Calhoun Honors College

2015 Honors Mentor Application

To apply to be a mentor in the Calhoun Honors College Mentor Program, please complete the application below.  All applications must be submitted by midnight on Wednesday, March 11, 2015. Once application has been submitted, you will be redirected to a 'Thank you' page.  If you have any further questions or experience problems regarding applying to be a mentor, please email Katie Maxwell at  

Name (first and last)
Cell Phone (include area code)
Hometown (City, State)
Anticipated Graduation Year
Minor (if applicable)

Activities/Clubs you are involved in at Clemson (Please select all that apply):

Sports (intramurals, club, varsity, etc)
Outdoor Activities (hiking, kayaking, biking)
Performing Arts
Student Government
Greek Life
Religious Organizations
Leadership Activities
Professional Societies
Media/Journalism (such as The Tiger, WSBF, the TV station, TAPS, etc.)
Honorary Organizations
Community Service Organizations
Work Part/Full Time
Military Organizations
Special Interest Clubs

Why do you want to serve as a mentor in this program?
Typical answers range from 100-200 words.

Your mentees may need help adjusting to life at Clemson. What knowledge, abilities, or interests do you have to offer to your mentees? Consider what you can add to the group, including personal attributes, such as extroverted or introverted, as well. Typical answers range from 100-200 words.
Please describe a meaningful experience that you have had with your Honors Mentor from freshman year. If you have not had such an experience, please describe how the lack of experience motivated your decision to apply for this position. Typical answers range from 100-200 words.

The Mentor Program would also like to offer mentors to continuing students for the spring semester of 2016. These are current Clemson students who apply to the Honors Program sometime after their first semester at Clemson. Would you be willing to accept additional mentees to your group mid-year?


Please note that accepted mentors will be required to attend a brief training session offered on one of two dates in April. Dates, times, and locations TBD.