomore majoring in Computer Science as well as an aspiring author! Although transitioning from high school to college may seem a little daunting, I hope to make sure you all have the best experience possible. Being involved around campus not only made my transition here easier, but it also brought me together with some of the most amazing people. I can’t wait to help you find your way here at Clemson! I will be living in Stadium Suites this coming year which means I will be a readily available resource and right by CORE campus. Whether you are looking for academic advice, a way to get involved around campus, or just a friend, I look forward to being able to help you as you get adjusted. I plan on taking my group to downtown dinners and places like the botanical gardens. I would also love to have some baking,movie, or crafting nights! I can’t wait to meet you all and welcome you to the Clemson family!"


Name: Elyssa Bakker
Hometown: Asheville, NC
Major: Bioengineering- Biomaterials concentration
Class: 2019

Campus Involvement: Cru Student Ministry, Chronicle Literary Magazine,WISE, Intramurals (Soccer)

Bio: "Hey Tigers, welcome to Clemson University and Calhoun Honors College! I am so excited to be an honors mentor and meet you all this coming year! I am a sophomore in bioengineering on a pre-med track, so if you are interested in med school, I can help you plan your schedule. Here is a little about me: I love neuroscience, math, and all forms of art. I also love hiking and theater. One of my favorite things to do on campus is to visit the Brooks Center for Performing Arts. As an honors student, you get free tickets to see world class performances! That is just one thing the honors college has to offer, and I want to help you navigate all those fantastic opportunities. As your mentor, I will be here to answer any questions, give you academic resources, show you around campus, and help you wind down with food and fun activities. I cannot wait to meet my mentees! Go Tigers!"


Name: Suzanne Bradley
Hometown: Lawrenceville, GA
Major: Bioengineering, Biomaterials Concentration
Class: 2017

Campus Involvement: Honors College Community Service Group, Dixon Fellows, DJ at Clemson’s Radio Station WSBF FM, Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) Small Group, Creative Inquiry in Bioengineering Research, Undergraduate Clemson Bioengineering Society (UCBS), Society of Women in Engineering (SWE)

Bio: "Welcome to Clemson! My name is Suzanne, and I can’t wait to meet you all this upcoming school year! I will be a senior bioengineering major this fall, and I’m planning to attend graduate school for Bioengineering. So here’s a little bit about me: I love going to football and baseball games, and I enjoy spending time outdoors. I’m involved in several engineering clubs, as well as a Creative Inquiry Research Project, so if you have any questions about engineering I can definitely help. I love coffee, so I hope we can meet up at Starbucks as a group this semester, as well as go out to dinner to get to know each other! I also look forward to hearing your ideas of activities we can do or places around Clemson y’all would like to visit! I know coming to college is a big change, so I hope I can be here to help make that transition a little easier! If you have any questions about class registration or campus involvement, I will be here to help. I’m really excited to get to know all of you in the fall! Go Tigers!"


Name: Mary Jordan (MJ) Carpenter
Hometown: Charlotte, NC
Major: Industrial Engineering
Minor: Spanish and Business Administration
Class: 2019

Campus Involvement: Delta Delta Delta Sorority, Clemson National Scholars Program, Clemson University Guide Association, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Clemson Women’s Chorus, Clemson EUREKA! 2015 Participant, Worship Leader at Clemson United Methodist Church

Bio: "Welcome Clemson Class of 2020! Let me tell y’all, there is no better time to be a Clemson Tiger than right now. My freshman year was full of excitement, especially getting to go to the Orange Bowl and the National Championship to cheer on our Clemson Tigers. I’m a rising sophomore and my hobbies include singing at the top of my lungs, embarrassing my friends, and talking about Clemson of course.  My mentees can expect to go to a lot of Clemson sporting events with me, and of course we will be visiting Spill the Beans regularly.  Get excited for the best four years of your life!"


