Calhoun Honors College

Seniors Advising Sophomores in Honors (SASH) Program

The Calhoun Honors College Seniors Advising Sophomores in Honors (SASH) Program provides sophomore honors students the opportunity to connect with and learn from senior honors students. The SASH Program promotes a collaborative environment among honors students to enhance educational experiences. Senior Advisors work to provide a high level of service to honors student by helping them connect to and utilize honors and campus resources.

The application to become a SASH Advisor is now available to rising seniors for Fall 2015-Spring 2016. Please email Joey Dunaway applications and questions. 


  • To facilitate student personal and professional growth and confidence
  • To develop students’ leadership skills, communication skills, and public relation skills
  • To provide students with a supportive environment

Meet our 2014-2015 Senior Advisors

Tori Baker

NAME: Tori Baker

MAJOR: Biological Sciences (focus in Pre-Rehabilitation Sciences)

HOMETOWN: Belleville, Illinois

CAMPUS INVOLVEMENT:  CLEMSONLiVE (VP of Internal Affairs), Alpha Lambda Delta, Clemson Project Remedy, Creative Inquiry

HONORS INVOLVEMENT:  Honors Ambassador, SASH Advisee, SASH Advisor EUREKA! (2011 participant), Honors Departmental Honors Research

INTERNSHIP/LEARNING/RESEARCH EXPERIENCE:  Educational Enrichment Travel Grant for Healthcare Internship in San Jose, Costa Rica; Exercise and Cognition Creative Inquiry, Honors Departmental Honors Thesis Research

"Clemson, and more specifically the Calhoun Honors College, are so special because this beautiful place and all of its beautiful people offer you more opportunities than you could ever imagine. It's important to take advantage of these opportunities to find your passions, pursue your goals, and be successful in the next steps of life. Sophomore year is a perfect time to make sure you're setting yourself up for great experiences both at school and outside of Clemson that will help you develop your leadership skills and prepare you for everything your future may throw at you. I'm here to help you with any questions you have and help guide you on a path that will help you to accomplish your goals and do what you love!"

Ian Buckley

NAME: Ian Buckley

MAJOR: Electrical Engineering, minor in Spanish

HOMETOWN: Camden, South Carolina

CAMPUS INVOLVEMENT: Resident Assistant with Clemson University Housing and Dining, Tau Beta Pi Engineering Honors Fraternity, Secretary of the Clemson University Disc Golf Association

HONORS INVOLVEMENT:  Resident Assistant in Holmes Hall, Departmental and General Honors, SASH Advisor

INTERNSHIP/LEARNING/RESEARCH EXPERIENCE:  Attended the ribbon cutting ceremony of the Clemson University Wind Turbine Drivetrain Testing Facility, Undergraduate Research in optoelectronics with Dr. Eric Johnson

“Take advantage of the resources available through the Calhoun Honors College and optimize your time at Clemson. The years we spend in university are formative and essential to our direction and focus as individuals, scholars, and professionals; as a peer mentor, I look forward to being a resource, to giving advice, and to sharing my hard-earned experience.”

Elyse Dengler

NAME: Hannah Cleveland

MAJOR: English Literature

MINOR:  Psychology 

HOMETOWN: Broadview Heights, OH

CAMPUS INVOLVEMENT:  Associate Editor for the Tiger Newspaper; Study Abroad, Siena, Italy, Spring 2014; Student Government Newsletter Editor; College of Art, Architecture, and Humanities Major Mentor; Member of Student Government Public Relations Committee; Member of Sigma Tau Delta English Honor Society; Supplemental Instruction Leader for Chemistry 102; Varsity Diving Team

HONORS INVOLVEMENT:  Calhoun Honors College Ambassador; Honors Mentor; Educational Enrichment Travel Grant Recipient, Morocco, Summer 2013; Conference Travel Grant Recipient, New Orleans, Fall 2013; General and Departmental Honors; SASH Advisor

INTERNSHIP/LEARNING/RESEARCH EXPERIENCE: International Volunteer, Morocco, Summer 2013; Development Intern at Pendleton Place for Children and Families; Writing Intern at The Borgen Project; Study Abroad, Siena, Italy, Spring 2014

“Get as involved on campus as you can, especially during your sophomore year. Learn about and take advantage of all that Clemson and the Honors College has to offer you, whether it be school-related, extracurricular, or worldwide traveling. If there's something you're passionate about, there's a way to make it happen on this campus, and I'm here to help you do that!”

Greg Donaldson

NAME: Jennifer van Gelder

MAJORS: Psychology and Genetics

MINOR: Biological Sciences

HOMETOWN: Saint Petersburg, Florida

CAMPUS INVOLVEMENT:  Gamma Sigma Sigma National Service Sorority; Hillel Jewish Student Organization, Treasurer and Webmaster; Tigers for Babies; Alpha Lambda Delta; Golden Key, Webmaster; Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society; Phi Beta Kappa            

HONORS INVOLVEMENT: Calhoun Honors College Ambassador, Dixon Fellows, EUREKA! Program 2011 participant, EUREKA! Program 2012 counselor, 2014 Brussels Program; General and Departmental Honors; Honors mentor; SASH advisor

INTERNSHIP/LEARNING/RESEARCH EXPERIENCE: Departmental Honors in Biological Sciences(Dr. Christina Wells); Study abroad in Brussels; Intern at Camp Coast for children on the autism spectrum      

 "Sophomore year is the time to get involved on campus and start figuring out what you are passionate about if you haven't already. The opportunities I have had at Clemson have shaped my overall college experience! As a Clemson honors student, there are many opportunities to take advantage of, and as a SASH advisor, I hope to expose you to some of these so that you can be successful in whatever path you choose. Don't be afraid to try something new; you never know, it may work out!"


