Calhoun Honors College

Educational Enrichment Travel Grants

There have been a number of changes made to EETGs this year; please read this section carefully.


Educational Enrichment Travel Grants (EETGs) are designed to fund out of the classroom, life-changing experiences that take place away from Clemson and the Upstate of South Carolina.  These experiences may be internships, research, public service projects, or other significant undertakings that are consistent with a student’s educational or career goals.  Study Abroad or other credit-bearing experiences will not be funded through EETGs unless they contain a substantial research or service component.  In keeping with the spirit and objectives of Clemson University’s “2020 Road Map,” priority will be given to proposals that, in the judgment of the review committee, show promise for contributing to a strong and potentially successful application for an extramural fellowship.  Such fellowships include, but are not limited to, the Rhodes, Marshall, Truman, Mitchell, Goldwater, and Udall scholarships, and Fulbright Grants.

EETGs support activities and experiences that will take place for at least one month during the summer break. Please note, Winter Break grants have been discontinued. Except under very unusual circumstances, funding for a summer experience will not exceed $3000. Awards may support travel, program fees, subsistence and other needs deemed legitimate by the review committee. If equipment items are requested, the proposal must justify the need and purpose.  Non-perishable items become the property of the Honors College upon completion of the project or activity.

It is expected that the enrichment activity will take place away from the Clemson area.  Applications for international experiences are especially welcome.  Applicants are encouraged to demonstrate commitment of financial support from other sources, including personal funds.  Upon their return to campus, EETG recipients will be expected to submit a written report and submit 2 photos of their experience. Forms for the report and uploading pictures can be found at  Recipients will also be required to participate in an EETG poster forum during the fall semester.

Eligibility and Application Requirements:

  • Applicants must be members of the Honors College with at least a 3.5 cumulative GPA at the time of application and, in general, must have at least one full academic year remaining (after completing the proposed enrichment experience) before completing their undergraduate degree.
  • Applications from students who have less than one full academic year remaining will be considered only under special circumstances, and only if the student can demonstrate the relevance of the project to his or her immediate academic or professional goals.
  • ALL application materials, including Letters of Support* from a Clemson faculty or staff member, are due no later than 11:59pm on March 1.  Every effort will be made to notify students of the results by April 1.
  • For students who need to commit or make a deposit to an experience before April 1, please bring paperwork indicating the earlier deadline to Ricki Shine in the Honors College office.  Every effort will be made to provide you with a decision by your deadline.
  • Applicants must submit their program/internship/research experience acceptance or offer letter (or email) with their application.
  • Late applications will be accepted; however, they will not be reviewed until all applications submitted by the deadline have been reviewed and awards made.  Late applications will only be considered if funds remain after the initial review of timely applications.
  • Students who will not have received acceptance regarding their summer experience by the March 1 EETG deadline, may apply prospectively.  In such cases, applications should be as specific as possible.  If the award is granted, checks to students will not be disbursed until proof of program acceptance is delivered to the Honors College office.


Selection Criteria:

Awards are highly competitive and will be based on the following:

  • Impact.  Does the application make a convincing case that the experience will have a positive, life-changing effect on the student?
  • Clarity.  Are the learning objectives explained in a clear and understandable manner?
  • Feasibility. Are the learning objectives accomplishable within the time frame of the award?
  • Fitness. Does the applicant have the intellectual capability, maturity, and motivation to ensure a successful and rewarding experience?
  • Adaptability.  Can the student easily adjust to a different cultural environment?


Important Travel Warning:

EETG applicants must determine whether the country to which they plan to travel is subject to a US Department of State Travel Warning.

If so, students must submit a “Request to Allow Travel to Countries Subject to Travel or Travel Health Warnings” (Request) to obtain a waiver.  The waiver must be obtained before funds for an EETG can be disbursed to the student.  This process can take 3 or more moths, so EETG applicants should begin the Request process as early as possible. 

For details about this policy and instructions for processing a Request, see:


*You must ask a Clemson faculty or staff member for a Letter of Support for your experience.  The letter should address the substance of your proposed experience and address the selection criteria (above).  YOU are responsible for asking for the letter and making sure it is sent to no later than 11:59pm on March 1.