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Giving Priorities

Dean’s Excellence Fund

The competition continues to grow for the best faculty, brightest students and most groundbreaking research. To ensure we continue to systematically improve education within a nationally ranked, top-25 public institution, the College of Education must provide critical funds to increase programmatic offerings to our students and faculty, uniquely positioning the college to provide leadership through innovative education, research and service.

Undergraduate Scholarships and Graduate Fellowships

Our current students and alumni continue to ensure that we thrive. Need-based funding opens doors for deserving students who would not otherwise be able to afford college, and prestigious merit-based awards attract the nation’s top students. In turn, these students will contribute to the college and Clemson’s academic reputation, success and impact in our state.

Endowed Chairs and Professorships

The College of Education must recruit and retain distinguished scholars to join the tradition of excellence established by our current faculty. Attracting faculty for endowed chairs and professorships in the College of Education helps shape the educational environment – not only for our students but also for Clemson University’s national reputation and the economic prosperity of our state.

Nationally Recognized Programs

The College of Education promotes the growth, education and development of all individuals through our commitment to serve underperforming schools and communities across the state and nation. Our nationally recognized programs will help us continue to be a transformative leader in systematically improving education, beginning at birth, while engaging students in high-quality research, learning and immersive experiences. Learn more about our programs here:

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For more information about how you can support these initiatives, or other ways to make an impact, please contact Margaret Owens, Senior Director of Development, at 864-276-7245 or

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