Name: Daniel Fox
Hometown: Greenville, SC
Major: Physics
Minor: Mathematical Sciences
Class: 2019

Campus Involvement: Navigators, Intramurals (soccer, basketball, frisbee); next year, hopefully Running Club, Society of Physics Students

Bio: "Hi, I’m Daniel, a Physics major from Greenville! I am finishing my first year at Clemson University and have loved it so far! Every day in college is an adventure waiting to happen - as Bilbo Baggins says in Lord of the Rings, “You step onto the road, and if you don’t keep your feet, there’s no knowing where you might be swept off to.” The Lord of the Rings are my favorite movies, though I would say that The Chronicles of Narnia are my favorite books at present. I also love being outside, especially when it includes throwing a frisbee or playing guitar on Bowman Field, or running on the dikes by Lake Hartwell. I especially enjoy serving and glorifying Jesus Christ with the Navigators! This is a campus ministry group that loves to have a lot of fun through games and other events (many of which involve food, which is a wonderful thing in college)! Clemson has been a good home away from home, and I look forward to getting to hang out with you next year. Go Tigers!"


Name: Jennifer Hibberts
Hometown: Kwajalein, Republic of the Marshall Islands
Major: Biosystems Engineering
Class: 2018

Campus Involvement: Clemson Debate Team, Club Water Polo, NAE Grand Challenge Scholars Program, The Pendulum (Clemson’s International Affairs Magazine), Honors Service Society, Green Revolving Fund Committee, Study Abroad in the South of France

Bio: "Hello fellow Tigers! I’m Jennifer Hibberts, and I’m very excited to help my mentees find their place in the Clemson Family next semester! I’m a rising junior in Biosystems Engineering and I hail from a small Army Garrison overseas in the Marshall Islands (located roughly halfway between Hawaii and Australia). As you can imagine, I didn’t know anyone (except my twin sister), when I came to Clemson, so I know how much of a transition it can be, but trust me it’s an exciting one! I’m involved in a wide range of organizations and currently deciding if I want to pursue Grad or Law School, so I can relate to STEM and pre-law students. I spent the past spring semester studying abroad in the south of France, so, I’ll likely invite my mentees over to enjoy a few homemade crepes as I indulge in my French food withdrawals, or to some of my favorite places and activities around campus. I’m a bubbly tree-hugger who loves to talk and be outside, so I’ll also be down to hike or hang out on Bowman or Y Beach anytime. Over your time at Clemson, I hope to be a friend and a resource for any of your questions, big, small, academic, or personal. I can’t wait to meet you, and I wish you the best of luck in your first semester!"


Name: Thomas Holliday
Hometown: Anderson, SC
Major: Mathematical Sciences
Minor: Sports Communication
Class: 2019

Campus Involvement: Student Manager (Basketball), Welcome Coordinator, Orientation Ambassador, IPTAY Student Advisory Board

Bio: "Welcome to Tigertown! My freshman year was incredible and I can’t wait to see how y’all blossom throughout yours. Growing up 25 minutes away from campus, Clemson has always been my second (and now first) home. Some of my favorite activities on campus include going to sporting events or watching a sunset on the dikes and I would love to have y’all join me on a group outing. Food is also a necessity so I am always down to cook or go grab a meal. I want to work in the professional basketball industry post college on either the coaching or analytics side. I can’t wait to meet y’all and as always, Go Tigers!"


Name: Grant Hummel
Hometown: Fort Mill, SC
Major: Chemical Engineering
Minor: Business Administration
Class: 2019

Campus Involvement: Club Rowing Team, Sustainability Committee, Freshman Council, American Institute for Chemical Engineers, Clemson Engineers for Developing Countries, Honors College Community Service Group, Theta Tau

Bio: "I was born in Rochester Hills, Michigan and moved to Fort Mill, South Carolina when I was 8 years old. I was highly involved in High School and similarly involved here at Clemson. I strongly believe in polarizing your time; work hard and then play hard, although I have had issues implanting this idea efficiently. I feel like I have experienced a great deal over my freshman year here at Clemson and as a result, am a great person to talk to for advice on just about all matters. I also should tell you that I have an older sister here at Clemson who I am very close with, which allows me to provide insight on issues that you may face as upper classman as well."

