U.S. Patents Issued

U.S. Patents Issued in Calendar Year 2014

U.S. Patent No. Title Issue Date Lead Inventor
8,629,330 Methods and Compositions for the Inhibition of Meristematic Growth on Cucurbit Rootstock 01/14/2014 Richard Hassell, Shawna Daley
8,691,116 Conducting Polymer Ink 04/08/2014 Stephen Foulger, Samuel Ingram
8,718,111 Diode Laser 05/06/2014 Lin Zhu, Yunsong Zhao
8,743,529 Capacitive-Stemmed Capacitor 06/03/2014 Todd Hubing
8,758,633 Dielectric Spectrometers with Planar Nanofluidic Channels 06/24/2014 Pingshan Wang
8,771,582 Electrospinning Process for Making a Textile Suitable for Use as a Medical Article 07/08/2014 Philip Brown
8,778,031 Limb Prosthesis 07/15/2014 Robert Latour, Jr.
8,783,371 Subsurface Capture of Carbon Dioxide 07/22/2014 Ronald Falta
8,834,629 Rhombohedral Fluoroberyllium Borate Crystals and Hydrothermal Growth Thereof for Use in Laser and Non-Linear Optical Applications and Devices 09/16/2014 Joseph Kolis, Colin McMillen
8,858,979 Service Induced Byproducts for Localized Drug Delivery in Orthopaedic Implants 10/14/2014 John DesJardins, Martine LaBerge
8,860,438 Electrical Double Layer Capacitive Devices and Methods of Using Same for Sequencing Polymers and Detecting Analytes 10/14/2014 Guigen Zhang
8,865,402 Nanostructured Substrates for Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy (SERS) and Detection of Biological and Chemical Analytes by Electrical Double Layer (EDL) Capacitance 10/21/2014 Guigen Zhang
8,871,355 Microstructure Enhanced Sinter Bonding of Metal Injection Molded Part to a Support Substrate 10/28/2014 Laine Mears