U.S. Patents Issued

U.S. Patents Issued in Calendar Year 2013

U.S. Patent No. Title Issue Date Lead Inventor
8,362,789 Impedance-Based Arc Fault Determination Device (IADD) and Method 1/29/2013 Edward R. Collins,Jr,  et al
8,545,142 Deformation Machining Systems and Methods 10/1/2013 Kevin Scott Smith, et al
8,435,553 Elastin Stabilization of Connective Tissue 5/7/2013 Naren R. Vyavahare, et al
8,501,644 Activated Protective Fabric 8/6/2013 Christine W. Cole, et al
8,384,372 Non-Linear Electrical Actuation and Detection 2/26/2013 Herbert W. Behlow, Jr, et al
8,529,951 Elastogenic Cues and Methods for Using Same 9/10/2013 Anand Ramamurthi, et al
8,361,582 Method Of Joining Two Or More Substrates With A Seam 1/29/2013 Christine W. Cole, et al
8,541,031 Deposition of Nanocrystalline Calcite on Surfaces by a Tissue and Cellular Biomineralization 9/24/2013 Andrew S. Mount, et al
8,378,816 System and Method to Assess Signal Similarity with Applications to Diagnostics and Prognostics 2/19/2013 John R. Wagner, et al
8,475,531 Anchored Multi-Phasic Osteochondral Construct 7/2/2013 Scott A. Maxson, et al
8,379,926 Vision Based Real Time Traffic Monitoring 2/19/2013 Neeraj K. Kanhere, et al
8,580,181 Fabrication of 3-Dimensional  Aligned Nanofiber Array 11/12/2013 Vince Z. Beachley, et al
8,389,114 Ultrahydrophobic Substrates 3/5/2013 Igor A. Luzinov, et al
8,535,447 Method and System to Stabilize and Preserve Ion Artifacts 9/17/2013 Michael J. Drews
8,453,319 Process for Forming a Hexagonal Array 6/4/2013 Guigen Zhang
8,481,067 Methods for Promoting the Revascularization and Reenervation of CNS Lesions 7/9/2013 Ning Zhang, et al
8,609,409 Methods and Compositions for Cell Culture Platform 12/17/2013 Xiaowei Li, et al
8,478,500 System and Method for Utilizing Traffic Signal Information for Improving Fuel Economy and Reducing Trip Time 7/2/2013 Ardalan Vahidi, et al