Calhoun Honors College

EUREKA! Counselor Application

EUREKA  2015 Program Dates: Friday, June 15, 2015 through Saturday, August 1, 2015

Counselor Application Deadline to Submit: 2015 Counselor Application is now closed.

The 2015 EUREKA! Program will bring approximately 33 incoming freshman Honors students to Clemson for a five-week period during second summer session in which they will actively participate in research projects or other scholarly activities. The EUREKA PROGRAM is seeking applicants from current Honors students to work as summer program counselors. Candidates that are selected will:
  1. Receive a salary of $350 per week for the five week period;
  2. Be housed in the Lightsey Bridge Apartments;
  3. Be provided a Tiger Stripe meal plan stipend.
Selected applicants are REQUIRED to be First Aid and CPR certified by May 1, 2015.  Selected applicants are also required to attend all scheduled program activities with the participants for the duration of the five week program. This is a temporary, full-time position. Clemson University does not allow dual employment; therefore selected applicants will not be able to have a second job during the time they are employed as a EUREKA! Counselor.


1. This application does not support a 'save' or 'spell check' feature.
 2. If you need a copy for your records you should copy and paste the information into another document to save.
3. All fields are required.
4. This application requires your past employment. Have this information ready before beginning the application.  This application does not support a save feature so you cannot return to it.
       Each employer should include the following five areas of information:
       1. Dates of employment
       2. Place of Employment
       3. Supervisor's Name
       4. Phone Number
       5. Duties

You will find the EUREKA! Counselor Application here: Check back in January 2016 for the EUREKA 2016 Counselor Application.