Calhoun Honors College

Advising Staff


Director of Advising and Recruitment 
Calhoun Honors College

Katie Maxwell  

M.Ed., Clemson University

Katie earned an undergraduate degree in Management from Clemson and was chosen to participate for three years in the Target Corporation's Leadership Management Program. After completing a master's degree in Counselor Education- Student Affairs at Clemson, she began her work with the National Scholars Program and Calhoun Honors College as an Assistant Director. In her current role, Katie develops and oversees advising and recruitment efforts for the Calhoun Honors College.

Assistant Director  
Calhoun Honors College

Leah Moyer

M.Ed., Clemson University

Leah graduated in 2014 with her Master’s degree in Counselor Education- Student Affairs at Clemson. She completed her Graduate Assistantship with the Calhoun Honors College and moved into the Assistant Director Position in fall 2014. As Assistant Director and Registration Coordinator for Honors, Leah advises current honors students as well as supports a variety of recruitments efforts. Additionally, Leah has a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Development and Family studies from The University of Alabama.

Graduate Assistant   
Calhoun Honors College

Bailey Bush


If you would like to schedule an appointment, please email Katie, Leah or Bailey three times of availability. Also, please bring the Advising Form and be prepared to discuss.