Name: Connor McPartland
Hometown: Avondale, PA
Major: Bioengineering
Class: 2019

Campus Involvement: AMSA (the American Medical Student Association), Freshman Council, Dixon Fellows, Intramural sports, and a study abroad

Bio: Hey guys! My name is Connor McPartland and I am a Sophomore Bioengineering major from Avondale, Pennsylvania and I am pumped to be an honors mentor. This past year has been a blast and I am looking forward to meeting and guiding y'all through some of the stuff that makes freshman year fun and challenging. As a freshman I was involved in various organizations on campus ranging from student government to medical groups. So, as a student planning on attending medical school with an engineering degree who is trying to be as involved as possible, I'd be more than happy to answer any questions related to this complex process. Nevertheless, outside of academics, I love fishing, watching Clemson football win, playing Fifa, and eating in and around the Clemson area. As a result, my group will probably be going to a couple of restaurants over the course of our two semesters together to catch up and discuss any questions, comments, or concerns of the group. As a freshman, I know having a mentor was really helpful when it came to issues like registration and directions to things around Clemson. Thus, I plan on serving as the same support system for y'all as you figure things out at this wonderful institution. Looking forward to meeting everyone in the fall, and until then... Go tigers."


Name: Hansen Mou
Hometown: Greenville, SC
Major: Chemical Engineering
Class: 2019

Campus Involvement: Clemson Rifle Team, Calhoun Community Service Group, Dixon Fellows, Club Fencing, Tau Beta Pi Engineering Honors Society, American Institue of Chemical Engineers, ACS Tutoring, Creative Inquiry

“One of my favorite things to do is to try new things, so I decided to give this whole “college” thing a try. Let me tell you: it's great! It didn't always seem like that, especially at the start of freshman year, but once it gets going, it flies by. College, especially here at Clemson, is a great place to try out all the things that you've always wanted to do. I know that's how I coped with the start of my freshman year. I like doing all sorts of things, from shooting pool and playing racquetball, to messing with computers and reading cool books. I'd be glad to offer you advice, whether it be about classes or life in general. I'll do my best to help you out in any way I can. Just let me know!"


Name: Christina Phillips
Hometown: Greenville, SC
Major: Geology
Minor: Music
Class: 2019

Campus Involvement: Geology Club Treasurer, Women In Science and Engineering, Clemson University Singers, Clemson Engineers for Developing Countries, Reformed University Fellowship

Bio: "Hello! My name is Christina Phillips and I’m so excited to get to know you guys this fall! I am a Sophomore Geology major with a Music minor. I grew up nearby in Greenville, SC, and would love to give you recommendations on fun things to do there, as it is only 45 minutes away. I am very involved with Reformed University Fellowship on campus and will be a part of their leadership team this coming fall. I am also a geology enthusiast (in case you couldn’t tell from my major), and will be serving as Treasurer of the Geology Club for the next year. In addition, I have been involved with Women in Science and Engineering and plan on living in their living learning community in Stadium Suites. Outside of my major, I am also pursuing music, which is one of my greatest passions, through Clemson University Singers and a music minor. I would love to answer any of your questions about opportunities to get involved musically on campus. I am pretty laid back and I understand the power of free food, so we will definitely be hitting up Moes, 55 Exchange, and other restaurants in the fall. I’d love to have you guys over to Stadium Suites as well to watch a beautiful Clemson sunset. I hope you guys enjoy your summer and get hyped to be Tigers!"


Name: Katelyn Ragland
Hometown: Knoxville, TN
Major: Bioengineering
Minor: Spanish
Class: 2017

Campus Involvement: FIMRC (For International Medical Relief of Children), Clemson Donors For Life, Tau Beta Pi Engineering Honors Society, Honors College Pre-med Society, Honors College Ambassador, Intramurals, Alpha Lambda Delta-Freshman Honors Society, Omicron Delta Kappa-Leadership Society, Campus Recreation Employee (Group Fitness Instructor), Undergraduate Research, Campus Advance Christian Ministry, Vickery Athletic Tutor

Bio: “I’m an analytical thinker, whose favorite “machine” is the human body. As a result, I’m a bioengineer on my way to medical school. I try to get outside as often as possible: running, napping, attending sporting events. In addition to the organizations I’m involved in, I have considerate knowledgeable on the extensive other opportunities I haven’t found time to do myself. My goal is to help you find YOUR niche here at Clemson and discover just how fantastic life can be. I’m looking forward to finding creative ways to spend time together… probably involving good food. I can’t wait to meet you all in the fall!"


