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Undergraduate Student Advisory Board Members for 2018

stewart ruddy

Stewart Ruddy
Major: Secondary Education English
Hometown: Fort Mill, SC
Position: President

Background: Hey everyone! My name is Stewart Ruddy and I am a Secondary Education English major here at Clemson University. I am originally from Glasgow, Scotland until I moved to Fort Mill, South Carolina in 2006. I love cats, reading and horseback riding and if I could do those things all the time, I would be content. I am the Chair of the English Majors Organization here at Clemson University, so I am obviously really passionate about English. I am part of the committee on the Advisory Board that has been developing a new mentorship program for the College of Education.

Why I want to teach:  Teaching has always been my passion, from when I taught my stuffed animals to now teaching actual teenagers. I have worked at a horseback riding summer camp for the past six years, and this has fostered my love for teaching. I want to help students be excited for school and English. There are so many amazing opportunities through English and I want to promote that to my students.

Goals and aspirations: My most immediate goal is to graduate from Clemson University and start teaching. I am so excited, if not a little bit nervous, but it is going to be an amazing experience. I hope that, through the advisory board, I am able to make a difference on Clemson's Campus in both the Education and English departments.

caroline dunn

Caroline Dunn
Major: Secondary Education - History
Hometown: Anderson, South Carolina 
Position: Secretary

Background: Growing up so close to Clemson, I've always been a die hard Clemson Tiger! There was no question in my mind of where I wanted to go to school, however, the opportunity to join the Moore Scholars program at Clemson sealed the deal. Through Moore Scholars, I've had the opportunity to work on diversity education projects with schools across the upstate and lowcountry, such as the Tamassee Salem DAR School, Greenville Early College, and Bamberg-Erhardt High School. I was also drawn to Clemson due to our fantastic dual degree program; having the opportunity to earn a degree in both education AND history remains a huge plus in my book! In my spare time, I enjoy snuggling with my lab-pitt puppy, musical theatre, reading, and spending time in the kitchen. 

Why I want to teach: As a child, I absolutely adored stories. How do other people live? What makes other people's experience different from my own? Reading about the lives of others - especially those who lived long before me - brought me to love history! I have always wanted to foster a love of stories within other people. History is often viewed by students as "boring" because it is so easy to divorce the people from the story. I hope to make history as personal and exciting for my students as it is for me! 

Goals and aspirations:   Professionally, I hope to teach high school history in the Clemson/Seneca/Pendleton area following graduation. I plan to attain middle school and Advanced Placement certification, as well as a Master's degree in US History. As far as personal goals go, I hope to reinforce the idea that history can be both relevant AND fun!

lauren lindsay

Lauren Lindsay
Major: Secondary Education/English
Hometown: Fort Mill, SC
Position: Chair of the Activities and Events Committee

Background: Hi, I'm Lauren! As you can see, I'm a third year Secondary Education and English double major here at Clemson, and I can't imagine doing anything else! Although I came in as a Health Science Major, Clemson did not truly become my home until I realized that I wanted to become a teacher in the Spring of my Freshman year. I love this program, not only because of how much it has taught me but also because it has brought me some of my closest friends. On campus, I am also a resident assistant, an exec member of the Clemson English Majors Organization, and an active member of my sorority, Pi Beta Phi. In the rare case that I have any free time, I love going to Fike for group fitness classes, baking, and watching Disney movies. 

Why I want to teach: Growing up, my teachers were some of the strongest influences in my life. They were my role models, the people who helped shape me into who I am today. I have always enjoyed working with kids, especially my time working as a camp counselor. I truly believe that there is nothing more rewarding than being a positive influence in a child's life. I love knowing that when I start my career, I will have an impact on the lives of others.

Goals and aspirations: It is my hope to pursue a graduate degree in either English Literature or Administration after completing my time at Clemson. Afterward, I would like to teach at either the Middle or High School level in Charlotte, North Carolina. 

emily navin

Emily Navin
Major: Secondary Education - Science
Hometown: Santee, South Carolina
Position: Chair of the Recruitment Committee

Background: My name is Emily Navin and I am a science teaching major with an emphasis in biological sciences. I am from Santee, South Carolina. When I was younger, whenever anyone would ask, I would always say that I wanted to be a teacher when I grew up. I would steal my mom’s classroom attendance sheets and walk around creating class rosters for all my dolls. After attending the South Carolina Governor’s School for Science and Math, I decided that teaching science was my passion.

