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Initial Licensure/Certification

student with studentsTeacher Education

All College of Education teacher preparation programs lead to initial educator Licensure in South Carolina. The Office of Field and Clinical Partnerships and Outreach handles educator licensure/licensure paperwork for all College of Education candidates. Candidates for initial educator licensure are typically recommended immediately following successful completion of their program. However, it is the candidate's responsibility to ensure all required licensure documentation, including test scores, are on file with the College of Education prior to completing their program.

Licensure recommendation forms are completed by Office of Field and Clinical Partnerships and Outreach staff when candidates have successfully completed all required college courses, the appropriate Praxis Exams (see below list). It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that official transcripts are sent to the SC State Department of Education. Additionally the student should ensure that official Praxis II exams are sent to Clemson University and to the SC State Department of Education. Current students and prospective out-of-state students considering Licensure in other states are encouraged to research each state's requirements for Licensure.

Typically, Praxis II Specialty Area Exams are taken at the end of the fall senior practicum semester or the beginning of the spring student teaching semester. It is recommended that students take the Principles of Learning and Teaching exam after the completion of the Educational Psychology course (EDF 3020).

You can register for Praxis Exams at the following website: You must request that all test scores be sent to both Clemson University (code 5111) and to the South Carolina State Department of Education (code 8108). For more information, click the links below.

Teacher Education Praxis Exams

Specialty Area Exams for Learning Disabilities (LD)

Special Education: Core Knowledge and Applications (exam number 5354)

Special Education: Teaching Students with Learning Disabilities (exam code 583)

Specialty Area Exam for Multi-Categorical

Special Education: Core Knowledge and Mild-to Moderate Applications (exam number 5543)

All Special Education candidates must also take the Principles of Learning and Teaching exam (exam numbers 5621 or 5622 or 5623 or 5624).

Licensure should be requested within five years of completion of any program leading to licensure.  After five years, the College of Education may not be able to recommend candidates for a license due to potential changes in licensure requirements and programs.

While the College of Education recommends graduates for licensure, the South Carolina State Department of Education is the state licensing body and makes final decisions regarding individual licenses. With regard to state certification for non-Clemson education students, please see State Licensure/Certification Information.

Instructions for completing the South Carolina State Department of Education online application for a South Carolina Teaching Certification can be found here.

Educational Leadership

Graduate programs in the College of Education in school counseling and educational leadership also lead to advanced licensure/certification.

  • Information about and form for principal/superintendent licensure/certification
  • Information for Add-On Licensure/Certification

If you do not find the information you are looking for within this section of the site, please contact Bill Millar (864-656-7692), 100 Tillman Hall.

School Counseling

Students must meet the requirements of the School Counseling program and minimum field experiences for initial licensure. For questions about initial licensure, click here.