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Department of Education and Human Development (EHD)

Areas: clinical/mental health counseling, educational foundations, learning sciences, literacy, school counseling, special education

Name Area Phone/Email
Allen, Abby Faculty, Special Education
Arnold, Janet Administrative Assistant
Bates, Celeste C. (CC) Faculty, Literacy Education
Boyer, Matthew Faculty, Learning Sciences
Brooker, Heather Faculty, Learning Sciences
Cole, Mikel Faculty, Elementary Education, ESOL, Literacy, Language, and Culture
Dunston, Pamela J. Faculty, Literacy Education
Fullerton, Susan King Faculty, Literacy Education
Gallagher, Eliza Faculty, Learning Sciences
Griffith, Catherine Faculty, Special Education
Hall, Jennifer Faculty, School Counseling
(864) 250-8886
Herro, Dani Faculty, Learning Sciences
Hiott, Elaine Faculty, Counselor Education, Clinical/Mental Health
Hirsch, Shanna Eisner Faculty, Special Education
Hodge, Janie Faculty, Special Education
Jamil, Faiza Faculty, Learning Sciences
Kaminski, Rebecca A. Faculty, Literacy, Writing, Upstate Writing Project
Katsiyannis, Antonis Faculty, Special Education
McBride, Maryann Faculty, Reading Recovery®
McNair, Jonda C. Faculty, Literacy Education
Milsom, Amy Faculty, Counselor Education, School Counseling
Parker, W. Kent Faculty, Special Education
Qian, Meihua Faculty, Learning Sciences
Rapa, Luke Faculty, Learning Sciences
(864) 656-3872
Romansky, Beverly Faculty, Special Education
Rumsey, Amanda Faculty, Counselor Education, School Counseling
(864) 656-3920
Ryan, Joseph B. Faculty, Special Education
Sackett, Corrine Faculty, Counselor Education, Clinical/Mental Health
Savitz, Rachelle Faculty, Literacy Education
Scott, David A. Faculty, Counselor Education, Clinical/Mental Health
Stecker, Pamela M. Faculty, Special Education
Stephens, Douglas Business Manager
Switzer, Deborah M. Chair; Faculty, Learning Sciences
Visser, Ryan D. Faculty, Learning Sciences
Wilder, Phillip Faculty, Literacy Education

Department of Educational and Organizational Leadership Development (EOLD)

Areas: athletic leadership, educational leadership, human resource development, student affairs

Name Area Phone/Email
Boettcher, Michelle Faculty, Counselor Education, Student Affairs; Higher Education 864-656-1446
Buskey, Frederick Faculty, Educational Leadership, P12 864-656-1498
Cadorette, Deborah Jo Faculty, Athletic Leadership 864-656-0434
Carter, Angela Faculty, Human Resource Development 615-995-8418
Cawthon, Tony W. Faculty, Counselor Education, Student Affairs; Higher Education 864-656-5100
Croom, Natasha Faculty, Counselor Education, Student Affairs; Higher Education 864-656-1485
First, Patricia F. Faculty, Educational Leadership, P12 864-656-0328
Flowers, Lamont A. Faculty, Educational Leadership 864-656-0315
Frady, Kris Faculty, Human Resource Development 864-656-7089
Glenn, Sally Administrative Assistant 864-656-4777
Godfrey, Michael Faculty, Athletic Leadership 864-656-3650
Hall, Daniella Faculty, Educational Leadership, P12 864-656-3872
Havice, William (Bill) L. Faculty, Human Resource Development 864-952-9221
Havice, Pamela Ann Faculty, Counselor Education, Student Affairs; Higher Education 864-656-5121
Jones, Roy Faculty, Educational Leadership; Call Me MISTER® 864-656-7915
Kelley, Teresa Business Manager 864-656-3484
Klar, Hans Faculty, Educational Leadership, P12 864-656-5091
Knoeppel, Robert Chair; Faculty, Educational Leadership, P12 864-656-1882
Lindle, Jane Clark Faculty, Educational Leadership, P12 864-508-0629
Marion II, Russell A. Faculty, Educational Leadership, P12 864-656-5105
Phelps-Ward, Robin Faculty, Counselor Education, Student Affairs; Higher Education 864-656-4278
Reynolds, Elizabeth P. Faculty, Educational Leadership, P12 864-656-4777
Search, Alison Student Services Program Coordinator 864-656-2370
Sims, Cynthia Faculty, Human Resource Development 614-599-1053
Soles, Misty Faculty, Athletic Leadership 864-656-2837
Wagner, Rachel Faculty, Counselor Education, Student Affairs; Higher Education 864-656-5111
Wilkerson, Reginald Faculty, Educational Leadership, P12 864-656-3873
Wright, Julia S. Faculty, Athletic Leadership 864-656-7508

Department of Teaching and Learning (TL)

Areas: curriculum and instruction, early childhood education, elementary education, middle level education, secondary education

Name Area Phone/Email
Bailey, Beatrice Naff Faculty, Middle Level Education, Social Studies 864-650-2987
Bannister, Nicole Faculty, Middle Level Education, Mathematics 864-656-2329
Che, S. Megan Faculty, Secondary Education, Mathematics 864-656-2036
Cizmar, Sandy Business Manager 864-656-3483
Cridland-Hughes, Susan Faculty, Secondary Education, English 864-656-7647
Deaton, Cynthia Christine Mi Faculty, Elementary Education, Science 864-656-5115
Gomez, Carlos Nicolas Faculty, Secondary Mathematics 864-656-5127
Hall, Anna Faculty, Early Childhood Education 864-656-0352
Khan, Nafees M. Faculty, Secondary Education, Social Studies 864-656-6639
Leonard, Alison Faculty, Elementary Education, Arts and Creativity 864-656-5117
Linder, Sandra Faculty, Early Childhood Education 864-656-5102
Malloy, Jacquelynn Faculty, Elementary Education, English Language Arts 864-656-6239
Marshall, Jeff C. Chair; Faculty, Secondary Education, Science 864-656-2059
Pough, Natalie Faculty, Elementary Education 864-656-5119
Quigley, Cassie Faculty, Middle Level Education, Science 8643733505
Schumpert, Jennifer Faculty, Early Childhood Education 864-656-3483
Spearman, Mindy Faculty, Elementary Education, Social Studies 864-656-2078
Stevens-Smith, Deborah Faculty, Elementary Education, Physical Education 864-656-5124
Tyminski, Andrew Faculty, Elementary Education, Mathematics 864-656-6967
Whitfield, Melissa Administrative Assistant 864-656-5118