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Faculty and Staff

Name Area Phone/Email
Bailey, Beatrice Naff Faculty, Middle Level Education, Social Studies 864-650-2987
Bannister, Nicole Faculty, Middle Level Education, Mathematics 864-656-2329
Che, S. Megan Faculty, Secondary Education, Mathematics 864-656-2036
Cizmar, Sandy Business Manager 864-656-3483
Cridland-Hughes, Susan Faculty, Secondary Education, English 864-656-7647
Deaton, Cynthia Christine Mi Faculty, Elementary Education, Science 864-656-5115
Gomez, Carlos Nicolas Faculty, Secondary Mathematics 864-656-5127
Hall, Anna Faculty, Early Childhood Education 864-656-0352
Khan, Nafees M. Faculty, Secondary Education, Social Studies 864-656-6639
Leonard, Alison Faculty, Elementary Education, Arts and Creativity 864-656-5117
Linder, Sandra Faculty, Early Childhood Education 864-656-5102
Malloy, Jacquelynn Faculty, Elementary Education, English Language Arts 864-656-6239
Marshall, Jeff C. Chair; Faculty, Secondary Education, Science 864-656-2059
Pough, Natalie Faculty, Elementary Education 864-656-5119
Quigley, Cassie Faculty, Middle Level Education, Science 8643733505
Schumpert, Jennifer Faculty, Early Childhood Education 864-656-3483
Spearman, Mindy Faculty, Elementary Education, Social Studies 864-656-2078
Stevens-Smith, Deborah Faculty, Elementary Education, Physical Education 864-656-5124
Tyminski, Andrew Faculty, Elementary Education, Mathematics 864-656-6967
Whitfield, Melissa Administrative Assistant 864-656-5118

*Agricultural Education is housed in the College of Agriculture, Forestry, and Life Sciences. Please visit their Faculty Directory for Agricultural Education contact information.