Campus Safety
OTHER: CU SAFE: Tornado watch

The threat of severe weather still remains, but Clemson University's weather partner, Sky Guard, forecasts the worst of the weather system to be east of the university and moving away. As always, remain alert to changing conditions and be prepared to take action if needed.

Sent: October 14, 2014, 2:52 PM

Trespass Notices

The individuals below have been ordered not to come to the Clemson University campus. If you see any of them on campus or any suspicious person, contact the Clemson University Police Department at 864-656-2222.

Clayton mug shot

Richard Clayton
July 25, 2013

Ivester mug shot

Robert Ivester
May 2, 2013

Grahma mug shot

David Reed Graham
April 11, 2013

McClelland Mug

Justin Lee McClelland
Aug. 24, 2009

Joshuoa Black Mug

Joshuoa Quenton Black
Nov. 25, 2009

james Dunn Mug

James Lee Dunn
March 7, 2012

Robert Wood Mug Shot

Robert J. Wood
April 9, 2012