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Combined BA/BS-MED program option (with certification)

A combined BA/BS-MED program option will allow students to earn their Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in 5 years and complete a 1-year clinical experience known as a Teacher Residency. Teacher Residencies are one of the most promising reform efforts in teacher preparation. They have been shown to improve academic outcomes for students and increase teacher retention. Our combined BA/BS-MED places an emphasis on sustained immersive teaching through a year-long teacher residency with the goal of preparing learner ready teachers on day one.

  • Overview

    The combined BA/BS-MED program option is available to all qualifying undergraduate majors in Early Childhood, Elementary, and Secondary Education. In lieu of student teaching during the second semester of the senior year, students who are accepted into this program will take up to 12 credits of graduate course work. They will graduate with a BA/BS but will not be recommended for certification. During the 5th year, students will complete their student teaching through a yearlong residency in which they will be supported by a Master teacher.

  • Admissions

    In accordance with the Clemson University Regulations, students must have a minimum GPA of 3.4 and completed 90 credit hours. Students interested in the combined BA/BS-MED program should consult with the undergraduate academic advising center as early as possible. Students may also wish to consult with the Chair of the Department of Teaching and Learning.

  • Program Requirements

    Senior Year Spring:

    • ED 6900 Classroom Management (3 hrs)
    • ED 8650 - Curriculum Theory (3hrs)
    • EDF 8080 - Contemporary Issues in Assessment [hybrid or online]
    • ED 8610 - Cultural Diversity in Education (3hrs)

    Courses will be a mix of face-to-face, hybrid, and online this term.

    Fall Year 5:

    • ED 8600 - Classroom-based Research (3 hrs)
    • Student Teaching and Seminar 1 (6hrs)

    Spring Year 5:

    • ED 8990 - Capstone Project (3hrs) [hybrid or online]
    • Student Teaching and Seminar 2 (6hrs)

    Please note: both your bachelor’s and master’s need to total at least 150 hours.

  • Financial Information

    Since this is a combined program, tuition rates are a bit different than you may expect. The tuition rate for the M.Ed. courses currently follows:

    • Graduate courses taken while still an undergraduate (e.g., senior year second semester) will be billed at the undergraduate rate that you are currently paying.
    • Upon graduation from your undergraduate degree, you will be billed at Tier V online rate which currently is $428/hr for both residents and non-residents. With tuition and fees, you will pay approximately $9,000 for the M.Ed. in Teaching and Learning Degree (based on needing to take 18 graduate hours post undergraduate degree). This includes a projected $1,000 program fee that will be added during year 5 to take care of expenses tied to the yearlong supervision. 

    [Note: The “online” rate is charged even though the courses will be a mix of online, hybrid, and face-to-face because the M.Ed. in Teaching and Learning degree has multiple specializations that were approved at an online rate. This is helpful for nonresidents because you will have the same rate as residents for your post undergraduate hours.] Please note that rates are subject to change from year-to-year—although there are currently no significant changes in store at this point.

    Scholarships and Financial Aid:
    Depending on your major and where you ultimately wish to teach, there may be federal funds.

    No student assistantships are available from the university for this program.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Am I eligible to participate in this program?

    If you are an Early Childhood, Elementary, or Secondary major with at least a 3.4 GPA and 90 credit hours you are eligible to participate.

    What if I am a Special Education Major? Can I participate?

    At this time, Special Education majors are not eligible to participate.

    What do I need to do to apply?

    1. Set up a meeting with one of our Academic Advisors who will review your transcript to make sure you are eligible
    2. Fill out and submit a GS6BS/MS form

    Do I have to meet with a graduate advisor as well?

    No, you are not required to meet with a graduate advisor but it might be a good idea to do so to make sure this program is right for you.

    How does the BA/BS-MED work?

    The way our program works is you take all of the classes you would typically take for a 4-year program except in the second semester of your senior year instead of student teaching and the capstone, you will take up to 12 hours of graduate courses. This will allow you to graduate with your BA/BS but you will not be recommended for certification. During the 5th year, you will complete a yearlong student teaching residency. At the end of the 5th year, you will be eligible to be recommended for certification.

    How does my undergraduate curriculum change if I decide to apply to this program?

    The only thing that changes is the second semester of your senior year. Instead of student teaching you will take up to 12 hours of graduate credit and leave your student teaching to the 5th year.

    Who will be my academic advisor if I am accepted into this program?

    Once you are accepted into this program you will be assigned a faculty advisor.

    What are the benefits of this program?

    There are many benefits to this program. First, you will complete your Master’s degree in half the time it would typically take someone to complete the program. More importantly, though, this program was designed based on current education research showing the benefits of a year-round teacher residency instead of a one-semester student teaching. Research shows that teachers prepared through residency are more likely to stay in the profession, feel better prepared on day one, and have a greater impact on student achievement.

    Will I still receive my baccalaureate degree?

    Yes, all students enrolled in the BA/BS-MED plan will receive a BA or a BS but will not be recommended for certification.

    Am I eligible for a Graduate Assistantship?

    No, you are not. According to the Clemson University Graduate School policies, students in combined bachelor’s-master’s programs are not eligible for graduate assistantships.

    Are there other sources of funding/scholarship that are available?

    Depending on your major and where you ultimately wish to teach, there may be federal funds. The federal TEACH program provides funds to pre-service teachers who are willing to teach in a high-needs school in a high needs subject area. To determine whether you qualify, please go to the following site: To see which subjects and which school districts qualify as high needs, please see the following: You may also qualify for the SC Teaching Loan:

  • How to Apply

    An application should be submitted by the end of the junior year, but can be made at any time as long as the program requirements are fulfilled. Application is made via the GS6BS/MS form available from the Graduate School web site. (

    Please note that the GRE requirement for admission is eliminated for students approved via GS6BS/MS forms to pursue graduate degree programs.