NAME: Andrew Hill

MAJOR: Bioengineering

HOMETOWN: Chapin, South Carolina

CAMPUS INVOLVEMENT:  Undergraduate Student Senate President; Funding Board; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Legacy Day Committee; Foundation for International Medical Relief of Children; Phi Kappa Phi; Tau Beta Pi; Omicron Delta Kappa; Blue Key Honor Society

HONORS INVOLVEMENT:  Calhoun Honors College Ambassador; SASH Advisor

INTERNSHIP/LEARNING/RESEARCH EXPERIENCE: Departmental Research in Bioengineering (Dr. LaBerge)

 "Be open to any and all opportunities. You never know how something is going to affect your Clemson experience or your life in general. We are definitely here to get an education, but don't forget to have fun and make memories.”

Ryan Marosy

NAME: Olivia Keane

MAJOR: Microbiology (Biomedicine Concentration)

MINOR: Business Administration

HOMETOWN: Richmond, Virginia

CAMPUS INVOLVEMENT: Foundation for International Medical Relief of Children (Director of Public Relations), Alpha Chi Omega (VP of Intellectual Development, Relay for Life Chair, St. Jude's Up Till Dawn Team Captain, Risk Management Committee, dance team member), University Dance Company, Creative Inquiry, Volunteer at Clemson Free Clinic, Order of Omega Greek Honor Society, Alpha Epsilon Delta Pre-medical Honors Society, Omicron Delta Kappa Leadership Honors Society, Beta Beta Beta Biological Honors Society, March of Dimes Greek Recruitment Committee

HONORS INVOLVEMENT: Honors Ambassador, Dixon Fellows Program, National Scholars Program, NSP Balkans Maymester 2013, NSP Bhutan Maymester 2014 (going soon!), Honors Departmental Honors Research, Departmental Honors Research Grant, Honors College Conference Travel Grant, SASH Advisor, Educational Enrichment Travel Grant (just applied this semester!)

INTERNSHIP/LEARNING/RESEARCH EXPERIENCEStudy Abroad at Cambridge University International Summer School in Summer 2012, NSP Balkans Maymester 2013, Internship with Michael Bolick CEO of Selah Genomics in Greenville, SC; volunteer medical mission trip with FIMRC to El Salvador Spring Break 2012; volunteer medical mission trip with FIMRC to Nicaragua Spring Break 2013; volunteer medical mission trip with FIMRC Winter Break 2013; Undergraduate Research with Dr. Tamara McNealy in the Microbiology Department

"The most important thing to remember is to not be constantly comparing yourself to others around you, especially in an elite environment like the Honors College where there are so many successful and impressive students. There will always be someone smarter, more charismatic, etc. than you, and that's okay. As long as you are following your passions and enjoying the ride, that is all that matters. Competition can be healthy and beneficial but constantly comparing yourself to others is such a waste of time and stress. Everyone is different and everyone will have a unique college experience. Do the best you can do, be confident and proud of what you've achieved, experience all that you can, and pursue your passion. If you do, I promise you will be 500x happier than the people you always thought were 'better,' 'more successful,' or 'smarter' than you."

William Senn

NAME: Jenna Kohles

MAJOR: Wildlife and Fisheries Biology

MINOR: Modern Languages: Spanish

HOMETOWN: Cary, North Carolina

CAMPUS INVOLVEMENT: Creative Inquiry (3 different teams); Clemson Student Chapter of the Wildlife Society Vice President; CAFLS Student Advisory Board; CAFLS Ambassador; Navigators Campus Ministry Leadership Team; Southeastern Wildlife Conclave Planning Committee; Intramural Sports

HONORS INVOLVEMENT: Departmental Honors Research in Wildlife and Fisheries Biology (Dr. Greg Yarrow); Creative Inquiry (Mammalian Predator Ecology); Creative Inquiry (Squirrel Contraception); Creative Inquiry (Bat Ecology and Conservation); Operation Wallacea Research Assistant in Peruvian Amazon, Wildlife Technician/Intern for endangered eastern bat species research, Intern at Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute in Panama

INTERNSHIP/LEARNING/RESEARCH EXPERIENCE: General and Departmental Honors; Holmes Honors Living Learning Community; Educational Enrichment Travel Grant Recipient; Conference Travel Grants Recipient; SASH Advisor

“My simple advice is this: Pursue your passions. Achievement comes most easily to those who are working toward a goal they are excited about and for which they truly care. “ 

Rachel Morrison

NAME: Rachel Morrison

MAJOR(s): Bioengineering 

HOMETOWN: Oak Ridge, Tennessee

CAMPUS INVOLVEMENT: Gamma Sigma Sigma National Service Sorority; undergraduate research; Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society; Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society; Alpha Eta Mu Beta Honor Society

HONORS INVOLVEMENT: Calhoun Honors College Ambassador; 2011 EUREKA! Program Participant; Dixon Fellows Program; Calhoun Honors College Educational Enrichment Grant; Calhoun Honors College Conference Travel Grant; 2014 Brussels, Belgium program; General and Departmental Honors; SASH Advisor

INTERNSHIP/LEARNING/RESEARCH EXPERIENCE: Departmental Honors Research in Bioengineering (Dr. Alexis); Brussels study abroad program; South Carolina Space Undergraduate Research Grant 2013 recipient; intern at NASA Ames Research Center, summer 2013

“Sophomore year is a great time to branch out and get more involved in your passions. No matter what your field, the Calhoun Honors College has benefits of which you can take advantage. Leadership and other opportunities can also be found in many clubs and activities at Clemson. Find something that you’re interested in and stretch your comfort limit. Always make sure to have fun, as well!”