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How I Spent My Summer Vacation


This summer, Kenny Brown had the opportunity to get certified as a corner worker for the National Auto Sport Association, a motorsports sanctioning body.  Here he is pictured at his work station at Charlotte Motor Speedway with his radio ready to call in on-track incidents during the races that day.

Kenny Brown Kenny Brown


Alexandra Musarri took a weekend trip to Cinque Terre in Italy during her study abroad program with the Nutrition Department where she was studying an international perspective on nutrition including food, diet, and exercise in Belgium.

Summer Photo Alexandra Summer Photo Alexandra


Austin Barrett stopped in Fiji on his way home from his semester abroad in Sydney, Australia.  Here he is pictured with a few of the Fijian schoolchildren in their classroom.

Austin Barrett CLemson's Women's Lacross Team


Phillips Workman studied the new Southern politics under his EUREKA! mentor Dr. Woodard.

Summer Photo Phillips Workman Summer Photo Phillips Workman


Rachel Morrison, Olga Uvarov, Jake Anderson, and Kristen Carpenter worked with Dr. Frank Alexis on a project, "Combinatoril Drug Screening for Cancer Therapy."

Summer Photo Rachel Morrison Summer Photo  Rachel Morrison


Chris Hapstack studied abroad at Cambridge University.

Summer Photo Chris Hapstack Summer Photo Chris Hapstack


Robert Emmett researched image-guided surgery infrastructure development with his EUREKA! mentor, Dr. Roberts.

Summer Photo Robert Emmett Summer Photo Robert Emmett


Robert Gunter was a EUREKA! participant where he studied vibration testing based monitoring of civil engineering infrastructure.

Summer Photo Robert Gunter Summer Photo Robert Gunter


Ryan Wolniak participated in research studying how to reduce energy consumption in membrane-based algal harvesting for biofuels.

Summer Photo Ryan Wolniak Summer Photo Ryan Wolniak


Sarah Claeys and  Meg O'Sell participated in EUREKA! with their project on image-guided surgery infrastructure development.

Summer Photo Sarah Claeys Summer Photo Sarah Claeys and Meg O'Sell


Shaun Hoyt studied under Dr. Luo where he conducted research on lithium ion battery materials.

Summer Photo Shaun Hoyt Summer Photo Shaun Hoyt


Taylor Adams worked with Dr. Bill Pennington to study FLIPS (Fluorescent Liposomes Imbedded in Polymer S).

Summer Photo Taylor Adams Summer Photo Taylor Adams


Turner Cotterman conducted research during EUREKA! on reducing energy consumption in membrane-based algal harvesting for biofuels.

Summer Photo Turner Cotterman Summer Photo Turner Cotterman


Victoria Baker and Winston Reece spent their summer conducting research in the Laboratory of Orthopaedic Design and Engineering.

Summer Photo Victoria Baker Winston Reece Summer Photo Victoria Baker Winston Reece


Caleb Ahrns spent his summer meeting all of the new Clemson students as a 2011 Orientation Ambassador.

CalebAhrns Clemson Football game with Clemson's Tiger


Trey Simril visited another school-Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Summer Trey Simril Trey Simril


Nikki Hadley spent the summer studying abroad in Brussels through the Calhoun Honors College.  During one of her weekends, Nikki visited Turin, Italy where Italy was celebrating its 150th year of unification.

Nikki Hadley Nikki Hadley


Emily  Todd is a part of the Dixon Global Policy Scholars Program.  Here the group is pictured outside the Chateau de Portales in Strasbourg, France during their Maymester trip.

Emily Todd Emily Todd


Sarah Waddill studied abroad at the University of Cambridge.  Here she is pictured during a weekend trip to London at the British Museum fist bumping with a pharaoh.

Sarah Waddill SarahWaddill


Kevin Keith worked on the construction of a playground capable of generating electricity as part of Clemson's Engineers Without Borders project in the rural village of Konia, Liberia.

Fans at Clemson Football Game Fans at Clemson Football Game


Katharine Amalfitano spent her summer as an intern for Dr. Bruce Lessey of the Greenville Hospital System University Medical Group Fertility Center of the Carolinas.  She conducted a retrospective research study on the efficacy of hCG luteal phase support in treating recurrent unexplained pregnancy loss and presented her findings at the Fertility Center of the Carolinas.

