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About Inquiry in Motion


Improving the motivation, potential, and achievement of students and teachers through sustained engagement in science, math, engineering, and technology.


Inquiry in Motion Program Mac Solar Car

Increase Student Achievement

  • Narrow Achievement Gap
  • Increase Graduation Rates
  • Increase Success with STEM Majors
  • Increase Interest and Motivation
  • Increase Knowledge of STEM Careers

Improve Math and Science Teaching

  • Improve Pedagogical Skills-Increase Retention Rates
  • Deepen Content Knowledge
  • Increase Efficacy
  • Attract Career Changers

Program Outcome Measures

  • Graduation rates
  • Achievement of all students in math and science
  • Student attitudes toward math and science
  • Teacher pedagogical and content knowledge
  • Teacher retention rates
  • Knowledge of STEM career opportunities
  • Quality of student investigations
  • Number of students pursuing STEM in college