Thoughts Worth Thinking: A Discussion Series

Past Talks

  • "A Conversation about the new Presidential Administration," Dr. Bill Lasser and Dr. C. Bradley Thompson
  • "The Mystery of Intention: Some Brain-Based Ideas,"  Dr. June Pilcher — Professor of Psychology
  • “The Pursuit of Happiness: Why is it so Darned Hard?," Dr. David Shi — Former Furman University President
  • “Hospitals in Other Countries: Why Improving Medical Equipment Design Can Help All of Us," Dr. Delphine Dean — Professor of Bioengineering
  • “Transparency vs. Deception in Foreign Policy," Carlos Luria — Retired CIA Officer
  • "Climbing to the Summit as told by Fran P Mainella — The First Woman and 16th Director of the National Park Service,” Fran Mainella
  • “The Economics of Health Care Reform: A Crash Course in Blind Curves," Dr. Windsor Sherrill - Professor of Public Health Sciences
  • “Religion and the 2012 Presidential Election," Dr. Laura Olson - Professor of Political Science
  • “Does God Play Dice? The Origin and Hidden Meaning of Quantum Mechanics," Dr. Antony Valentini- Professor of Physics and Astronomy
  •  “Is Truth Beautiful or Deadly? An Immodest Inquiry," Dr. Jeff Love- Professor of German and Russian, Dept. of Languages
  • “The Importance of Knowing What You Don’t Know," Dr. Kelly Smith — Professor of Philosophy and of Biological Sciences
  • “America the Great? Foreign Policy and American Exceptionalism," Prof. Vladimir Matic — Senior Lecturer of International Relations and Foreign Policy, Former Diplomat and Ambassador, Dept. of Political Science

The Importance of Knowing What You Don't Know

America the Great? Foreign Policy and American Exceptionalism