Rave stress buster at Clemson KatharineAmalfitano


Jennifer Delaere and her friends started an organization called Community2Community where they sponsor families and deliver donations to those affected by the tornados that hit Alabama.

Clemson Tradition, Running down the hill at football game. Clemson Tradition, Running down the hill at football game.


Erika Giorgis celebrated the end of Summer Orientation at the Orientation Ambassador Closing Banquet.  She had an amazing time with the Orientation Ambassadors, including the four other Honors Orientation Ambassadors pictured here.

ErikaGiorgis ErikaGiorgis


Thomas Larrew assisted surgeries in Bogota, Colombia.ThomasLarrew Thomas Larrew


Brittany Hall spent her summer in Costa Rica with ISL where she performed work from triage work to full physicals.  Here she is performing an interview of a patient before a physical.

Summer Photo Brittany Hall Summer Photo Brittany Hall


Bonnie Hanna spent the summer as an intern at Quad/Graphics in Wisconsin and loved her time there.  Here she is pictured after a 12 hour shift in the gravure pressroom where she had to wear respirators to clean the rollers of the press.Summer Photo Bonnie Hanna Summer Photo Bonnie Hanna


Josiah Hester made a waterfall climb while hiking the treacherous Palolo Valley crater on the island of Oahu.

Summer Photo Josiah Hester Summer Photo Josiah Hester


Carly Summers went to the top of Table Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa. Carly spent six weeks in South Africa working as a volunteer at the Southern African Foundation for the Conservation of Coastal Birds.

Summer Photo Carly Summers Summer Photo Carly Summers


Kate Gasparro completed an internship with Clark Construction where she worked in the estimating department and then was transferred to Disneyland where she helped build Carsland.

Summer Photo Kate Gasparro Summer Photo AKate Gasparro


Hannah Bordner spent the 4th of July in the Nation's capital and participated in one of the country's largest photo projects.Summer Photo Hannah Bordner Summer Photo Hannah Bordner


Meredith McSwain took a break from her job as a research intern at UNC Charlotte to go to Tigerworld, a rescue zoo in Rockwell, NC. Here's a Tiger with a tiger!

Summer Photo Meredith McSwain Summer Photo Meredith McSwain


Bennett Becker made a weekend getaway to Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Summer Photo Bennett Becker Summer Photo Bennett Becker


Elizabeth McVey competed in the 200 Freestyle B Final, Lane 10 at Georgia Tech.

Summer Photo Elizabeth McVey Summer Photo Elizabeth McVey


Haley Hunt spent her summer at Clemson training with D-Love for soccer season.

Summer Photo Haley Hunt Summer Photo Haley Hunt


Elizabeth Ethridge spent one of her ten days in Arenal, Costa Rica with her family repelling down 165 foot waterfalls.

Summer Photo Elizabeth Ethridge Summer Photo Elizabeth Ethridge


Lindsay Burton worked for the Forest Service at the Rocky Mountain Research Station in Fraser, Colorado.

Summer Photo Lindsay Burton Summer Photo Lindsay Burton


During EUREKA! Kayleigh Wall, Sarah Claeys, Erin Ratterman, Tori Baker, and Julie White were on the jumbotron at a Greenville Drive game.

Summer Photo Kayleigh Wall Summer Photo Kayleigh Wall


Alanna Slack took a break on a convenient liana while looking for tamarin monkeys in the Peruvian rain forest.

Summer Photo Alanna Slack Summer Photo Alanna Slack


Eric Schmieler took a day off of work and turned it into a day on the lake.

Summer Photo Eric Schmieler Summer Photo Eric Schmieler


Makenzie Wilder spent her summer in Faridabad, India where she worked on a mobile hospital in the Colony of Paunta.  In the colonies, she would dispense medicines for a low fee and provide basic medical exams and procedures.

Summer Photo AMakenzie Wilder Summer Photo Makenzie Wilder


Lauren Harroff and Steven Chow both participated in a bioenergy REU at Colorado State University this summer.  This picture was taken on a hike to Bridal Veil Falls in Rocky Mountain National Park.

Summer Photo Steven and Lauren Summer Photo Steven and Lauren


Megan Gregory spent her summer working with people from Crosspoint Church in Clemson, serving aa young church plant in Myrtle Beach..

Summer Photo Megan Gregory Summer Photo AMegan Gregory


Theresa Wersinger took a three week trip with her family through the country of France, visiting places such as Paray-Le-Monial, Clermont Ferrand, Paris, Burgundy, Lourdes, Cluny, and many others.

