Director’s Corner

Inventors, university representatives and the research foundation’s board of directors gathered Wednesday at the Madren Conference Center for a reception honoring Clemson University’s top inventors and 2013 patent recipients.

Hosted by the Clemson Inventor’s Club, the event recognized researchers who were named inventors on patents that issued in 2013. The United States Patent and Trademark Office issued 18 patents to Clemson University in 2013, adding to the current portfolio of 148 issued patents.

In addition to the patent recognition, the event featured a presentation by Thomas Strange, senior director of research and development at St. Jude Medical, titled “Start a Company, Embrace a Community: The story of how one entrepreneur set out to move a new technology into the market and wound up part of the economic development efforts in the Upstate.”

Formed in November 2012, the Clemson Inventor’s Club recognizes Clemson’s most active inventors and faculty entrepreneurs across colleges and disciplines and provides opportunities for them to connect and share ideas with each other and others in the intellectual property and commercialization sectors.