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Meet the Mentors

The Calhoun Honors College has fourteen mentors within the College of Agriculture, Forestry and Life Sciences. Please take the time to read about their involvement on campus and within the Honors Mentor Program.  


Name: Olivia Addis
Hometown: Walhalla, SC
Major: Biological Sciences
Class: 2017

Campus Involvement: National Society of Collegiate Scholars, Alpha Epsilon Delta (Pre-Professional Health Society), Crosspoint Church College Leadership, Study Abroad to Panama & Costa Rica, Honors Biological Sciences Research, Intramurals

Bio: “Hey guys and welcome to the Clemson Family! I am a Biological Sciences major with the intentions of going to professional school to become a Physician Assistant. I from the area so I can really help you find your way around if you ever need to get off campus for something. That being said, I’m really excited to see you get plugged in on campus because Clemson has so much to offer their students and all of it truly adds to the great experience you can have here. I am involved in a lot on campus, have a job, and work hard in my classes so I’m excited to share with you what all you can be a part of in your years here. I love playing sports and hanging out so I’m really excited to get to know you guys and hopefully have fun together. “


Name: Brooke Barisich
Hometown: New Orleans, LA
Major: Biological Sciences – Prerehabilitation Concentration
Minor: Food Science
Class: 2016

Campus Involvement: Peer Mentoring Events Chair, Secretary of Tri-Beta Biological Honors Society, CAFLS Student Ambassador, Student Mentor at Pendleton Elementary School, Student Vice President for Phi Kappa Phi Honors Society, Undergraduate TA for Functional Human Anatomy, Clinical Aide at Excel Rehab and Sports Therapy, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Foundation for the International Medical Relief of Children, Internship Abroad – Nicaragua

Bio: “Welcome to the greatest place on earth! I’m a Biology major planning to attend physical therapy school, and then hopefully work abroad in a developing country as a physical therapist! Being from Louisiana, I am one of 2 people here from my high school so I know what it’s like to move to a completely new place on your own and meet a ton of new people all at once, and I would definitely love to help you with this transition. Clemson has quickly become my second home and everyone here is so friendly and willing to help that I know it can become yours too. When I’m not studying or doing something for the many organizations I am a part of, I like to relax with my friends at the lake, go for a run, create/bake something from my many Pinterest boards, or cheer on our Tigers at Death Valley! I plan on taking my mentees to some of my favorite spots in Clemson and going out for ice cream, dinner, coffee, or outdoor adventures. This is about to be one of the greatest years of your life and I can’t wait to meet y’all and help you find your place here!” 


Name: Allison Bossong
Hometown: Greenville, SC
Major: Health Science (Pre-Professional Health Studies)
Minor: Biological Sciences
Class: 2017

Campus Involvement: Kappa Delta Sorority, Honors Peer Mentoring Co-Head, Alpha Epsilon Delta Pre-Health Honors Society, Mortar Board, Health Science Major Mentor, Health Science Creative Inquiry, Girls on the Run Volunteer, Intramural Sports, Fellowship of Christian Athletes- FCA Small Group Leader, Grace Church Children’s Ministry Volunteer, Study Abroad Medical Intern Experience in Jamaica

Bio: “Welcome to the Clemson family! As an upcoming junior, I’ve had such an amazing freshman and sophomore year and realize that there is no other place like Clemson!  I plan on going to Physicians Assistant School after my four years of undergraduate school.  Being involved on campus, it made my transition to college much easier.  I can’t wait to help you all find your place here at Clemson and just be a resource for you throughout your freshman year.  I am a very laid back and outgoing person that loves to have fun.  I plan on doing fun things like taking my group of mentees out to dinner and ice-cream.  I’d also love to have my mentees over to my apartment for a baking/movie night! I can’t wait to meet and get to know you! Go Tigers!”