Summer Photo Theresa Wersinger Summer Photo Theresa Wersinger


Alex Ryan went to the top of Half Dome in Yosemite National Park in California during a business trip for his summer internship.

Summer Photo Alex Ryan Summer Photo Alex Ryan


Hanna Aucoin spent her summer participating in an REU program at the University of Colorado in Boulder where she worked to genetically modify E. coli to make it tolerant in acetate for biofuel applications.

Summer Photo Hanna Aucoin Summer Photo Hanna Aucoin


Stefani and Sandra Mokalled explored Atlanta where they stopped by the World of Coca-Cola to learn about the history and productino of Coca-Cola.

Summer Photo Stefani Sandra Mokalled Summer Photo Stefani Sandra Mokalled


Dout Morte got to fly an F-16.

Summer Photo Doug Morte Summer Photo Doug Morte


Izzi Hernandez-Cruz served as a EUREKA! counselor, where he also spent his summer researching whether an armed citizenry prevents tyranny.

Summer Photo Izzi Hernandez-Cruz Summer Photo Izzi Hernandez-Cruz


Alice Stevens spent the summer researching the role of acetate kinase in eukaryotic pathogens during the EUREKA! program.

Summer Photo Alexandra Summer Photo Alice Stevens


Andrew Hanson researched the fabrication of biological microspheres using nozzle jetting under Dr. Yong Huang.

Summer Photo Andrew Hanson Summer Photo Andrew Hanson


Andy Brown developed a project entitled, "Where Did They Firebomb?" with faculty mentor Dr. Joe Stewart during EUREKA!.

Summer Photo Alexandra Summer Photo Andy Brown


Brian Peterson worked with Dr. Dean in the Laboratory of Orthopaedic Design and Engineering.

Summer Photo Alexandra Summer Photo Brian Peterson


Deanna Mock worked on her EUREKA! project with Dr. Mefford where they explored magnetic nanoparticles as a tool for cancer treatment.

Summer Photo Deanna Mock Summer Photo  Deanna Mock


Grace Arney and Lee Gedney worked with the Nursing Department during their summer EUREKA! experience, where they both focused on the topic of integrating mobile technology in nursing education.

Summer Photo Grace Arney and Lee Gedney Summer Photo Grace Arney and Lee Gedney


Jennifer worked on a EUREKA! project with Dr. Bielenberg on a project entitled, "Transcriptome analysis of peach flesh color.".

Summer Photo Jennifer Van Gelder Summer Photo Jennifer Van Gelder


Jessie Smith tested the next generation refrigerator prototype during her summer research with EUREKA!.

Summer Photo Jessie Smith Summer Photo Jessie Smith


Jonathan Bailey tested the synthesis of oxide scintillator nanoparticles during his summer research project with EUREKA!.

Summer Photo Jonathan Summer Photo Jonathan Bailey


Katie McGreevy worked with Dr. Kitchens to explore the design of gold nanomaterials for biomedical applications.

Summer Photo Katie McGreevy Summer Photo Katie McGreevy


Katie Sullivan was mentored by Dr. Kelly Smith on research in applied ethics during her participation in the summer EUREKA! program.

Summer Photo Katie Sullivan Summer Photo Katie Sullivan


Anna Rollings spent her summer working in the lab of Dr. Lawton-Rauh studying molecular evolution of herbicide tolerance genes in Amaranths.

Summer Photo Alnna Rollings Summer Photo Anna Rollings


Matthew Byrd participated in research to detect, analyze, and model a single cancer cell and a single nanomagnetic particle in liquid.

Summer Photo Matthew Byrd Summer Photo Matthew Byrd


Mitchell Fanning worked with Dr. Mefford to study magnetic nanoparticles as a tool for cancer treatment.

Summer Photo Mitchell Fanning Summer Photo Mitchell Fanning


Brittany Banik went to the gardens at the Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in Singapore.

Summer Photo Brittany Banik Summer Photo Brittany Banik


Ross enjoyed punting the river while studying abroad at the Cambridge University International Summer School.

RossBeppler RossBeppler


Kristyn Mantia visited the Mayfield Falls on her last day of a week long mission trip that she spent in Jamaica where she lead vacation bible school, painted a chapel and visited a home for disabled people.

KristynMantia Kristyn Mantia