Name: McKinnon Reece
Hometown: Winston-Salem, NC
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Minor: Chinese
Class: 2019

Campus Involvement: Honors College Service Club, CEDC (Clemson Engineers for Developing Countries), Theta Tau (Engineering Professional Fraternity), EUREKA! 2015 Participant, UNICEF Club, Intramural Sports

Bio: "Hey everyone! My name is McKinnon and I’ll be a sophomore this year at Clemson. Right now, I’m studying mechanical engineering and I hope to transition into the aerospace field by the time I graduate. In addition, I’ve got a Chinese Language minor that I’m working on, so if you have any questions about majoring/minoring with engineering and a language, I’d love to answer them. Intramural sports are a big favorite of mine on campus and I try to get involved with them as much as possible. I’ve had a blast freshman year and am excited to meet you guys in the fall!"


Name: Zach Riedel
Hometown: Memphis, TN
Major: Materials Science and Engineering (Inorganic)
Minor: Chemistry
Class: 2019

Campus Involvement: Calhoun Honors College Community Service Group, Intramurals, Men’s Chorus, Seneca Church of Christ College Ministry

Bio: "Welcome to Clemson University and the Calhoun Honors College!  You have chosen a university with a beautiful campus, incredible school pride, and amazing people.  I am a rising sophomore who has fallen in love with Tigertown.  From Brooks Center cultural events to intramurals to service groups, this campus has so much to offer.  And don’t forget the awesome football and soccer teams!  Before coming to Clemson, I attended the same small private school for sixteen years.  And as the only student from there even to apply to Clemson, I understand the anxiety of throwing yourself into a vastly different world and hope to aid you in your transition.  There are numerous opportunities for involvement on campus, and I would love to answer your questions as you search for the one or many that will excite you and lead you to make lifelong friends.  I also am excited to answer any questions you have about the engineering program here at Clemson, the process of selecting a major (expect me to vouch for MSE), and the advantages of the honors college.  Again, I’m pumped to meet you guys!  See you in the fall, and go Tigers!"


Name: Sarah Sandler
Hometown: Merrick, Long Island, NY
Major: Material Science and Engineering
Minor: International Engineering
Class: 2019

Campus Involvement: Club Sailing Team, Dixon Global Policy Scholar, Habitat for Humanity, Scientific Research on Medical Application of Magnetic Nanoparticles (Creative Inquiry), Research on Building Healthy Communities: study abroad, service learning and creative inquiry in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic (Creative Inquiry), Intramural Sports

Bio: "Welcome to Clem! Coming from Long Island in New York, I didn’t know anyone else when I first decided to attend Clemson. After just one year here, I can honestly say I have had the best time of my life and meet a ton of amazing people who I now consider my best friends. I hope to make your experience at Clemson as great as mine has been so far! While back home, I love to surf, sail and work as an ocean lifeguard over the summer. Clemson is pretty far from the beach, so after coming here I decided to explore the area. If there’s not a football game, I’m either sailing on Lake Hartwell with my other friends on the Club Sailing team or Hiking in one of the nearby Mountain Ranges. I’d love to help my mentees get involved around campus, give them academic advice and support, be a friend and of course bring you all to all the best places to eat downtown!" 


Name: Kristen Savary
Hometown: Dubuque, Iowa
Major: Mathetmatical Sciences
Minor: Computer Science
Class: 2017

Campus Involvement: Honors Mentor, Honors Ambassador and Ambassador Committee Member, 2014 EUREKA! participant, Calhoun Honors College Community Service Group, Calhoun Honors College Office Assistant, Clemson Intramurals, Dixon Fellows, Cryptography Creative Inquiry, Central Spirit

Bio: "Welcome to the Clemson family! I’m so excited to be a mentor again for the 2016-2017 year! I am very far away from home, but choosing Clemson has been the best decision I could have made. I know what it’s like to transition from not knowing a single person to feeling at home, and I want to make that transition for you as smoothly as possible. It’s okay if you don’t have your life planned out yet: that is what college is for. I would love to help you with anything you may need, whether it be registration for classes, Honors programs to apply to, or just someone to talk to and relieve some stress. Ice cream is my favorite food so I will definitely be taking my mentees to ’55 Exchange! I look forward to meeting you! Go Tigers!"


