Technology Transfer Overview

Technology Transfer is the process of transforming knowledge and discoveries from the laboratory to the public sector. In a university environment, this transfer takes many forms. The Clemson University Research Foundation (CURF), on behalf of Clemson University, transfers technology through licensing of University intellectual property.

CURF manages Clemson’s intellectual property and typically transfers rights to third parties through licensing, either to a company with access to the appropriate resources and markets to fully develop and commercialize the intellectual property or to a start-up venture specifically designed to develop the intellectual property. A typical license agreement grants rights in an indentified and defined technology to a third party for a period of years, often limited to a particular field of use and/or region of the world. Licenses include terms that require the licensee to meet certain performance obligations and to make financial payments back to CURF.

Licensing to an Existing Entity or Company:

The most traditional and common form of commercialization is licensing intellectual property rights to an established, financially-stable corporation that will invest financial and human resources to ensure the successful development of the technology. CURF will work with the company representatives to review licensee rights and responsibilities and to guide the company through the University technology transfer process.

Licensing to a Start-Up Venture:

A start-up venture is typically created to develop a particular technology for commercialization. Start-up ventures operate with a high degree of risk but also a high degree of innovation and aggressive, practical leadership. Their focus is the particular technology; therefore, their resources can be specifically directed to the development of that technology alone. CURF has access to facilities and resources for start-up ventures interested in further developing and commercializing University intellectual property.

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