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Avoiding Plagiarism

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Office of Teaching Effectiveness (OTEI)

OTEI's mission is "to keep Clemson University on the cutting edge of teaching excellence and innovation, both by bringing in the best ideas and strategies for enhancing teaching and learning from the outside and by providing forums for Clemson faculty to share their teaching approaches and experiments across the disciplines." Their website contains many useful links, including "Learning, Writing, and Speaking Resources for your Students," many of which deal with plagiarism.

Office of Student Conduct

Includes links to the Clemson University Student Code of Conduct and Student Handbook.

Further Reading

Academic Dishonesty : An Educator’s Guide
- Bernard E. Whitley, Jr., Patricia Keith-Spiegel

A short practical handbook with a section on why students cheat, and sections on what instructors and institutions can do to promote academic integrity.

Perspectives on Plagiarism and Intellectual Property in a Postmodern World
- Lise Buranen and Alice M. Roy, editors
Cooper Library: PN 167 .P47 1999 

Volume of essays on plagiarism and intellectual property among faculty and students.  A variety of perspectives, some theoretical, some legal, some practical.

Crisis on Campus: Confronting Academic Misconduct
- Wilfried Decoo with a contribution by Jozef Colpaert
Cooper Library: LB 2344 .D43 2002 

A detailed look at some cases of academic plagiarism on a high level (faculty and graduate students), and how institutions chose to (or chose not to) respond.  Useful for understanding how and why more subtle forms of plagiarism occur.

Student Cheating and Plagiarism in the Internet Era: A Wake-up Call
- Ann Lathrop and Kathleen Foss
Cooper Library: LB 3609 .L28 2000

Guiding Students from Cheating and Plagiarism to Honesty and Integrity : Strategies for Change
- Ann Lathrop and Kathleen E. Foss
Cooper Library: LB 3609 .L27 2005

Doing Honest Work in College: How to Prepare Citations, Avoid Plagiarism, and Achieve Real Academic Success
- Charles Lipson
Cooper Library: PN 171 .F56 L56 2004

Scandals and Scoundrels : Seven Cases that Shook the Academy
- Ron Robin
Cooper Library: PN 167 .R63 2004 

Prentice Hall's Guide to Understanding Plagiarism
- Thomas Jewell
Cooper Library: PN 167 .J48 2004  

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Avoiding Plagiarism