Name: Christine Hart
Irmo, SC

Campus Involvement: Creative Inquiry, Research in the Genetics and Biochemistry Department, FIMRC, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Habitat for Humanity, Reformed University Fellowship, Lutheran Campus Ministry, Spanish Professional Society, Dixon Fellows Program, Honors College Ambassador, Honors College Peer Mentor

Bio: “Welcome to Clemson and congratulations on your acceptance to the Honors College!  Clemson offers so many opportunities, and I am excited to help you navigate through your first year.  After Clemson, I hope to attend medical school and become a pediatrician.  I can point you to a number of clubs and Clemson faculty that aided in my knowledge of the medical field and undergraduate research.  If you’re interested in joining a religious organization, I can introduce you to Reformed University Fellowship or Lutheran Campus Ministries.  When I’m not in class, I like to be outside so I’d be glad to play some Frisbee or soccer with my mentees on Bowman.  We can also make a few trips to my favorite ice cream and coffee shops: “Spill the Beans” and “All In.”  I can’t wait to meet y’all! Go tigers!”


Name: Lindsay Jenkinson
Hometown: Bethel, CT 
Major: Food Science & Technology
Class: 2018

Campus Involvement: Slow Food on Campus (treasurer), Agronomy Club, Food Science Creative Inquiry, Appalachian Sustainable Agriculture Project Volunteer, ’55 Exchange Volunteer, Club Sports

Bio: “Hey everyone, I hope y’all are excited for your freshman year of college! My name is Lindsay, and I’m from a small town in Connecticut, so I understand how intimidating the transition to a huge southern school might be for anyone who is from out-of-state. Throughout my freshman year, I experimented with many different academic and athletic groups and organizations, and hopefully can guide you in the direction that you prefer when it comes to getting involved! Being a food science major, I think it’s pretty obvious that I love food (but honestly, who doesn’t?). That being said, I’m more than happy to grab lunch, get coffee, or meet up downtown with any of my mentees! I’m also interested in travelling, music, theater, and being outside—you can almost always find me in the amphitheater or on Bowman. I can’t wait to help my future mentees get involved and find their new home at Clemson!”


Name: Kirin Khan
Hometown: Clemson, SC
Major: Biochemistry, Genetics
Minor: Microbiology
Class: 2016

Campus Involvement: Undergraduate Research, Phi Kappa Phi, Muslim Student Association, Dixon Fellows, Biochemistry and Genetics Club, Alpha Omega Epsilon, Golden Key, ODK, Academic Success Center Tutoring, Honors Mentoring, Delta Epsilon Iota

Bio: "Hey everyone!  My name is Kirin and I'm a senior biochemistry major hoping to go to med school after graduation.  Although I have been living in Clemson since I was 10, I've moved around before and definitely understand the pressures of being in a new place without having too many familiar faces around. I hope to help my mentees feel at ease as they transition into college life and will always be available for questions or concerns through text or e-mail. My group will meet a few times each semester for dinner or ice cream or anything else fun!"


Name: Manushi Patel
Columbia, SC
Genetics and Biochemistry
Minor: Psychology

Campus Involvement:
Alpha Epsilon Delta Pre-Health Honors Society (AED); American Medical Student Assocation (AMSA); Asian Student Association (ASA); Clemson Dholna Bollywood Dance Group; Creative Inquiry; Flashnotes Notetaker for Acadameic Success Center (ASC); Honors Peer Mentor; Women in Science and Engineering (WISE)

Bio: “Hey everyone! First off, welcome to the Clemson family! Having lived in Ontario, Canada for 8 years and in South Carolina for the past 7, I’ve experienced both northern and southern culture. However, it was not until I came to Clemson that I realized what it was like to truly live in the south. I’m on the pre-med track and plan on graduating early, which makes me an upcoming sophomore/junior. After graduating, I want to spend one year in India doing service work in the impoverished areas. Between getting adjusted to the freedom, finding classes, and making friends, freshman year is tough—so feel free to ask me about anything! My phone and I are inseparable so it won’t be hard to reach me at any time. I can’t wait to meet all of you, and I’m so glad you chose to come to this amazing university!”


