Calhoun Honors College

Thoughts Worth Thinking, a discussion series


"Thoughts Worth Thinking" is the Honors College's TED Talk-style discussion series that brings Clemson's top professors together with Honors students to explore a wide range of ideas. Food is provided!

Fall 2015

  • September 30, 7pm, Academic Success Center Room 313- "Game On! Inside the Gendered World of Fantasy Sports", Dr. Sarah Winslow- Professor of Sociology
  • October 28, 7pm, Academic Success Center Room 118- "The Wisdom (or lack thereof) of Crowds"- Dr. Jack Wolf- Professor of Finance
  • November 18, 7pm, Academic Success Center Room 118 -Title TBD- Dr. Nic Brown- Professor of English

Spring 2015

  • January 28, 7pm, Academic Success Center Room 118 - “Stress in Health and Disease: Mind, Body, and the Rise of Behavioral Medicine,” Dr. James McCubbin - Professor of Psychology

  • March 25, 7pm, Academic Success Center Room 118 - "The Potential Perils of Insulting Muhammad", Dr. Mashal Saif - Professor of Islamic Studies
  • April 22, 7pm, Academic Success Center Room 118- "Gandhi's Satyagraha: A Paradigm for Religious Dialogue Leading to Peace", Dr. Peter Cohen- Professor of Religion

Fall 2014

  • October 29, 7pm, Academic Success Center Room 118 - “Sweet Revenge: Sugar, Haiti, Voodoo, Zombies,” Dr. Sarah Juliet Lauro - Professor of English

  • November 19, 7pm, Academic Success Center Room 118 - "The 2014 Elections: What Happened and What It Means", Dr. Jeffrey Fine - Professor of Political Science

Spring 2014 

  • February 26, 7pm, Academic Success Center Room 118 - “Prime III: Making Every Vote Count,” Dr. Juan E. Gilbert - Presidential Endowed Professor and Chair of the Human-Centered Computing Division in the School of Computing

  • April 2, 7pm, Academic Success Center Room 118 - “Putin’s Black Sea Adventure: Why Russia Conquered Crimea,” Dr. Steve Marks - Professor of History

  • April 23, 7pm, Academic Success Center Room 118 - “In the Wake of Shackleton: An Antarctic Adventure Story,” Dr. Bob Powell - Professor in the Department of Parks, Recreation, and Tourism Management

Past Talks

  • "The Mystery of Intention: Some Brain-Based Ideas,"  Dr. June Pilcher - Professor of Psychology
  • “The Pursuit of Happiness: Why is it so Darned Hard?," Dr. David Shi - Former Furman University President
  • “Hospitals in Other Countries: Why Improving Medical Equipment Design Can Help All of Us," Dr. Delphine Dean - Professor of Bioengineering
  • Transparency vs. Deception in Foreign Policy,Carlos Luria - Retired CIA Officer
  • "Climbing to the Summit as told by Fran P Mainella - The First Woman and 16th Director of the National Park Service,” Fran Mainella
  • “The Economics of Health Care Reform: A Crash Course in Blind Curves," Dr. Windsor Sherrill - Professor of Public Health Sciences

  • “Religion and the 2012 Presidential Election," Dr. Laura Olson - Professor of Political Science

  • “Does God Play Dice? The Origin and Hidden Meaning of Quantum Mechanics," Dr. Antony Valentini- Professor of Physics & Astronomy

  •  “Is Truth Beautiful or Deadly? An Immodest Inquiry," Dr. Jeff Love- Professor of German & Russian, Dept. of Languages

  • “The Importance of Knowing What You Don’t Know," Dr. Kelly Smith - Professor of Philosophy & of Biological Sciences


  • “America the Great? Foreign Policy & American Exceptionalism," Prof. Vladimir Matic - Senior Lecturer of International Relations & Foreign Policy, Former Diplomat & Ambassador, Dept. of Political Science