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Meet the Mentors

The Calhoun Honors College has four mentors within the College of Architecture, Arts and Humanities. Please take the time to read about their involvement on campus and with the Honors Mentor Program below.  


Name: Katie Davidson 
Hometown: Annandale, VA
Management and Film Studies 

Campus Involvement: 
Welcome Leaders, CU ALL INtegrity Creative Inquiry, Clemson Television

Bio: "Clemson is my favorite place in the world, and I can’t wait to share this experience with y’all!  I understand the transition to college is a tough one, but I’m excited to help you find your place at Clemson.  As a member of CLEMSONLiVE, I help plan the on campus events, so there will always be something to do throughout the week!  I can’t wait to get to know you, and help you love Clemson in any way I can!  Go Tigers!"


Name: Olivia Meers
Hometown: Nashville, TN
Spanish Language and International Health

Campus Involvement:
Gamma Phi Beta sorority, Alpha Epsilon Delta honor society, L&IH Treasurer, Outdoors Club, Greek Intervarsity, and FCA

Bio: "Hi, and welcome to Clemson! I’m a pre-med student not majoring in science, so if you have questions about scheduling, I’m your girl. I can’t wait to meet all of you, and show you the amazing things that Clemson has to offer. I would love for our group to get to know each other and check out some of great food and coffee joints around campus such as Spill the Beans and All In. We can also go to Y Beach for a game of volleyball or Frisbee or even go for a hike in the experimental forest. I’m here for y’all so anything you need just give me a call. Go Tigers!



Name: Jessa Mitchell
Hometown:Franklin, MA
Communication Studies; Marketing

Campus Involvement: Wyldlife Leader at McCants Middle School, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Intramurals (soccer)

Bio: "I cannot wait for the fall semester.  Being from out of state, I was nervous coming to Clemson. It was so far away and I did not know anyone else.  I started out as an engineering major, but I knew almost right away that I did not want to become an engineer.  I switched to Food Science and Nutrition, and now finally, I have found my double major in Communications and Marketing.  I love math and science, but I realized that those interests did not align with what I want to do with my career.  My dream job is to work in Public Relations for Nonprofit organizations.  I can sympathize with any incoming freshman that feels unsure about what to major in and how to find their place at Clemson, because I was that way too!  I love Clemson so much now and I have had the best time of my life here.  I love going to Fike, playing soccer, going to concerts in Asheville, Greenville, or even on Y Beach, and hiking around the beautiful state of South Carolina.  Most importantly, I would love to make some ice cream runs with any and all freshman that want some free Spill the Beans!"


Name: Claire Spellberg
Hometown: Chevy Chase, MD
Major: English
Class: 2017

Campus Involvement: Sigma Kappa Sorority, Army ROTC, The Tiger News, Alpha Lambda Delta, Slow Food of Clemson, Intramural Sports

Bio: “Hey y’all, I’m Claire and I’m super excited to be a mentor this year! I’m an English major and hope to work in publishing after graduation, although that definitely could change. I came to Clemson from out of state so I understand what it’s like to make that adjustment and would love to help you have an amazing freshman year. I can’t wait to do tons of fun things with my mentor group like go out for dinner, grab ice cream, or just hang out and am totally open to any suggestions for activities. I love to work out, be outside, cook and bake so get ready for lots of treats delivered to your dorm! I’ll be living on campus so I’ll be easy to find and I’m always here if you need help. Go Tigers!"