Dixon Global Policy Scholars

Dixon Fellows, Clemson University Honors College, Clemson University, Clemson SC

An exciting program for a select number of Honors students, the Dixon Global Policy Scholars (GPS) offers a challenging learning opportunity for students interested in pursuing a major scholarship (such as the Rhodes, Truman or Marshall) and in enhancing their knowledge of the issues that shape the world.

The Dixon GPS students travel together on a study program to Europe, and will take specialized courses in dealing with politics, economics, philosophy, and public policy. Other features of the program include topical discussion groups and individualized mentoring.

This program is limited to 12 students per year. Freshmen and sophomores from all majors are encouraged to apply.


  • A European travel experience (see important note on COVID-19 impacts to travel, below)
  • Support in applying for major scholarships and graduate school.
  • Specialized coursework, seminars, workshops, and student-led discussion groups.
  • Preparation for Major Fellowship applications, such as the Rhodes, Marshall, and Truman Scholarships


The Dixon GPS is open to:

  • Freshmen who have a suggested minimum 3.60 GPR 
  • Sophomores who have a suggested minimum 3.75 GPR 
  • Applicants with an interest in pursuing a major scholarship, such as the Rhodes, Truman or Marshall
  • Applicants with an interest in deepening their understanding of global policy, economics, politics, culture, science, technology and the arts

Important: The announced GPR minimums for Dixon GPS are 3.75 (sophomores) and 3.60 (freshman).  However, the committee will accept applications from students with lower GPRs with sufficient justification.  


The 2021 Dixon GPS application can be accessed at http://bit.ly/GPS2021app.

The application, and the required letter of support (see below) must be received by 4:30pm, Friday, February 19, 2021. Be sure to send your recommender the link to submit the letter (http://bit.ly/GPS2021rec), as well as the language below under "Letters of Support," which may be helpful to them in writing your letter.

Note on COVID-19 Impacts to Travel 

Under normal circumstances, GPS students would travel in May 2021. Due to the COVID-19 situation and related University travel restrictions, we are currently planning for the 2021 GPS group trip to take place over Spring Break 2022. All travel plans are tentative at this point. We will continue to provide updates as we know more.

2021-2022 Courses

Students who apply to the Dixon GPS program commit to taking two courses, to be taught from 6:15-9:00pm on Tuesdays in Fall 2021 and Spring 2022. Students who are co-oping, studying abroad, or another compelling reason may choose to take the courses during a later semester.

Letters of Support

Each applicant is required to have a Letter of Support from a Clemson faculty member. Letters must be submitted at http://bit.ly/GPS2021recUpdate: for this year only, we will accept a letter from someone who is not a Clemson faculty member, as long as they can speak to the criteria listed below.

Be sure to send your recommender the above link, and also give them the following information:

When writing a letter of support for a student who is applying to Dixon GPS, the criteria that should be addressed include:

  1. Evidence of and continued potential for academic success including the student’s ability to think and write analytically;
  2. The student’s maturity, motivation, and seriousness of purpose;
  3. The student’s level of interest in international and/or national issues;
  4. The student’s potential to have an impact on the world around him/her.


The only cost paid by participants will be for the required course taken in association with the GSP travel experience (one hour in-state tuition plus study abroad fees), and incidental travel expenses, including some meals. Limited financial aid may be available. As noted above, the status of the travel experience is uncertain at this time.