Calhoun Honors College

Preparing for Graduation

CONGRATULATIONS! You have worked hard and now it's time to graduate! Knowing there is much to do to prepare for graduation, from both the University and the Honors College, this page has been created to inform you of what is expected. Please take note of all deadlines!

Honors College Graduation Information

Honors Transcript Check — You should have a transcript check no later than the end of your 6th semester. This is to ensure you are meeting all the requirements for graduating with honors. Please email Leah Moyer to schedule an appointment.

Honors Candidacy Form — The Honors College requires all graduating honors students (active or presently inactive), who have successfully completed general honors, departmental honors, or both general and departmental honors, to fill out the Honors Candidacy form. This information is used for many purposes including verification of spellings of names, addresses for mailing purposes, etc. Please take note of the deadlines to submit the form below. Please do not be late in submitting your form. Failure to do so might result in your not receiving your certificate (and medallion if you completed departmental or both general and departmental honors) before graduation.

Honors College Awards Ceremony — Students who have completed Departmental Honors and students who have completed both General Honors and Departmental Honors are invited to the Honors Awards Ceremony the day before graduation in December and May (place TBA). You will be receiving emails regarding the ceremony. Please respond to them by the date given in the email. Please don't be late for the ceremony!

Awards Ceremony Information Form — The information from the Awards Ceremony Information Form (which is emailed to you) is used in preparing the program and your introduction at the ceremony. Fill out the form and return it to Leah Moyer no later than the date listed in the email. When you send the form please send a picture of yourself doing something interesting. This picture will be used for the slide show prior to the ceremony (for May graduation only).

Stoles - The Honors College does not have a specific stole just for the Honors College. But Omicron Delta Kappa is the organization through which you find information about available stoles.   (If you completed departmental honors you will receive a medallion you can wear at graduation.)

Clemson University Graduation Information

Please don't forget — you must apply for Clemson University graduation. If you have missed the deadline you will need to go to Enrolled Student Services, 104 Sikes Hall, to fill out a paper form. There is a fee if you are late — $25 for the first day and $5 every day after.

The Office of the Registrar has a webpage devoted to graduation information. There you will find information/links regarding and not limited to the following:

  • Graduation Application
  • Parent Information
  • Graduation Calendar

Clemson University Barnes and Nobel Bookstore is your place for information regarding ordering the following:

  • Cap and Gown
  • Class Ring