The College democrats of Clemson University are committed to advancing a more progressive agenda to the campus and surrounding communities. We dedicate ourselves to the support of the Democratic philosphy and the candidates of the democratic party. We wish to engage students, staff and members of our community to become active in the political process and realize the importance of politics in our everyday lives.

Our first meeting is Monday, August 27, at 5:30pm in Brackett 213. Check us out on our Facebook page, "Clemson College Democrats," for club updates throughout the semester.

APOLOGIES: Many features of this website are nonfunctional. If you wish to contact us please email an officer or check us out on Facebook. Thank you! (updated 8/22/12)

Our Goals:

* Educate students and the community members about the politcal process, especially the Philosophy of the Democratic Party.
* Assist in the election of Democratic Candidates on the local, state, and national level
* Collaborate with other groups at Clemson to provide a more tolerant, progressive agenda to the university.

We hope that you find this site helpful and feel free to contact us with any questions or suggestions!

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