U.S. Patents Issued 2012

Patents Issued in 2012

U.S. Patent 8,113,129 “Pallet System” Andrew Hurley, Kyle Dunno, et.al. — Packaging Science

U.S. Patent 8,133,740 “Colorimetric Detection of Uranium in Water” Tim Devol, Amy Hixon, et.al. — Environmental Engineering & Earth Science

U.S. Patent 8,149,039 “Integrated Picosecond Pulse Generation Circuit” Pingshan Wang, Chaojiang Li — Electrical & Computer Engineering

U.S. Patent 8,124,001 “Synthetic Vascular Tissue and Method of Forming Same” Xuejen Wen, et.al. — Bioengineering

U.S. Patent 8,148,559 “Supercritical Fluid Explosion Process to Aid Extraction of Lipids from Biomass” Terry Walker, Mark Thies, et.al. — Environmental Engineering & Earth Science, Chemical Engineering

U.S. Patent 8,142,805 “Implantable Devices Including Fixed Tissues” Naren Vyavahare, Dev Raghavan — Bioengineering

U.S. Patent 8,148,120 “Concentration and Separation of Lipids from Renewable Resources” David Brune, Lance Beecher — School of Agriculture, Forestry & Life Science

U.S. Patent 8,128,835 “Deicing Composition” Prasada Rangaraju, et.al. — Civil Engineering

U.S. Patent 8,100,961 “Elastin Stabilization of Connective Tissue” Dan Simionescu, Naren Vyavahare, Jason Isenburg — Bioengineering

U.S. Patent 8,128,952 “Ligand-mediated Controlled Drug Delivery Device” Andrew Metters, Srinivas Chollangi — Chemical Engineering

U.S. Patent 8,304,854 “Semiconductor Integrated Circuit Chip, Multilayer Chip Capacitor and Semiconductor Integrated Circuit Chip Package” Todd Hubing, et.al. — Automotive Engineering

U.S. Patent 8,310,368 “Weight Control Device” Adam Hoover, Eric Muth, Yujie Dong — Electrical & Computer Engineering, Psychology

U.S. Patent 8,237,015 “Methods and Compositions for an Integrated Dual Site- Specific Recombination System for Producing Environmentally Safe and Clean Transgenic Plants” Hong Luo — Genetics & Bio-Chemistry

U.S. Patent 8,226,850 “Thermally Enhanced Oxygen Scavengers Including a Transition Metal and a Free Radical Scavenger” William Whiteside, Youngjae Byun — Packaging Sciences

U.S. Patent 8,293,531 “Three-Dimensional Ex-Vivo System” Karen Burg, Chic Chao Yang — Bioengineering

U.S. Patent 8,234,929 “Contact Sensors and Methods for Making Same” Martine LaBerge, Andrew Clark — Bioengineering