Why I want to teach: This may seem cliché but one of the main reasons I want to teach is to create a difference in my student’s lives. I want to introduce them to the joys and wonders of the world around them through scientific discovery. I want to help instill the same passion for science that was instilled in me by my teachers growing up.

Goals and aspirations: As of now I am planning to attend Clemson’s five year master’s program. Afterwards, I would like to remain in upstate South Carolina and teach either middle school science or high school biology. I love both age groups so I have not been able to make up my mind as to where I want my primary focus to be yet.

erin warskow

Erin Warskow
Major: Secondary Education, Mathematics
Hometown: Arlington Heights, IL
Position: Chair of the Alumni Committee

Background: My name is Erin Warskow and I am Junior Secondary Education-Mathematics major from Arlington Heights, IL, a suburb outside of Chicago. Many people ask why I chose Clemson since it is so far from where I’m from, and my answer is “why not?”. I believe that college is the best time to go places and try new things while not having too many responsibilities yet. I chose Clemson because it felt like home immediately and I couldn’t imagine myself anywhere else. I love dogs, musicals, and all things Disney. I am also a member of the Mathematics Education Student Council here at Clemson.

Why I want to teach:  I have wanted to teach ever since I can remember. I would teach my stuffed animals and make worksheets for them to do, which upset my mom using up all the printer paper and ink. My parents even put up a chalkboard in my bedroom so I could teach my stuffed animals lessons and feel more like a teacher. I have always been passionate about the education of the youth of our country because there is no career more rewarding. I am so fascinated with how kids learn and would like to help them grow their minds.

Goals and aspirations:  My main goal is to make learning fun again. There are so many kids nowadays who hate math and think math is so boring. I want to make math and learning math enjoyable and engaging for teens. I plan to go to Boston after I graduate and would hope to teach at public high schools there.

amber bailey

Amber Bailey
Major: Secondary Education – English
Hometown: Johns Island, S.C

Background: Hello, I’m Amber Bailey and this semester is my first being a Tiger! I am a transfer from Lander University. I was born in beautiful Johns Island, S.C. where I stayed until I was ten years old, when I moved to Aiken, S.C. There I graduated with Honors from Ridge Spring-Monetta High School. I love swimming, reading, and meeting new people! I am so passionate about English and helping others see the endless possibilities reading and writing has to offer.

Why I want to teach: From the time I was able to “teach” my younger cousins, I spent almost all my time “grading” and “revising” their papers! For as long as I can remember, I have always wanted to be an English teacher. My biggest inspiration for wanting to teach, is the thought that one day I may change a child’s mind on English as a subject, or help them understand concepts in the area better. I can’t wait to see that “aha” moment a student has when he/she has finally understood something they were struggling with!

Goals and aspirations: I hope to graduate Clemson and begin teaching in a High School in South Carolina! While teaching, I plan to get my Masters Degree, though I’m not sure in what yet, because after teaching High School for about fifteen years, I plan to teach at the collegiate level. Throughout my time teaching, eventually I hope to hold a Principal position at a High School, so that I can help impact real change in a school!

lindsay blustein

Lindsay Blustein
Major: Secondary Education and English
Hometown: Rocky Hill, CT

Background: My name is Lindsey Blustein and I am a Junior Secondary Education and English major here at Clemson University. I was born and raised in Connecticut and was drawn to Clemson because of its beautiful campus and school spirit. I could not have asked to attend a more exciting school. Even in high school when I was thinking about other majors and careers, I always knew I wanted to be a teacher. Outside of the Advisory Board, I am involved with Her Campus Clemson as their Senior Editor, the English Majors Organization, and Pi Beta Phi sorority.

Why I want to teach: I always joke to people that teaching is genetic. My mother is a special education teacher, my father was a science teacher, and my big brother is a math teacher. I will always remember as a kid going to my mother’s classroom to help her set up before the first day of school and thinking that one day I was going to be just like her. My parents and teachers fostered a strong love of reading in me and I want to encourage students to find that same love. Ultimately, I could not imagine a better career than discussing books and being around children everyday.

