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Financial and Human Resource Services

The College of Education Financial and Human Resource Services' staff are responsible for assisting respective department chairs and faculty members with policies and procedures related to financials (budgeting, purchases, grants, project monitoring, etc.) and human resources (salary roll, hiring, payroll, policies, etc.).

Regina Carroll
Director of Business Relations
426 Edwards Hall
(864) 656-2073  

Karen Littleton
Business Center Manager
G-04A Tillman Hall
(864) 656-4274  

Teresa Kelley
Business Manager, EOLD
328 Tillman Hall
(864) 656-3484  

Joan Short
HR Specialist
G-01 Tillman Hall
(864) 656-4272

Savannah Bock
Business Officer
G-01F Tillman Hall
(864) 656-1779  

Sandy Cizmar
Business Manager, T&L
405 Tillman Hall
(864) 656-3483  

Doug Stephens
Business Manager, EHD
216 Tillman Hall
(864) 656-4273  

Kristy Snider
HR Partner 
Cooper Library
(864) 656-3026