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Meet the Mentors

The Calhoun Honors College has thirteen mentors within the College of Agriculture, Forestry and Life Sciences. Please take the time to read about their involvement on campus and within the Honors Mentor Program.  


Name: Olivia Addis
Hometown: Walhalla, SC
Major: Biological Sciences
Class: 2017

Campus Involvement: National Society of Collegiate Scholars, Alpha Epsilon Delta (Pre-Professional Health Society), Crosspoint Church College Leadership, Intramurals

Bio: “Hey guys and welcome to the Clemson Family! I am a Biological Sciences major with the intentions of going to professional school to become a Physician Assistant. I’m really excited to see you get plugged in on campus because Clemson has so much to offer their students and all of it truly adds to a great college experience. I am involved in a lot on campus, have a part-time job, and work hard in my classes so I feel that I have learned valuable lessons to share with you what all you can be a part of in your years here. I love playing sports and having fun to take breaks from the studying we will all be doing. I cannot wait to get know you guys and hopefully help you have the best college experience that you can have".


Name: Deepti Athavale
Hometown: Greenville, SC
Major: Biochemistry
Minor: Genetics & Chemistry
Class: 2017

Campus Involvement: 

Phi Sigma Pi Honors Fraternity, Genetics and Biochemistry Club, Alpha Delta Epsilon, Clemson Club Gymnastics, Habitat for Humanity, Student Instructor, Rosa Clark Clinic volunteer, study abroad to the Dominican Republic

Bio: “Hey there! I may be a rising senior getting ready to leave soon, but I am incredibly excited to welcome you as part of the new Clemson family! Having been at Clemson for the past three years, I would love to be your navigator-of-sorts to help you wade through all the new experiences and information that is coming your way! I have dabbled in the field of engineering before settling into biochemistry, and am looking to do something medically-related in the future. I am generally pretty extroverted, love to eat all types of food, go outside (and hike the many waterfalls near Clemson), sing, dance, draw, play volleyball, run, have good conversation, and heaps of other things. As it is my last year in Clemson, I really want to make time to involve my mentees in the most fun aspects of Clemson and take you all out to the best food places, the coolest scenic places, and help to ease all the tough stuff that comes along with leaving home and figuring out how to adult. Can’t wait to meet you all soon! Go tigers!"


Name: Jaymie Danford
Hometown: North Myrtle Beach, SC
Major: Animal and Veterinary Science
Class: 2018

Campus Involvement: Alpha Phi Omega, Alpha Epsilon Delta (Pre-Professional Health Society), Club Gymnastics Secretary

Bio: “Hey y’all, my name is Jaymie and welcome to the Clemson family! I am an Animal and Veterinary Sciences Junior at Clemson with the intentions of going to medical school for orthopedics. I am from North Myrtle Beach and I remember how intimidating college was my freshman year, but I also remember how quickly that changed. I fell in love with Clemson immediately when I got here, and I want to help y’all transition easily so the same will happen. I hope to take my mentees to some of my favorite places in Clemson such as Spill the Beans and of course cookout!  I tend to be an outgoing person who loves being outside in the sunshine, being on the beach, and being with my friends. I can’t wait for a great upcoming year!"


Name: Christine Hart
Irmo, SC

Campus Involvement: Lutheran Campus Ministry; Habitat for Humanity; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Spanish Professional Society; Honors College Mentor; Honors College Ambassador; Departmental Honors Genetics and Biochemistry Research; Departmental Honors Grant recipient; Chemistry Creative Inquiry Research; Dixon Fellows Program; Language Partner to a local high school student; Shadowing at Greenville and Spartanburg Hospital, and Anderson Free Clinic

Bio: “Welcome to Clemson and congratulations on your acceptance to the Honors College!  Clemson offers so many opportunities, and I am excited to help you navigate through your first year.  After graduating from Clemson I hope to spend a year doing service work abroad through the ELCA (Evangelical Lutheran Church of America).  I am also interested in pursuing medical school, graduate research, or vet school. I can point you to a number of clubs and Clemson faculty that aided in my knowledge of the medical field and undergraduate research.  During college you will discover many of your passions; some of my favorite Clemson experiences have come from working with Habitat for Humanity, volunteer trips with Lutheran Campus Ministries, and mentoring other students.  I also really enjoy being outside and exploring the many places to hike around Clemson, so I hope to take some group trips to Table Rock or the Stumphouse Tunnel.  We will also take a few trips to Clemson restaurants, like Brioso and ’55 Exchange.  I can’t wait to meet y’all! Go tigers!"