Goals and aspirations: After I graduate in May 2019 from Clemson, my goal is to enter into a master’s program for Education and possibly Education Administration. Once I receive my master’s, I hope to return to Connecticut to teach high school English and become certified to teach Advanced Placement courses in addition to regular English courses.

ellie buchanan

Ellie Buchanan
Major: Early Childhood Education
Hometown: Mt Pleasant, SC

Background: I was born and raised in Mt. Pleasant, SC, right outside of Charleston. My parents both went to University of Tennessee so I was raised a Vols fan, but switched oranges my sophomore year of high school. My grandmothers on both sides of my family and my mom’s sister all work in education, which may have been why as a child I would make up tests for my little brother.

Why I want to teach: I have always wanted to work with kids, which may be because I am the oldest sibling and the oldest cousin on both sides and have been babysitting since I was 12 years old. But I knew that I wanted to be a teacher when I did teacher cadet senior year of high school in a first grade classroom, which I adored. I want to help children reach their full potential and I want to make learning fun! Education is such a fundamental practice that could and can change the world.

Goals and aspirations: Right now I have been thinking about traveling and teaching on army bases around the world after I go to grad school. Then afterwards coming back down here somewhere and teaching first grade! I am also interested in Speech Pathology and might consider going to grad school for that.

kirstin bull

Kirstin Bull
Major: Early Childhood Education
Hometown: Lake Wylie, SC

Background: My name is Kirstin Bull and I am an Early Childhood Education major. I grew up in Appleton, Wisconsin until I moved to Lake Wylie, South Carolina in 2010. I joined the Clemson Family in the fall of 2015 and have loved every second of it. In addition, I am a third year veteran on the Clemson All Girl Cheerleading team where I spend my time cheering on the football team, basketball team, and even the volleyball team. Cheerleading was a huge part of my life growing up and when coming to college I just simply couldn’t give it up! I love being an ambassador for the school and will forever cherish the many blessings I have received due to being a part of such a wonderful program here at Clemson.


Why I want to teach: I knew almost my entire life that I wanted to be a teacher when I grew up. I was always the teacher when my friends and I would play “school” and that passion for teaching only strengthened when I took a Teacher Cadet course in high school. During the course, I spent the majority of the semester shadowing a teacher in a first grade classroom at a local elementary school and fell in love with that age and teaching itself. My desire to become a teacher has grown through the amazing field placements I have had throughout my time in the College of Education. 

Goals and aspirations: I am currently planning on participating in the 5 year master program now offered at Clemson. From there, I plan on staying in South Carolina and ultimately hope to return to either the district I graduated from, Clover School District, or somewhere nearby. My main goal for myself as a future educator is to instill a love for learning in my students at a young age and create a classroom atmosphere that is encourage and stimulating. I still remember my first grade teacher and hope to having a lasting affect on my future students like my first grade teacher had on me. 

julianna desilvia

Julianna DeSilvia
Major: Secondary Education – History
Hometown: Rockaway, New York

Background: I’ve always been very involved in my schools and have tried to be a friend to everybody I meet. I love helping others achieve their goals and challenging myself to reach mine. Along with my courses here, I work at the John C. Calhoun Historic House and am a member of the Delta Zeta sorority. Studying at Clemson University has been an amazing opportunity and I am proud to be a student here!

Why I want to teach: When I was going through elementary, middle and high school my teachers always had a large impact on my life. Many of them were role models that I did, and still do, look up and aspire to be like. I hope to have the same positive and lasting impact on the lives of my students as my way of helping make the world just a little bit better of a place.

Goals and aspirations: As a sophomore, right now my most important goal is graduation. Afterwards though, I would like to move back to New York, find a school that I truly love and finally begin teaching!

sydney elmore

Sydney Elmore
Major: Elementary Education (Literacy, Culture, and Diversity)
Hometown: Charlotte, North Carolina

Background: My name is Sydney Elmore and I am from Charlotte, North Carolina. I have lived in Charlotte my entire life and I was set on attending Clemson since visiting my sophomore year of high school. I love working with children and I spend countless hours babysitting back home over breaks. I enjoy spending time with friends and family, and in my free time I like to cook and bake.

