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Honors is centered around learning, and most of that takes place in the classroom and in labs. However, to enrich the entire college experience, the Calhoun Honors College offers a wide-range of out-of-class initiatives and programs that support the intellectual, personal and professional development of the entire Honors community.

SnitchFrom a living-learning community comprised entirely of honors students and an Honors Center that students can access 24/7 for meeting and studying to opportunities to play together and to go to plays (and musicals and operas) for free, the Honors College provides creative, engaging opportunities for students to grow and learn with, and from, each other. The Dixon Fellows Program provides a unique, meaningful opportunity to meet regularly with and be mentored by some of the most accomplished faculty on campus.

Most importantly, the Honors College seeks ideas for new, innovative programs from our members. The Honors experience isn't simply prescribed, but evolves each year based on the interests and needs of our more than 1000 community members.