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Educational Enrichment Travel Grants

EETG Like on FacbeookEducational Enrichment Travel Grants (EETG) are designed to fund life-changing educational experiences that take place away from Clemson and outside of the classroom. These experiences may be internships, rersearch, public service projects or other significant undertakings that are consistent with a student's educational or career goals. Study Abroad courses will not be funded through EETGs unless they contain a substantial research or service component. In keeping with the spirit and objectives of Clemson University's "2020 Road Map," priority will be given to proposals that, in the judgment of the review committee, show promise for contributing to a strong and potentially successful application for an extramural fellowship.  Such fellowships include, but are not limited to, the Rhodes, Marshall, Truman, Mitchell, Goldwater and Udall scholarships, and Fulbright Grants.


Educational Enrichment Travel Grant applicants must determine whether the country to which they plan to travel is subject to a US Department of State Travel Warning.

If so, students must submit a "Request to Allow Travel to Countries Subject to Travel or Travel Health Warnings" (Request) to obtain a waiver. The waiver must be obtained before funds for an EETG can be disbursed to the student. This process can take 3 or more months, so EETG applicants should begin the Request process as soon as they apply for an EETG, if not before.

For details about this policy and instructions for processing a Request, see:

There are two types of EETGs:

  • Summer Grants: Support activities and experiences that require and will take place for at least one month during the summer. Normally, Summer awards are funded up to $3,000. Proposals above this amount may be considered under unusual circumstances. Awards may support travel, subsistence and other needs as deemed legitimate by the review committee. If equipment items are requested, the proposal must justify the need and purpose. Non-perishable items become the property of the Calhoun Honors College upon completion of the project or activity.
  • Winter Grants: Support activities and experiences that will take place over Clemson's Winter Break and are ideally at least two weeks in duration. Normally, awards are made up to $1500.  All other rules as stated for Summer Awards apply to Winter Break Awards.

Students are eligible for grants of up to $3000 per academic year (winter break and the following summer.)  Students may receive grants for both winter break and the following summer, but the cumulative amount may not exceed $3000 except in unusual circumstances as approved by the Calhoun Honors College Director.

It is expected that the enrichment will take place away from the Clemson University campus. Applications for overseas experiences are especially encouraged. Applicants are encouraged to demonstrate commitment of financial support from other sources, including personal funds. Upon completion of the experience and return to campus, the student will be expected to provide a written report and make a public presentation on his or her experiences.

Applicants must be members of the Calhoun Honors College with at least a 3.5 cumulative GPA at the time the EETG is awarded and, in general, must have at least one full academic year remaining on their undergraduate degree after completing the proposed enrichment experience.  Applications from students who have less than one full academic year remaining will be considered only under special circumstances, and only if the student can demonstrate the relevance of the project to his or her immediate professional goals.

After returning from your travels you are required to submit the EETG Post Experience Form. The form can be found by logging back into your College Net account here  It asks for no more than two pictures uploaded and a description of 1000 words or less.

Applications Deadlines

  • Applications for Summer Grants are accepted between December 1 and April 1 each year.
  • Applications for Winter Break Grants are accepted between September 1 and November 15 each year.


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Examples of Awards

Thomas Larrew internship

Thomas Larrew, “Clinical Internship in Bogota, Colombia”

Thomas, a biochemistry major, spent 40 days over the summer in the heart of Bogota, Colombia. Thomas says "I was able to experience the culture through full immersion, but I also had the chance to learn about something else - medicine." His education was enriched at the Clinica, El Bosque in association with Universidad El Bosque.  Every week there he rotated through a different specialty, beginning in Internal Medicine and ending Neurology.  In the hospital he was taught how to perform a few different types of physical exams and he had the opportunity assist surgeries and birth/c-sections.  

Ashley Rube, “Dragon Theatre Internship”

Even though Ashley is an English major, her interest in literature has informed and fueled her love of theatrical performance and the interpretive work of companies like Dragon Productions. Dragon Productions Theatre Company, in Palo Alto, CA, is a non-profit, semi-professional company commited to providing quality, innovative theatre in an open, safe and collaborative environment. While serving as a theatre intern/dramaturge at Dragon Productions she had many responsibilites. Her dramaturgical work entailed researching the play and its history in an effort to answer questions raised by the director during the preparation process.  She also house managed during the run of a show, worked on sets, conducted marketing reserach, and designed marketing materials. Her extensive work on set building, painting and dressing helped her to gain an appreciation for the types of limitations and challenges set designers face when preparing a space for a production.  Ashley said "This internship gave me the chance to gain a more comprehensive education about theatrical performance and to put my literary education to work."

Ashley Rube internship Dragon Production

Elizabeth Savage lab work

Elizabeth Savage, “Impedimetric Characterization of Cell Cultures on Polymer Electrodes”

Elizabeth, a Chemical Engineering major, with a Biomolecular Engineering Concentration, and a Spanish minor, spent 10 weeks in Barcelona, Spain performing engineering research with Dr. Ramon Bragos at Universitat Politenica de Catalunya, with additional support of Dr. Guiseppi-Elie of Clemson's Center for Bioelectronics, Biosensors, and Biochips.  A potential use for this type of research is the construction of neural implants that allow an externally controlled electrical current to interact with human nerve cells. Elizabeth said "My  background as a competitve swimmer has made me a great admirer of the body's ability to perform, so my purpose in being an engineer is to improve the quality of people's lives, particularly in areas related to human health."

Austin Barrett,  “Patrolling the Wilderness”

Austin, a Parks, Recreation and Tourisn Management major, had a "wild" internship. He served as a Wilderness Ranger Intern with the U.S. Forest Service at the Stanislaus National Forest locted on the western slope of the great Sierra Nevada mountains. While working there he learned about the many duties and obligations of a park manager. He made visitor contacts to ensure they understood and followed the rules and regulations of Wilderness Areas, assisted in trail maintenace projects, restored degraded campsites, campsite inventorying, performed GPS monitoring and other various projects.  As a Ranger, he was in the field for nine days at a time enjoying some of the most dramatic landscapes of our country. Every two weeks, having five days off, he used his time to explore nearly the entire Pacific Coast. Austin stated "This internship is a dynamic way to further my park management studies, while also allowing me to work in the service of some of our county's most beautiful areas. Needless to say, my summer internship will be an enriching educational expericnce that will impact my future as a student and park administrator in many positive ways."

Austin Barrett Wilderness Ranger