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Study abroad is open to students in all majors and is critically important for every professional field.

The Honors College currently offers the following study abroad programs:

  • Duckenfield Scholars Program

    The Christopher J. Duckenfield Scholars Program was established by his family and friends to honor his memory.  Dr. Duckenfield, at Clemson University for 26 years, last served as Clemson's Vice Provost for Computing and Information Technology. Fittingly enough, he was also an alumnus of St. Peter's College, Oxford.

    The Duckenfield Scholars Program is designed to identify and enable one or two members of the Calhoun Honors College, who demonstrate extraordinary talent, motivation, commitment, and ability, to attend St. Peter's Summer School at Magdalen College, Oxford University, each summer.  The program has been established for students who desire to experience another culture and to broaden their global perspective.

    About St. Peter's College
    St. Peter's College was founded in 1929 by Dr. Christopher Chavasse, who became the college's first Master and guided the institutionnthrough its first ten years. Although the institution itself is relatively young (Oxford's University College was founded in nearly seven centuries earlier), its buildings stand on the site of the New Hall Inn, dating to 1476. During the English Civil War of the 1640s, New Hall was seized by King Charles and was converted into the Royal Mint where silver objects were melted to produce coinage. After the Civil War, it resumed its academic functions until 1887 when Balliol College acquired it and was used as a residence for fellows and scholars. When Dr. Chavasse bought New Hall and renamed it St. Peter's Hall, he envisioned it as a college for "Low Church" young men from families of modest means. In 1961 St. Peter's gained full collegiate status and changed its name accordingly. Visit the St. Peter's College Website for more information.

    The deadline to apply for the 2019 Duckenfield Scholars Program is January 25, 2019.

    Click here for the Duckenfield application.

  • European Crossroads

    European Crossword students.Since 2005 this program has been a hit with Honors students eager for an enriching study abroad experience that combines formal study with opportunities to expand one’s cultural understanding.

    The program includes two honors courses taught in English by Belgian professors. In HON H2020 (European Integration) students learn about the origins, development and contemporary role of the European Union. Interactions with European Union officials give students a first-hand understanding of the issues facing the 26-member EU.  HON H2090 (Belgium: European Crossroads) examines the history and cultural traditions of Belgium, including its historic reputation as “Europe’s battlefield.”

    Both courses count toward the Honors College General Honors requirement. HON H2020 can be used to fulfill the General Education Social Science requirement, while HON H2090 counts for Cross-Cultural Awareness.

    The program features numerous excursions to historically significant cities and sites, including Bruges, known as the “Venice of Northern Europe,” and the great art cities of Ghent and Antwerp. A popular feature of the program is a bike tour through the World War I battlefields in western Belgium. One weekend is open for personal travel, with popular destinations being Paris, Amsterdam and London.

    The estimated cost of $4,700 includes tuition, housing, program-related tours, Metro and train passes, travel insurance and course materials. In addition, the Honors College covers $1,000 of the cost of round-trip airfare. Not covered: meals, travel outside the program, personal expenses.

    The program dates are May 11 - June 11, 2017. Application deadline, February 1. The program is limited to 15 students.

    Fill out the Study Abroad Application. For more information, contact Dr. Stephen Wainscott

    The video below is courtesy of Carter Dwight, a past European Crossroads participant! Looks like they had a great time! So could you!

  • Educational Enrichment Travel Grants

    Educational Enrichment Travel Grants (EETGs) are designed to fund out of the classroom, life-changing experiences that take place away from Clemson and the Upstate of South Carolina.  For more information, see Educational Enrichment Travel Grants Website.

  • Enhance Your Spring 2019 European Experience

    Honors students from Clemson University, Clemson SC in London.Are you studying abroad in Europe in Spring 2019? Join other Clemson Honors students in an innovative program designed to enhance and enrich your study abroad experience.

    Eligibility. The Program is open, by application, to any Honors student in good standing who will be studying abroad in Europe during Spring 2019 on any program (whether offered by Clemson or a third party) that is approved by the Clemson Study Abroad Office.

    The Course. Students will register for HON 2090, "Border Crossings," a one-hour course to be offered during Spring 2019, concurrent with the students' study abroad experiences. Since students will be living and studying in different cities and countries, the course will be offered online, for one hour each week. The course will focus on "Crisis and Opportunity in Europe," and will examine political, social, economic, and historical issues as they impact contemporary Europe. Topics to be studied will include Brexit; the European migrant crisis; ongoing economic issues; federalism and the European Union; the rise of right-wing parties; the resurgence of anti-Semitism; Islamophobia; immigration and integration; the impact of World War II and the Cold War; EU foreign policy (including the Middle East and Ukraine); religion and secularism; and U.S.-European relations. The list of topics will change to reflect ongoing and emerging events. In addition to being assigned relevant readings, students will be encouraged and required to learn, through research, conversations, and interviews, how these issues impact and are viewed in their various host countries. These diverse viewpoints will constitute the heart of the weekly discussions. Finally, students will be given appropriate written assignments designed to encourage them to learn more about where they are living and studying, and to further reflect on the issues discussed in class. The course will be taught by Prof. William Lasser, Executive Director of the Calhoun Honors College and Alumni Distinguished Professor of Political Science.

    The London Experience. From January 30 through February 3, the group will meet in London, England, for a four-day educational enrichment travel experience. The London Weekend will allow the students to learn together about historical and contemporary England and Europe through visits to museums, historical sites, and cultural experiences. 

    Cost. The program cost is $750, and includes tuition for the course (if applicable); air or rail travel to and from London from the student's European host city; entry to all museums tours and cultural events; ground transportation in London;  hotel; and some meals, including at least one dinner in London.

    For more information. Contact Prof. William Lasser.

  • Conference Travel Grant Fund

    Students attending or presenting at professional academic conferences may request Conference Travel Funds to register for and travel to the events.

    The CTG is intended to provide financial support to students in the Calhoun Honors college planning to attend, or present at, professional adacemic conferences. Students may apply for a maximum of two Conference Travel Grants in one fiscal year. In order for your application to be considered, you must have submitted your application two weeks prior to the start date of the conferece. For more information about eligibility and approved expenses please read the CTG Guidelines.

    Conference Travel Fund Guidelines

    Conference Travel Fund Application

  • Clemson Study Abroad Office

    In addition to the support you'll find from the Clemson University Study Abroad Office, the Honors College coordinates several study abroad programs and is always seeking opportunities to further advance our students' understanding of the interconnectedness of the world.

Calhoun Honors College Contact Information

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