Why I want to teach: I want to teach because I love children. I want to leave a lasting impact on each child that comes into my classroom and I want to inspire my students to love learning.

Goals and aspirations: At this time, my main goal is to graduate from Clemson in May 2019. I hope to go back to the Charlotte area to begin my career as an elementary school teacher. Additionally, I would like to go back to school in order to obtain my masters in either counseling or administration, once I get a year or two of teaching underway.

maddie ferrell

Maddie Ferrell
Major: Special Education
Hometown: Atlanta, GA

Background: My name is Maddie Ferrell, and I am a junior Special Education major. I grew up in Atlanta, GA and have always know that I wanted to be a teacher. My mom is a teacher and when I was in Elementary School she would take me to work with her on my days off from school and that is where I first learned my love of working with children. From then on I knew that being a teacher was all I wanted. It wasn’t until 6th grade when I realized that children with special needs really had my heart. I started volunteering with a camp during the summers that served kids with special needs and I couldn’t imagine a life not working with them. Clemson was the best choice I have ever made because I have professors and classmates that always challenge me to think with different perspectives. I also love getting to work so closely with the Clemson LIFE students who all have been one of the greatest joys of being part of such a great University. 

Why I want to teach: I want to teach because I have a passion for working with student with disabilities. They are always the most positive, hard working, and loving people in the room.  I don’t want anyone to feel like they don’t have the opportunity or are not capable to learn because learning is for everyone!

Goals and aspirations: I plan to graduate from Clemson University in the Spring of 2019. I plan to graduate with a degree in Special Education with Elementary Education add on certification. I then want to teach for a couple of years and then go back to school to get my Master’s. I hope to teach in a self-contained elementary school classroom. My main goal as a teacher is to make sure that the learning environment that I provide to students is inclusive and caters to all children of all different backgrounds. As a teacher I also want to educate children on how to be inclusive whether that is kids with disabilities or without. I think it is very important for students to realize that not everyone is the same but we all deserve equal opportunities especially in the classroom.

Quameshia Gantt Quameshia Gantt 
Major: Special Education 
Hometown: Ridge Spring, South Carolina 

Background: I come from a large, loving family from a rural town in South Carolina. I have eight siblings and one nephew. I enjoy listening to  a wide range of music, watching Netflix and Dallas Cowboys' football. I'm a part of many organizations here at Clemson which include: the African Caribbean Student Association, Clemson Gospel Choir, and the United Nations Association-Clemson chapter. A big part of who I am involves serving others wherever I can. 

Why I want to teach:  I will make a difference in the lives of the students I teach. I wish to help the students that I encounter make their dreams come reality; just like many of my teachers did for me. 

Goals and aspirations:  Upon graduation, I will be working in my own Special Education classroom with a range of students. While doing this, I'll be working to receive my Master's in Administration and Supervision. Ultimately I wish to become Superintendent of Education for the Aiken County Public Schools District.

anna gray ivey

Anna Gray Ivey
Major: Secondary Education English
Hometown: Rock Hill, SC

Background: My name is Anna Gray Ivey, and I am from Rock Hill, SC. I began my college career at Clemson as a Spanish and International Trade major, and while I loved the program, I learned after three semesters that it was not the right path for me. I then switched into English and eventually Secondary Education English. I am so proud to be part of such a wonderful program!

Why I want to teach: Growing up, I always had a love for English. The majority of my favorite teachers throughout middle and high school were English teachers, and they each had a hand in fostering my passion for English. My teachers were always incredibly caring and supportive of me and truly left an impact on my life. I feel that in becoming a teacher, I will not only have the opportunity to impart my love of English on my students but also have a positive impact on their lives like my teachers had on mine. 

Goals and aspirations: As I previously stated, I hope to have a positive effect on each of my students' lives. In terms of my career, I want to teach in a high school for a few years and eventually pursue my MED. I am considering going after my doctorate after receiving my MED and potentially moving up to higher education. However, I have recently fallen in love with teaching the younger grades of high school, so I may end up staying with that age group! 

sarah melton

Sarah Melton
Major: Special Education
Hometown: Olanta, South Carolina

Background: Growing up, my mom was a social worker specializing in geriatrics and through her work I had the opportunity to volunteer with her patients. In doing this I fell in love with serving individuals who had disabilities.

