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Research and Evaluation

TIPS (Teacher Intentionality of Practice Scale)

TIPS (Teacher Intentionality of Practice Scale) measures 7 research-based, classroom-tested teacher controllable actions that lead to greater student success.

EQUIP Instrument (Electronic Quality of Inquiry Protocol)

The EQUIP instrument is designed to measure the quality of inquiry instruction being facilitated in the classroom of K-12 math and science teachers. The instrument does not seek to measure all forms of quality instruction, only those that are inquiry-based in nature. Select the EQUIP tab above for more details.

4E x 2 Instructional Model

The 4E x 2 Instructional Model was designed to unite three major learning constructs (inquiry instruction, formative assessment, and reflective practice) that have all been shown to improve learning. When well integrated, these learning constructs help facilitate deeper teaching and more powerful learning experiences.

Inquiry in Motion Professional Development Institutes

Two kinds of Professional Development Institutes (PDI-1 for first year participants and PDI-2 for second year participants) will be held to help teachers experience and understand content-embedded inquiry teaching, and to support the development, implementation, refinement, and evaluation of Unit and Lesson Exemplars based on the 4E x 2 Instructional Model. PDI-1 begins with a two week summer involvement where teachers can earn 3 hours graduate credit. During the ensuing school year, teachers will receive support as they implement and refine Exemplars that focus on improving student achievement in essential content while developing inquiry skills. PDI-2 participants will further develop their ability to implement content-embedded inquiry effectively, using the 4E x 2 Instructional Model as the guide. Furthermore, these participants will develop the skills and dispositions necessary to mentor both PDI-1 participants and pre-service teachers enrolled in Clemson’s pre-service teaching programs.