Calhoun Honors College

Fellowships and Scholarships

For those who hear the tiger's roar...and roar back.

Reflecting PoolThe purpose of this site is to inspire you to think big. Whether you are majoring in engineering, science or the liberal arts, you may be a strong candidate for one or more of the distinguished awards described herein.

As you read through, the tone at times may seem a bit uninviting, perhaps even discouraging. While we certainly want qualified students to apply, it's important for prospective applicants to understand that these programs are highly selective. Scholarship boards and foundations stress that applications should be encouraged from students who have a good chance of advancing in the competition. To do otherwise is to risk false hope and disappointment for the applicant and embarrassment for the student's institution.

The challenge of competing for these scholarships is enormous. Whether or not they eventually win, students who seriously undertake the process of preparing and applying for a major scholarship are in for a life-changing experience. Because you will be competing against the very best college students from across the nation, it's natural to think that the odds are against you. But if you accept the magnitude of the challenge before you, if you're serious about undertaking that life-changing experience and if you have the "right stuff," the odds can be beaten.

Students interested in Major Fellowships and Scholarships should make an appointment to meet with Ricki Shine, Director of Major Fellowships in 105 Tillman Hall, 864-656-4762.