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Dixon Global Scholars Program

An exciting program for a select number of Honors students, the Dixon Global Policy Scholars (GPS) offers a challenging learning opportunity for students interested in pursuing a major scholarship (such as the Rhodes, Truman or Marshall) and in enhancing their knowledge of the issues that shape the world.

THE 2017 DIXON GPS APPLICATION is now available!


  • A 10-day study travel experience to France and Germany in May
  • Support in applying for major scholarships and graduate school.
  • Specialized coursework, seminars and workshops.


The Dixon GPS is open to:

  • Freshmen who have a suggested minimum 3.60 GPR 
  • Sophomores who have a suggested minimum 3.75 GPR 
  • Applicants with an interest in pursuing a major scholarship, such as the Rhodes, Truman or Marshall
  • Applicants with an interest in deepening their understanding of global policy, economics, politics, culture, science, technology and the arts

Important: The announced GPR minimums for Dixon GPS are 3.75 (sophomores) and 3.60 (freshman).  However, the committee will accept applications from students with lower GPRs with sufficient justification.  



The application deadline is 11:59pm on Wednesday, January 25, 2017. Apply now!

Letters of Support

Each applicant is required to have a Letter of Support from a Clemson faculty member. The faculty letter of support is due January 25, 2017.  Guidelines for Letters of Support can be found here.


The only cost paid by participants will be one credit taken in association with the May 2017 study travel, and incidental travel expenses, including some meals.


What our graduates have done:

Alexander Batson - graduate school at Yale

Dorothy Behre - Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship to Taiwan

Kristin Buhrow - graduate school at Oxford

John Christopher - Graduate school in Urban Planning at the University of Pennsylvania

Cameron Eagles - Teach for America in Durham, North Carolina

Parker Essick - Peace Corps in Rwanda

Julie Garner - Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship to South Korea

Kate Gasparro - Graduate School in Engineering Policy at Stanford

Amber Hackler - Graduate School in Chemical and Biological Sciences at Scripps Research Institute

Caitlin Knight - Engineer with Jacobs Engineering

Sally Lin - Graduate school in Chemical Engineering at Marquette University, engineer at Proctor and Gamble

Melissa Moore - Graduate school at the University of Virginia

Paige Pribonic - Medical School at USC Greenville

Emily Todd - Engineer with Exxon Mobil

Jenny Tumas - Graduate School in Political Theory at the University Ljubljana in Slovenia, Yale Law School

Christian Weeks - Graduate student in Digital Production Arts at Clemson

Leigh Yarborough - Dental School at Harvard

The Class of 2016 Dixon Global Policy Scholars:

Aditya Aswani, Civil Engineering and Sociology
Hannah Connelly,
English Writing and Publication Studies 
Hope Forbush,
GSam Lampe,
Chemical Engineering
Rami Major,
Killian McDonald,
Political Science and Women's Leadership

Reese Moore, Microbiology
Sarah Sandler,
Materials Science and Engineering
Courtney Shearer,
Computer Science
Michael Summers,
Lauren Tracy,
MacKenzie Tylka,
Industrial Engineering

The Class of 2015 Dixon Global Policy Scholars:

Phillip Brukhart, Biochemistry and Genetics
Christopher Cummings,
Civil Engineering and Economics 
Grace Farley,
Elementary Education
Grace Glenn,
computer Science and Economics
Megan Hunt,
Biochemistry and Genetics
Nehan Kumar,
Biochemistry and Genetics

John Murdy, Political Science and Philosophy
PJ Price,
Political Science
Jess Rames,
Biochemistry and Genetics
Lizzy Rhodes,
Political Science
Sarah Waldvogel,
Biochemistry and Genetics
Caroline Wimbleton,
Language and International Trade and Spanish

The Class of 2014 Dixon Global Policy Scholars:

Alexander Batson, Economics and Religious Studies
Emily Clarke,
Marketing and Political Science
Will Clevidence,
Economics and Finance
Nicholas DeGrood,
Health Science
Aryana Derakshan,
Political Science and Economics
Amanda Farthing,
Chemical Engineering

Aaron Gordon, Civil Engineering
Shiva Mohan, History
Eliza Rhodes,
Anna White,
Biosystems Engineering
Dalton Williams
, Chemical Engineering
Joey Wilson, Bioengineering          


The Class of 2013 Dixon Global Policy Scholars:

Megan Brovan, Political Science and English
Kristin Buhrow, 
Language and International Trade
Caleb Cohen,
 Electrical Engineering
Matt DeAngelis, 
Ashton Harvey, 
Kara Jolly, 
Biological Sciences

Lucy Rummler, Biochemistry
Taylor Shields, Microbiology
Michael Spires, 
Computer Science and Economics
Lawren Thomson,
Fletcher Williams, 
Krista Wunsche, Engineering           


The 2012 Class of Dixon Global Policy Scholars:

Andrew Bell, Math
Parker Essick, 
English Literature
Whitney Garland,
 Language and International Trade
Amber Hackler, 
Ryan Kane, 
Biological Sciences
Ryan Marosy, 
Environmental Science and Natural Resources

Melissa Moore, Economics and Women's Leadership
Kelly Moran, Math
Paige Pribonic, 
Language and International Health
Rhett Reese, 
Kenan Sakarcan, 
International Management
Ellison Taylor, Microbiology 
Leigh Yarborough, 
Health Science


The 2011 Inaugural Class of Dixon Global Policy Scholars:

Miles Atkinson, Economics
Dorothy Behre
, English Literature
Preston Berkeley
, General Engineering
John Christopher
, Sociology
Cameron Eagles
, Economics
Julie Garner
, Secondary Education (History)

Kate Gasparro, Civil Engineering
Caitlin Knight
, Chemical Engineering
Sally Lin
, Biochemistry and Finance
Emily Todd
, Electrical Engineering
Jenny Tumas
, Communication Studies
Christian Weeks
, Computer Engineering