Why I want to teach: In high school, I volunteered with my school’s special education program and had the chance to help teach their life skills class. These experiences led to my decision to become a special education teacher. 

Goals and aspirations: Upon graduation, I hope to teach a self-contained transition and life skills class at the high school level.

caroline mulligan

Caroline Mulligan
Major: Early Childhood Education
Hometown: Lexington, SC

Background: My name is Caroline Mulligan and I am a Junior Early Childhood Education Major. I am from Lexington, SC and attended Midlands Technical College for two years before transferring to Clemson. Growing up, both of my parents were teachers, one an elementary education and the other a middle school educator and coach. Their professions have played a very big role in my decision to pursue a career in education. When I am not busy with school work, I am tutoring in the America Reads program, spending time with friends and family, painting, and enjoying everything that Clemson has to offer. 

Why I want to teach: I grew up in a household where both of my parents were teacher, thus exposing me to the wonderful things that teaching has to offer. In high school, I took part in the Teacher Cadet program which completely solidified my commitment to teach when my 2nd grade class won over my heart. After I graduated high school, I was an assistant leader for a Girl Scout troop of 18 seven year olds, which supplemented my passion for teaching and allowed me to gain teaching experience. 

Goals and aspirations: In the classroom I observed for Teacher Cadet, the school had integrated students on the Autism Spectrum into a regular ed. second grade class. After that experience I have seen how much the students benefited from that interaction. Once I have graduated and I am teaching, I hope that I will be able to integrate students with special needs into my classrooms so that they will be able to learn patience, acceptance, and hopefully form a friendship that they may not necessarily have the opportunity to make. By allowing students with special needs to be in my classroom, I hope to end, or at least lessen, the stigma general education students have about their peers with special needs.  

madison m. pesicka

Madison M. Pesicka
Major: Elementary Education 
Hometown: Sewickley, Pennsylvania

Background: I am a transfer sophomore from a small town near Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. I love to be active and stay busy. In high school I played lacrosse and cheered. I also enjoy snowboarding, running, hanging out with my friends, watching movies and I love football (GO TIGERS!). . I am so excited to be at Clemson University and be a Tiger! I am also honored to be a part of COE Undergraduate Student Advisory Board!  

Why I want to teach: I am dyslexic and I want to teach to help students who need a teacher that will find unique ways to help them learn.  As a student with disabilities I have always learned a bit differently than the rest of my peers. I have had some outstanding teachers who would adapt lessons enabling me to learn and “just get it”.  This is my reason for wanting to become an educator, teach in different ways so that every student has the ability to learn and reach their goals.

Goals and aspirations: My goal is to graduate with a degree in Elementary Education with a possible minor in ASL along with a certification in the Orton-Gillingham reading program. I also plan on studying Educational Policy at Clemson in a graduate program with the ultimate goal of being able to make a difference through educational legislation to help further help students with learning disabilities.   However, most of all I want to teach and I look forward to someday having my own classroom of students! 

kathleen remley

Kathleen Remley
Major: Secondary Education Math

Hometown: Mount Pleasant, SC

Background: My name is Katie Remley and I'm a sophomore double major in mathematical sciences and secondary education. After visiting Clemson my junior year of high school, I knew it was where I wanted to call home. Clemson has provided me with so many great opportunities and nothing beats cheering on the Tigers in Death Valley!

Why I want to teach: Growing up I always wanted to be teacher and I loved the idea of working with kids. When I got to high school I decided to try biomedical classes because it was very encouraged and it seemed like there were many good job opportunities. After going through these 4 years of high school I realized I was not meant to do anything medical. My heart fell back on teaching and my love for math had grown during high school. I decided to combine the two and become a high school math teacher.

Goals and aspirations: I would love to teach in South Carolina and encourage students to find what they really love and pursue it, whether it be math or not. I want to be a mentor in more than just math and school, but make personal connections that really make students feel appreciated. 

alphonso leon richard jr.

Alphonso Leon Richard Jr.
Major: Elementary Education (Literacy, Culture & Diversity)
Hometown: Ooltewah, TN

Background: My name is Alphonso Leon Richard Jr., and I am from Ooltewah, TN. I am a sophomore Elementary Education major with an emphasis in Literacy, Culture, and Diversity. I am truly excited and honored to be able to serve on the Undergraduate Student Advisory Board for the College of Education. I am very passionate about the education programs and initiatives here at Clemson University and I look forward to the opportunity to work with other students to continue to shape and grow our College of Education.

