Calhoun Honors College

Calhoun Honors College Peer Mentors

The Calhoun Honors College Peer Mentors are upperclass Honors students who serve as mentors to students new to the Honors College.  These individuals meet with a small group of 5-8 mentees throughout the year to help them get to know the University and Honors College. 

Meet our Mentors

 The mentors are a diverse group of students, representing four out of Clemson's five academic colleges:

Click on their names below to learn more about our honors mentors.  Incoming freshmen will receive information regarding the Honors Mentor Program via email and all students will meet their Honors Mentor in August during the Mentor Meet and Greet event in August.

Avin Baker Boggs
Brittany Avin Tori Baker Melinda Boggs Kelsey Byrd
Bickford Dennison

Elyse Dengler Taylor Dennison Aryana Derakhshan Shelby Ewart
Gedney Gendreau Giambalvo Harper
Lee Gedney Elizabeth Gendreau Lauren Giambalvo Julia Harper
Henry Jolly Khan Laird
Nelson Henry Kara Jolly Kirin Khan Cassidy Laird
Main Manke Mappus McVey
Megan Main Gus Manke Elliott Mappus Elise McVey
Meers Mitchell Nguyen Olang
Olivia Meers Jessa Mitchell Chris Nguyen Sharon Olang
Oliveira Porter Pstrak Redzikowski
Megan Oliveira Megan Porter Philip Pstrak Joseph Redzikowski
Richards Rosener Schmalz Schuhriemen
Emily Richards Brittany Rosener Megan Schmalz Michele Schuhriemen
See Templeton van Gelder Whiteman
Meryl See Allison Templeton Jennifer van Gelder Zachary Whiteman
Wilson Wortkoetter Wunsche Zhang
Jenny Wilson Joseph Wortkoetter Krista Wunsche Zeyu Zhang