Name: Emily Peters
Nashville, TN
Minor: Spanish

Campus Involvement:
Calhoun Honors College Ambassador, CUSG Organizations & Sustainability Committees, Kappa Delta Sorority (Sisterhood Enrichment Team Leader, Philanthropy Committee), Catholic Student Association, Undergraduate Research in Microbiology, Food Science Creative Inquiry with Dr. McGregor

Bio: “As a rising sophomore, I am excited to share my love of Clemson with my mentees as they make the transition into college life! As an out-of-state student, I didn’t know much about Clemson when I started freshman year, and I am thankful for the mentors and friends that helped make Clemson feel like home.  I hope to do the same for my mentees.  I would like to one day work in the healthcare field, either as a doctor or pharmacist, so I can definitely give advice about classes and experiences that are both enriching and valuable to students pursuing similar goals.  I am involved in and have knowledge of lots of different organizations on campus, and I look forward to helping my mentees find their fit in the Clemson family.  I really enjoy being outdoors and would love to explore Clemson with my mentee group. Whether it be chatting over ice cream at Spill the Beans or helping plan courses for the next semester, I want to be there for my mentees in any way that I can.”


Name: Haley Puckett
Hometown: Limerick, PA
Major: Biological Sciences
Class: 2017

Campus Involvement: Alpha Delta Pi sorority, Alpha Epsilon Delta (AED – Pre-Professional Health Club), Alpha Lambda Delta (ALD – Honor Society), Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA), ClemsonCURE, Student Alumni Association (SAA), IPTAY, Calhoun Honors College Ambassador, Calhoun Honors College Peer Mentor, SASH participant

Bio: "Hey y’all!  Welcome to Clemson!  I am a Biological Sciences major on the path to medical school.  I am extremely involved on campus, so I can help you find exactly what you are looking for in terms of campus involvement!  I am also involved off campus and would love to help you get involved in that way as well!  Additionally, I love volunteering, so I am very knowledgeable about all kinds of different volunteer opportunities.  If you are interested in the medical field and potentially pursing medical school, I can help you get involved in different volunteer opportunities pertaining to the medical field.  Furthermore, I typically respond to emails very quickly, and I respond to texts and calls even quicker.  Feel free to ask me anything at anytime!  I will do my very best to answer all of your questions and help you in any way possible!  I can also help get you in contact with people who may be able to offer further assistance beyond my knowledge or ability.  Pick me if you are looking for a driven, fun-loving mentor!"   


Name: Hannah Puckett
Hometown: Limerick, PA
Major: Biological Sciences
Class: 2017

Campus Involvement: Honors College Ambassador, Alpha Epsilon Delta Pre-Professional Health Society, Alpha Lambda Delta Honors Society, Alpha Delta Pi, CURE

Bio: "I am a very determined and enthusiastic person who loves the beach, running, traveling, and meeting new people! I have many aspirations, such as attending MUSC after my time at Clemson and hopefully becoming a doctor. I am very knowledgeable about the professors and classes offered here at Clemson, especially those in the field of biological sciences. I am excited to help my mentees in any way that I can, such as tutoring, sharing tips on studying, sharing my knowledge about which teachers to take, etc. I absolutely love talking to and meeting new people, especially while enjoying some Starbucks or Spill the Beans. My phone is practically glued to my hip and I check my emails religiously so you’ll never have a problem getting in touch with me. I’m so excited to get to meet my new mentees this upcoming semester and can’t wait to help them get involved and learn to love Clemson as much as I do!"


