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What is CUJO?

CUJO is many things to many people:

• CUJO is a web-based consortium of journals of undergraduate scholarship, organized by member institution and discipline.
• CUJO is an experiential learning tool to help students learn about scholarly publication, journal editing, and the peer review process.
• CUJO is a student-friendly mechanism for exposition of scholarship from your institution’s best and brightest students.
• CUJO is a multimedia experience, where performance art and multimedia scholarship can be published using audio and video files.
• CUJO is an experiment in distributive computing where all readers have free access to a hierarchical structure of peer- and mentor- reviewed journals.
• CUJO is a self-publishing HTML code that allows your institution, department, or honor’s college to easily review, approve and publish student submissions.
• CUJO 4U is a customized journal, where you literally rip the virtual covers off of our e-library and reconfigure a journal of your own design and interest, based on institution, author or key word.

CUJO is just beginning and is currently under construction, but Member Institutions and Disciplines and potential Members include the following:

• CUJO @ Clemson University
CUJO @ Clemson University Psychology
CUJO @ Clemson University Mechanical Engineering
CUJO @ Clemson University Mathematical Science
CUJO @ Clemson University Calhoun Honors College
• CUJO @ Your University
CUJO @ Your University Discipline
• CUJO @ Your Undergraduate-level Organization
• CUJO @ Your Undergraduate-level Topic

CUJO is a subsidiary of COJO: The Community of Journals Online, a system for web-based publishing. If you want to be a part of CUJO please contact the CUJO Project Founding Editors, James McCubbin (jmccubb@clemson.edu) , Cindy Pury (cpury@yahoo.com), Jon Hoskin (hoskin@clemson.edu), or Matt Garvin (mjgarvi@clemson.edu).

Log In — CUJO @ CU News and Bulletins — Newcomer FAQ What is CUJO?
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