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Teaching and Learning

Center of Excellence for Innovation in Mathematics and Science (CEIMS)

CEIMS is part of our broader Inquiry in Motion Institute, whose primary effort is to improve K-12 mathematics and science instruction. Our goals are to:

  • Increase the number of highly qualified middle school mathematics and science teachers
  • Increase the quality, confidence, and competence of in-service middle school mathematics and science teachers through the use of effective inquiry-based practice.


Masters of Arts in Teaching in Mathematics or Science Education — designed for those who have a Bachelor’s Degree in a content area and seek to become a teacher. Options include MAT programs for Middle Grades (grades 6-8) and Secondary (grades 9-12).


Masters of Education in Mathematics or Science Education (Teaching and Learning) — program for currently practicing teachers who which to deepen their abilities to teach in their content area.

Inquiry in Motion Professional Development Institutes

Two kinds of Professional Development Institutes (PDI-1 for first year participants and PDI-2 for second year participants) will be held to help teachers experience and understand content-embedded inquiry teaching, and to support the development, implementation, refinement, and evaluation of Unit and Lesson Exemplars based on the 4E x 2 Instructional Model. PDI-1 begins with a two week summer involvement where teachers can earn 3 hours graduate credit. During the ensuing school year, teachers will receive support as they implement and refine Exemplars that focus on improving student achievement in essential content while developing inquiry skills. PDI-2 participants will further develop their ability to implement content-embedded inquiry effectively, using the 4E x 2 Instructional Model as the guide. Furthermore, these participants will develop the skills and dispositions necessary to mentor both PDI-1 participants and pre-service teachers enrolled in Clemson’s pre-service teaching programs.

Casio America, Inc. Designates Clemson University Its Center of Academic Training

Because of our focus on inquiry-based instruction, Casio America, Inc. has determined that they will organize their nationwide professional development for math teachers on some of the ideas developed through our Inquiry in Motion Institute and our Center of Excellence for Inquiry in Mathematics and Science. Of particular interest is the 4E x 2 Instructional Model, which will be used to frame lessons used in the professional development, and the use of the Inquiry in Motion website to develop and house these lessons. Casio’s professional development is designed to enrich the mathematics classroom, using graphing calculator technology to foster investigations and deeper understanding of important mathematical concepts.

Creative Inquiry Teams

The Professional Development Institutes for high school math and science teachers help to prepare them to lead creative inquiry teams. These teams will be composed of high school seniors enrolled in a capstone experience that focuses on STEM ideas. Annual regional STEM competitions will allow students to compete with others and present research achievements for the year. These Creative Inquiry Teams will be modeled on Clemson University’s undergraduate initiative for Creative Inquiry, and Clemson undergraduates enrolled in pre-service secondary mathematics and science programs will help serve as mentors to the high school teams. Possible competitive inquiries include solar car competitions, robotics contests, and design innovation competitions. Find out more about Clemson University Creative Inquiry and Undergraduate Research.

CU-ICAR-Themed STEM Explorations

The CU-ICAR campus provides a unique opportunity for a collaborative partnership among the Moore College of Education, CU-School of Engineering, Greenville County School District, and CU-ICAR. Planning teams will weave engineering-based, technologically-rich, CU-ICAR theme-related content and experiments into existing science and mathematics courses.