Name: Sarah Jenkins
Hometown: Lexington, KY
Major: Biochemistry and Genetics
Minor: Spanish and Biological Sciences
Class: 2017

Campus Involvement: Phi Sigma Pi Honor Fraternity, FIMRC (Foundation for international medical relief for children), Departmental honors research in Biochemistry, Omicron Delta Kappa Honor Society, Alpha Epsilon Delta pre-professional health honor society, Intramural sports (volleyball, basketball, soccer, frisbee), Clemson in Spain study abroad in Seville, Spain

Bio: Hello mentees! Coming from Kentucky, I came to Clemson not knowing anyone, so I know the struggle of being out of state and would love to help with the transition. I have thoroughly enjoyed the entirety of my first three years at Clemson and I want to help y’all have as great of an experience as I’ve had! I plan on attending medical school after I graduate, so I’ve explored a lot of the great pre-med opportunities that Clemson has to offer and would be happy to help you all navigate your way through the pre-med requirements. I love doing research so if you’re interested, I’d be happy to help you find a lab that interests you. When I’m not studying I enjoy hiking, playing volleyball, and eating delicious foods. I want to be here for y’all to answer any questions you might have and to guide you through your first year. I plan on going on monthly food excursions with my mentees, so if you’re into food, I’m a solid choice. I’m looking forward to meeting you all!"


Name: Mansi Joglekar
Hometown: Anderson, SC
Major: Biological Sciences
Class: 2019

Campus Involvement: American Medical Student Association (AMSA); Clemson Dholna Bollywood Dance Team; Creative Inquiry in Chemistry; Honors Peer Mentor; CU Water Drop, Association for India's Development (AID)

Bio: “Welcome to Clemson! My name is Mansi, and I’m originally from Anderson, SC, which is only about 30 minutes from Clemson. I went from a tiny school to a big campus; so I know how scary the transition can be as an incoming freshman. My current plan is to graduate in 3-4 years, continue on to medical school, and do volunteer work internationally, mainly through Doctors Without Borders. Aside from school, I’m really interested in a lot of different things, from writing to science to sports to movies. I like finding new things and meeting new people, so feel free to email me if you have any questions or just want to talk together. I also love going out to eat and trying/cooking new foods, so dinner is always a great way to spend time with me! And if you ever feel like you just need to get off campus for a while, my door is always open. Can’t wait to meet you all and show you one of my favorite places in the world!"


Name: Amanda Kington
Lexington, SC
Biological Sciences

Campus Involvement:
 Fellowship of Christian Athletes – small group leader and prayer and encouragement team, Reformed University Fellowship, Grace Church greeter, Foundation for International Medical Relief of Children (FIMRC) director of finance, Alpha Epsilon Delta (Pre-health honors society), Honors Mentoring Program vice president, volunteer at Oconee Medical Center

Bio: “First and foremost, welcome to Clemson!  I’m so excited for each of you to begin your time here as a Clemson tiger, I know you’re going to love it!  I am a rising junior and plan on going to medical school after my four years at Clemson with the goal of becoming a cardiothoracic surgeon.  I like to read, bake, and eat good food, so I look forward to taking you out for dinner, ice cream, etc! Transitioning from high school to college can be difficult, but it definitely doesn’t have to be.  I hope to make this step in your life a little bit easier.  I’m excited to help you plan classes, give you study tips and teacher recommendations, and be a resource for whatever else you need help with.  Also if you are interested in going to a professional health school after college, I would love to help you along the path toward that goal.  For whatever you need, I’ll only be a call or email away!"


Name: Adam Luthman
Dayton, OH
Biochemistry and Genetics
Minor: Chemistry and Biology

Campus Involvement:
 Undergraduate Research in Biochemistry, Biochemistry and Genetics Club - Co-President, Undergraduate Student Advisory Board to the Dean, Academic Tutor (math and science subjects), Honors Mentor, Alpha Epsilon Delta (pre-professional health honors society), Men’s Ultimate Frisbee Club Team - President, Disc Golf Club Team, Club Sports Council Member

Bio: “Welcome to Clemson! I moved here from southwest Ohio 3 years ago and ever since then, I’ve embraced the southern culture and all the opportunities for academic success and campus involvement that Clemson has to offer. I’m a biochemistry and genetics major planning to pursue a PhD for research in biochemistry after I graduate. I’ve had a great experience at Clemson through extensive involvement in a variety of groups and that’s something I hope to share with all of you as well. I love eating at any of the restaurants downtown (we have some pretty great chain restaurants and hole-in-the-wall places) and I like spending my free time reading (mostly nonfiction), playing golf (or other sports), and going to football and soccer games. Being an out of state student, I understand the difficulties of transition into college without knowing anyone and I know the importance of building strong friendships and professional relationships early in freshman year. I hope to help you with your transition and support your search for your niche at Clemson, as well as being a good resource for advice on courses, clubs, food, or anything you may need as you start your freshman year at the best university in America. Go Tigers!"


Name: Namrata Paladugu
Hometown: Fort Mill, SC
Major: Genetics and Biochemistry
Class: 2019

Campus Involvement: Creative Inquiry, Dixon Fellows Program, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Clemson UNICEF, Biochemistry and Genetics Club, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Joseph f. Sullivan Center Volunteer, Clemson Dholna, Honors College Mentor, EUREKA! 2015, The Unity Project

Bio: "Hey guys! I am so glad you all decided to join the Clemson Family. I have had an incredible freshman year at Clemson, and I can't wait to help you all find your place here! I am a rising sophomore and I'm majoring in Genetics. I plan to go to medical school after I graduate. As a pre-med student, I'm pretty knowledgeable about the science courses here, as well as how you can get involved with undergraduate research very quickly. I can also talk to you about the path to medical school, volunteer opportunities, and the best professors for freshman courses. I plan to meet with my mentees once a month to grab dinner downtown or to get ice cream at Spill the Beans. Next year will be all about getting to know you guys and helping you transition into your freshman year, so I will be here to answer any questions or concerns you have. Feel free to contact me if you need anything!"      