Name: Lucy Rummler
Charleston, SC
Minor: Biological Sciences

Campus Involvement: Dixon Fellows, Dixon Global Policy Scholars, Clemson Running Club, Research, Creative Inquiry, Clemson Geographic Society

Bio: "Hello everyone! I know the first year can be pretty intimidating, but Clemson has so much to offer and I’d love to help you find what makes you feel at home here. I’m a genetics major looking to go to graduate school to do plant ecology research, so I’ve spent a lot of time in the lab and out in the field. When I’m not in class or studying, I love to run, backpack, do/see art, and enjoy the outdoors. Last year, my mentor group met a few times a semester for ice cream or dinner, but we can do as much or as little as you guys want! I’d love to help you out if I can with choosing classes, applying for Honors College programs, and finding things to do the summer after your freshman year.  I plan to meet about once a month to grab dinner, get ice cream, or go for a hike! And, of course I’ll be on campus quite a bit if you need me for anything."


Name: Megan Schmalz
Mckinney, TX
Microbiology (Biomedicine concentration)

Campus Involvement: Foundation for International Medical Relief of Children (Vice President), Kappa Delta Sorority, AMSA, Alpha Epsilon Delta, ODK, Microbiology Club, Mortar Board, EMR club, Order of Omega, Prayer Team Leader in Greek IV, SASH mentor, Honors Mentor Committee Member

Bio: "As an upcoming senior I'm excited to spend another great year at Clemson! Being from out of state, I had a lot to learn once I got to Clemson but, with the help of my Honors mentor, great friends, and professors, I had an excellent experience so far.  I am planning to go to medical school after I graduate and eventually work internationally, so I would be happy to talk to you about the pre-medical path, research, or any of the tricky classes you might have to take.  I really enjoy baking and being outside so I look forward to taking my mentees out for ice cream or dinner and am always open to go hiking or to campus beach. Whatever my mentees need, I am always just an email or call away. Go Tigers!"


Name: Sarah Steedman
Hometown: Columbia, SC
Major: Biological Sciences (Pre-Pharmacy emphasis)
Class: 2017

Campus Involvement: Phi Sigma Pi National Honors Fraternity (Awards and Scholarships chair, Historian), Tigers for Tigers club, Study Abroad Experience in India, Creative Inquiry (Tiger Awareness), Undergraduate Research (Invertebrate biology)

Bio: "You have already made the best decision of your life: choosing Clemson! I’m here to help you make the rest of the important decisions during your freshman year. This can be the most exciting, nerve-wracking time of your life and I promise to do everything I can do to make the transition as easy as possible. When I’m not focusing on schoolwork, I’m always down to grab some food or chill outdoors. Clemson is a beautiful place that has so much to offer in the way of outside activities. Some of my interests include nature walks, cooking, watching cheesy movies, and pretending I can dance in front of others. I look forward to getting to know you and helping you make this the best year ever!"

Name: Eric Zuberi
Hometown: Lincoln, RI
Major: Microbiology (Biomedicine Concentration), Genetics, and Biochemistry
Class: 2018

Campus Involvement: Chess Club, Racquetball Club, Biochemistry and Genetics Club, Microbiology Club, Dixon Fellow Program and Campus Crusade for Christ (CRU). Also frequently plays ping pong and Frisbee (although not through intramurals/official clubs). Currently doing research on polyoxometallates which are to be used for their antimicrobial and anti-carcinogenic effects

Bio: “Hey y’all. Welcome to the Clemson Family! My name is Eric Zuberi and I grew up way up North in Lincoln, Rhode Island. I know the transition from high school to college can be a bit tricky, but hopefully I can help you quickly get used to the amazing college life you get here at Clemson. As a rising sophomore and a pre-med major, I know all about the freshman science courses here and can also help to answer any of your pre-med questions. Beyond that, I am very involved on campus- ranging from involvement in recreational clubs like Racquetball club all the way to academic clubs like Microbiology Club. I am also doing research, so I can help to explain how to become involved in similar opportunities. I love going to sports events (especially football and basketball) as well as going downtown for Spill the Beans (the go-to ice cream/coffee shop in Clemson!) and for a nice bite to eat. I’d love to be able to answer any questions you have! Hope y’all enjoy your summer and I can’t wait to see you next year!”