Why I want to teach:  I want to teach because I believe that being an educator is one of the most impactful roles you can have in a child’s life. In this world today we always complain about the younger generation and the things they do not do. Instead of contributing to that problem by continuing to keep that conversation going I want to be a difference maker and impact the lives of our future generation. My main goal for teaching is to be able to push any child I interact with to a higher standard and help them grow into well rounded individuals who can make an impact in this world.

Goals and aspirations:  With my goals and aspirations I want to stay in Education for as long as I can. After I receive my undergraduate degree in Elementary Education I want to go straight into teaching. After a few years I want to be able to receive my Masters in Administration and Supervision and also my Doctorate in Higher Education (K-12). With these degrees I want to be able to go into administration at any school and one of my biggest aspirations is to become a Superintendent one day. Through continued learning and extensive research, I hopefully can expand to the state & national level to bring change to the role of Education in our country today.

rachel sanders

Rachel Sanders
Major: Secondary Education – English
Hometown: Edgefield, SC

Background: I grew up in the small, rural town of Edgefield, South Carolina. While growing up, I attended a private school, Francis Hugh Wardlaw Academy, where I was very active in various sports, leadership engagements and other volunteer opportunities offered at my school. The strong community of teachers and administration at Wardlaw Academy pushed me to be grow and develop all aspects of myself throughout my journey in education. I personally have had a unique Clemson experience because I started my journey as a member of the Bridge Program. I originally thought I wanted to go into business when I started college, but shortly after beginning classes at Tri-County Technical College I realized my passion for education and shaping young minds. I chose Clemson because it offered me a new atmosphere filled with diversity, encouragement for growth and a passion for education. Since joining the Clemson family, I have enjoyed being a part of the Student Affairs Student Advisory Board, volunteering at a local middle school as an Assistant Cheer Coach, leading on a Young Life team and being a part of the various fun traditions within the Clemson community.

Why I want to teach: Growing up one of my favorite activates was when my parents would share stories with me before bedtime about their own lives growing up in South Carolina. I still love hearing stories about other people’s experiences and I think that this love for learning about other people’s lives began my love for studying and questioning the way people develop into the person they are. To me, education is more than just teaching in a classroom; it is a way to advance the next generation of leaders for our world. I did not always think that I would be a teacher because teaching is a profession that is looked down on in many communities and I wanted a career that I could be proud of. But, shortly after starting college I realized that in order to “never work a day in my life” I had to choose a profession that I loved, and the idea of being an advocate for education and developing adolescents was something that I loved. I hope to be involved in learning and the development of students for the rest of my life.

Goals and aspirations: I am not exactly sure where life will take me after college, but I have several aspirations that I hope to obtain at some point in my life. While still at Clemson, I hope to make an impact on Clemson’s campus through the various organizations I am a part of. My hope is that the Education Advisory Board can offer speakers, training and hands-on opportunities for future teachers to learn practical teaching tips and theories. In the near future, I hope to graduate from Clemson University and begin teaching in a middle school as an English Language Arts teacher. I plan to pursue a Master’s Degree in either Educational Administration and Supervision, Student Counseling and Personal Services or Curriculum and Instruction whether that is after teaching for a few years or directly out of college. In the future, I could see myself also pursuing a PhD to advance my abilities within the education field. I also hope to go into administration at some point, and I plan to be an advocate for private schools for the rest of my career. Because I am a product of a private school, I hope to advocate for the private school environment and would love to obtain a job within the private school administration system.

Sarah Slawson

Sarah Slawson
Major: Elementary Education 
Minor: Athletic Leadership
Hometown: Hilton Head Island, SC

Background: I was born in Atlanta, GA and moved to Hilton Head when I was in 1st grade. I love going to the beach and doing anything related to the ocean such as water sports or anything outside. 

Why I want to teach: I love being around kids and enjoy teaching and watching kids grow in their own learning.

Goals and aspirations: I would love to finish Clemson and receive my Masters and then teach elementary school and eventually move into the high school level with the purpose of being an Athletic Director.