Paul W. Wilson
Professor, Department of Economics and
School of Computing, Computer Science Division

Department of Economics
228 Sirrine Hall
Clemson University
Clemson, South Carolina 29634

Email: pww at (i.e., "@")
Phone: +1 864 656 2032
Fax: +1 864 656 4192

At Bran Castle, in Transylvania.


I am a frequent visitor at the Institut de Statistique Biostatistique et Sciences Actuarielles, Université Catholique de Louvain, Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium and the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis.

I am teaching the following courses during the fall semester, 2015:

ECON 806: Econometrics I---Probability and Statistics for Econometrics

ECON 808: Econometrics III---Nonlinear Estimation and Inference

I have also taught the following courses during previous semesters at Clemson:

ECON 807: Econometrics II---Linear Estimation and Inference

ECON 900: Advanced Econometrics---Methods for Empirical Microeconomics

ECON 900: Advanced Econometrics---Analysis of Efficiency and Production

ECON 900: Computational Methods for Economics

ECON 405: Introduction to Econometrics

Graduate courses are signified by red arrows; undergraduate courses by blue arrows. In addition to the courses listed above, I taught the following courses in my former department (i.e., Department of Economics, University of Texas, Austin):

ECO380N: Urban Economic Theory

ECO392M.2: Econometrics I---Linear Estimation and Inference

ECO392M.3: Econometrics II---Nonlinear Estimation and Inference

ECO392M.7: Advanced Econometric Theory II---Nonparametric Estimation and Inference

ECO334K: Introduction to Urban Economics

ECO341K: Introduction to Econometrics

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