University history (1890 - 1995)

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Football (6), Soccer, Tennis


Bakery, Barracks, Dairy, Fertilizer, Fort Hill, Johnstone Hall, Littlejohn Coliseum, Olin Hall, President's house, Sikes Hall (3), Tillman Hall


Agriculture (2), Architecture (2), Dairy, Engineering, English, Forestry, Military (2), Music (2), Textiles (7), Woodshop

Faculty (groups)

1893, 1894, 1946, 1958


John C. Calhoun, Calhoun Property map, Anna Calhoun Clemson, Thomas G. Clemson, Clemson will, Marie Coker, Mary Hart Evans, Harvey Gantt, Frank Howard, Katherine Trescott


Henry A. Strode, Edwin B. Craighead, Henry Hartzog, Patrick H. Mell, Walter M. Riggs, Samuel B. Earle, E. W. Sikes, Robert F. Poole, Robert C. Edwards, Bill L. Atchley, Walter T. Cox, Max Lennon, Phil Prince, Constantine W. Curris

Student activities

Class of 1896, Commencement (2), Farm and Home Week (2), Freshmen (2), Homecoming, Registration, Senior day


Board of Trustees of 1890, Name change to Clemson University 1964
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