Clemson Inventor’s Club

The Clemson University Inventor’s Club is a select group of engaged faculty who have been very active in creating innovative technologies for commercialization and/or those who have created or aspire to create companies to commercialize their technologies.  Each month, we will feature one of our inventors and highlight their research areas, entrepreneurial experience, and connections they are seeking.  A list of all Inventor’s Club members and their profiles can be found in the Clemson University Inventor’s Club Entrepreneurial Profiles booklet.

Featured Inventor

John Ballato

Professor and Director, Materials Science & Engineering

Dr. Ballato’s research expertise lies in optical and optoelectronic materials, particularly optical fibers and lasers.  He is currently serving as Director of COMSET, an optics and photonics-focused research center at Clemson that is conducting research into advanced materials with designer value-added interactions with light.  Through networking, Dr. Ballato is interested in entrepreneurial education, while also wishing to mentor other faculty members who desire entrepreneurship.

As an entrepreneur himself, Dr. Ballato is interested and experienced in transferring technology, building networks, and developing product opportunities from enabling materials.  He is the co-founder, co-owner, and board member of Tetramer Technologies (, which specializes in optical polymers, nanocomposites, gas separation membranes, proton exchange membranes, biorenewable materials, and piezoelectric polymers.  The company has launched several products, while others are in research or scale-up phases.

Dr. Ballato’s CURF Inventor’s webpage

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