Name: Mikaela Schifer
Hometown: Aiken, SC
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Class: 2019

Campus Involvement: Club Soccer, Intramural sports (soccer, flag football, basketball, Frisbee, volleyball), Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Catholic Student Association

Bio: "Hey everyone! Welcome to Clemson! I am a rising sophomore and have had a great first year at Clemson. I’m sure you guys will love it! I like to play soccer and other sports, go hiking and hang out with my friends. Next year I’d love to do any of these things with you! I will also be here for any advice that you may need concerning registration, classes, dorm life, or anything else that may come up! I’m pretty laid back and will help you with whatever I can. I can’t wait to meet you guys in the fall!"


Name: Max Teddy
Hometown: Shelby, NC
Major: Civil Engineering
Minor: Geography
Class: 2019

Campus Involvement: Chi Alpha Campus Ministry Treasurer, Honors Mentoring Program VP of Finance, Clemson Academic Team, Men’s Club Volleyball Team

Bio: "Hey, everyone! I’m so excited that you chose to spend the next part of your life in Tigertown! I want my mentees to be able to come to me with anything they might need, whether it be class advice, help finding your way around campus, or just needing a friend to chat with. As a sophomore, I know (and remember clearly) how stressful the first few weeks of school can be, so I really want to help all of you navigate them like a pro! I’m super laid back, and I love to travel and take adventures around the area. If anyone wants to play tennis, volleyball, or just hang out one day, I’m all for it! Also, if you’re looking for a church to call home, I’d love to help out. These next four years can be some of the best you’ll ever have, and I would be thrilled if you made me a part of them. Go Tigers!!!"


Name: Katie Tobik
Hometown: Fort Mill, SC
Major: Bioengineering
Minor: Biomaterials
Class: 2018

Campus Involvement: Undergraduate Research, Undergraduate Clemson Bioengineering Society (UCBS), Clemson University Tiger Band, Clemson University Symphony Orchestra, Clemson University Pep Band, Women in Science and Engineering (WISE), Honors College Mentor

Bio: "Welcome to Clemson! I am so excited to have you join the Clemson family where I hope you will feel as welcome as I have!  Right away, I became very involved as I joined Tiger Band and the Symphony Orchestra.  This gave me the opportunity to get to know so many people on campus — many of whom I call my good friends today!   However, I am always up for meeting new people!  I recently became involved with Undergraduate Research in the Bioengineering department.  I chose to do research as I want to pursue a Masters degree before going into industry.  I am also interning at Carolinas HealthCare System this summer and am very excited to grow outside of the classroom!  I want to be there for my mentor group, as people have been there for me.  I enjoy discovering and sharing good food so I would love to have my mentor group go out for a meal and get to know one another.  I look forward to meeting everyone in the fall!  Go Tigers"


Name: Libby Zanin
Hometown: Charleston, SC
Major: Biosystems Engineering
Minor: Spanish
Class: 2017

Campus Involvement: CUSG Sustainability Committee, Undergraduate Teaching Assistant for General Engineering, Academic Success Center Tutor for Calculus 1 and 2, Tau Beta Pi Engineering Honor Society President, Omicron Delta Kappa Leadership Society, Electrical Engineering Department Certificate in Renewable Energy, Undergraduate Research with CAPER (Center for Advanced Power Engineering Research), Foundation for the International Medical Relief for Children, Students for Environmental Action Club, Biosystems Engineering Club, Catholic Student Association 

Bio: "Hi! I am excited that you have made the decision to be a member of the Calhoun Honors College, it is one that you will not regret! I have really enjoyed my time here as an honors student and know you will too! I love to run, play soccer, hike, bike, and eat! As your mentor, I would love to do any of these activities with you! I also love to travel and would be happy to talk to you about my experiences and how you can get trips funded while at Clemson University. I have studied abroad in both Spain and Germany! I am very laid back and would be happy to help you with whatever I can, whenever I can.  I really love my major and if you are passionate about environmental issue I highly suggest it as a major and would be happy to talk to you about it!"