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After Returning


Receipts should be submitted electronically (emailed) to Lynn Reeves. Please submit the larger receipts that total the amount of your awarded grant. Receipts are due to Lynn by the last day in August. If you fail to submit your receipts you are personally responsible for all expenditures (you will be required to refund the awarded grant). For questions regarding receipts or money please contact Lynn Reeves.

The Poster

Upon completion of the experience students will make a public poster presentation on his or her experience. You will receive an email with detailed information regarding date and time of the presentation. Students will also email their PowerPoint presentation of the poster to Wini Del.


Design your poster in PowerPoint. The finished size of your poster should be 35.5 x 46.5. You can set this under “Design” and then “Page Setup” in PowerPoint.

You can be creative when designing your poster – the idea is to showcase your experience that was funded by your EETG – the research you did; the class you took; the place you interned – as well as what else you experienced wherever you were (culture, etc.) The poster should entice viewers to want to know more about what you did. Keep it simple and visually stimulating. Pictures are good!!

You can use any font, but Arial is good because it’s easy to read. You can go as small as 4 pt. font – it looks tiny when composing it but it’s easily readable when printed full-size.

Your poster should have a title and your name. It should acknowledge your Educational Enrichment Travel Grant. (Something like – The Calhoun Honors College is gratefully acknowledged for supporting this experience through an Educational Enrichment Travel Grant.) You can also acknowledge any other funding you received.

Printing the Poster

You will have your posters printed at CCIT: See Printing and Plotting information here. Please see Lynn Reeves in the Honors Office to be reimbursed for your poster - you will need the receipt.

Mounting Your Poster

You will receive instructions at a later date regarding how to get the poster mounted on foam board.