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Football fans

Subject: Football

Location: Clemson

Date: 1974

Pictured: Fans

Size: 177k

Football team at White House: President Ronald Reagan, Senator Strom Thurmond

Subject: Football team at White House

Location: Washington, D. C.

Date: 1981

Pictured: President Ronald Reagan, Senator Strom Thurmond

Size: 84k

Clemson-Carolina game

Subject: Clemson-Carolina game

Location: Clemson

Date: undated

Pictured: fans

Size: 101k

Clemson vs. Davidson Oct 1915

Subject: Clemson vs. Davidson

Location: Clemson College

Date: October 1915

Pictured: old football field

Size: 126k

Game on Riggs field 1917

Subject: Game on Riggs field

Location: Clemson College

Date: 1917

Size: 114k

Football team 1896

Subject: Football team

Location: Clemson College

Date: 1896

Pictured: W. M. Riggs (rear center)

Size: 122k

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