Name: Manushi Patel
Columbia, SC
Biochemistry and Genetics
Minor: Psychology and Biology

Campus Involvement: 
Alpha Epsilon Delta Pre-Health Honors Society (AED); American Medical Student Assocation (AMSA); Asian Student Association (ASA); Biochemistry and Genetics Club; Captain of Clemson Dholna Bollywood Dance Team; Creative Inquiry: Science Outreach; CU Donors for Life; Honors Peer Mentor

Bio: “Hey everyone! First off, welcome to the Clemson family! Having lived in Ontario, Canada for 8 years and in South Carolina for the past 7, I’ve experienced both northern and southern culture. However, it was not until I came to Clemson that I realized what it was like to truly live in the south. I’m on the pre-med track and plan on graduating early, which makes me an upcoming junior/senior. After graduating, I want to spend one year in India doing service work in the impoverished areas. Between getting adjusted to the freedom, finding classes, and making friends, freshman year is tough—so feel free to ask me about anything. My phone and I are inseparable so it won’t be hard to reach me at any time. I can’t wait to meet all of you, and I’m so glad you chose to come to this amazing university!”


Name: Emily Peters
Nashville, TN
Microbiology (Biomedicine conentration)

Campus Involvement: Calhoun Honors College Ambassador, CUSG Organizations Committee Assistant Director, Kappa Delta Sorority, Catholic Student Association, Undergraduate Research in Microbiology, Food Science Creative Inquiry with Dr. McGregor, Semester Abroad in Italy, Study Abroad Program for Pre-medical Students in Panama & Costa Rica

Bio: “As a rising junior, I am excited to share my love of Clemson with my mentees as they make the transition into college life! As an out-of-state student, I didn’t know much about Clemson when I started freshman year, and I am thankful for the mentors and friends that helped make Clemson feel like home.  I hope to do the same for my mentees.  I am planning on attending medical school after Clemson, so I can definitely give advice about classes and experiences that are both enriching and valuable to students pursuing similar goals.  I am involved in and have knowledge of lots of different organizations on campus, and I look forward to helping my mentees find their fit in the Clemson family.  I’m excited to take my group out for dinner or ice cream and share some of my favorite places to eat in Clemson with my mentees. I really enjoy being outdoors and would love to explore Clemson with my group. Whether it be chatting over ice cream at Spill the Beans or helping plan courses for the next semester, I want to be there for my mentees in any way that I can.”


Name: Cait Seluzicki
Baltimore, MD
Microbiology (Biomedicine concentration)

Campus Involvement: Model United Nations, Alpha Epsilon Delta (pre-professional health society), Clemson International Relations Association President (CIRA), Resident Assistant in freshman community, Duckenfield Scholar, Honors autism and epilepsy research, Honors College Dixon Fellow

Bio: "Hey y’all! I am a Microbiology major with a concentration in Biomedicine. I LOVE research, as well as working with people, which is why I hope to enroll in a MD/PhD program in neuroscience after Clemson. I enjoy analyzing the impact of science and medicine on international relations and through my involvement in Model UN and CIRA, I have been able to apply my scientific background to an area outside of my major. When I’m not studying or researching, I like to play my flute, make silhouettes, and bake. As an out-of-state student, I understand what it is like to be far from home for the first time and I can help you become connected with resources and organizations on campus. I look forward to taking you all out to classic Clemson restaurants for coffee and ice cream, making dinners, and having movie nights! Clemson quickly became a second home for me, and I could not be happier here! I want to help make freshman year awesome for y’all!"


Name: Eric Zuberi
Hometown: Lincoln, RI
Major: Microbiology and Genetics
Class: 2018

Campus Involvement: Honors Student Advisory Board, Chess Club, FIMRC, Racquetball Club, Microbiology Club, Biochemistry and Genetics Club

Bio: "Hey y’all! My name is Eric Zuberi. I know the transition from high school to college can be quite difficult, but hopefully I can help you quickly get used to the amazing college life you get here at Clemson. As a rising junior, and a student on the pre-med track, I am quite familiar with most freshman/sophomore science courses and can help answer any of your pre-med questions. I am very involved on campus – participating in recreational clubs like chess club and racquetball club all the way to service oriented clubs like the foundation for the international medical relief of children to academic clubs like microbiology club and biochemistry and genetics club. I have completed several semesters of research as well, so can help you get involved in similar opportunities. I love going to sports events, especially football, and going to ’55 exchange, our Clemson ice cream shop of choice! I’d love to be able to answer any questions you have! Hope y’all enjoy your summer and I can’t wait to see you next year".