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About USAB


The mission of the College of Education Undergraduate Student Advisory Board (USAB) is to advance the College of Education by promoting the welfare of the student body, to enhance relationships between students and faculty, and to serve as ambassadors of the College of Education.


The Undergraduate Student Advisory Board will consist of a minimum of the following—

  • Two Early Childhood
  • Two Elementary – Math/Science
  • Two Elementary – Language/Culture/Diversity
  • Two Special Education
  • Two Science
  • Two Math
  • Two English
  • Two Social Studies

Once new members are appointment each November, the board will select a chair and co-chairs to lead each of the subcommittees.


Members must be enthusiastic about the College and willing to share their commitment with others. Members should be interested in governance. The USAB will consist of a diverse group of education majors, each bringing a unique perspective to the board. To apply, please complete a short application. All USAB members must be at least Sophomores. 


USAB members must serve for one year and may serve for up to two years. Terms will run November to December to allow incoming members to overlap with outgoing members.  The application window opens up each September.  Applications are reviewed by current USAB members and program faculty.

Purpose / Function

  • Meet with Associate Dean of Undergraduate Programs at least once a semester
  • Actively serve on a USAB sub-committee
  • Help organize and participate in College of Education recruitment events
  • Serve as ambassadors to the college especially to prospective students
  • Help organize education speakers from within and outside the College of Education
  • Organize a mentoring program for new students
  • Help develop a system to keep alumni connected to the College of Education
  • Identify new initiates needed to recruit new students and to engage current students in the College of Education