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Casio Partnership

Because of our focus on inquiry-based instruction, Casio America, Inc. has determined that they will organize their nationwide professional development for math teachers on some of the ideas developed through our Inquiry in Motion Institute and our Center of Excellence for Inquiry in Mathematics and Science. Of particular interest is the 4E x 2 Instructional Model, which will be used to frame lessons used in the professional development, and the use of the Inquiry in Motion website to develop and house these lessons. Casio’s professional development is designed to enrich the mathematics classroom, using graphing calculator technology to foster investigations and deeper understanding of important mathematical concepts.

As the Center of Casio Academic Training, Clemson University will host a Train-the-Trainer Session for all of Casio’s lead trainers in late July 2011. In addition, Casio will be donating the exciting, new PRIZM graphing calculators to all students at Lakeside Middle School in Anderson, SC, which is designated as a STEM School of Inquiry and Innovation. All of the math teachers will be trained on using the PRIZM and the school will be engaged in a major research project to determine how use of the calculators affects achievement and attitudes.

In addition, Clemson, along with St. Cloud State University in Minnesota, is a major contributor to a book series on “Fostering Mathematical Thinking.” This series provides problems, solutions, and ideas for teachers to enrich the mathematics class, making it relevant and helping students develop mathematical concepts, apply them in rich settings, and learn to think mathematically through inquiry-based instruction and learning. A book that addresses many of the new Common Core Standards for the middle grades will be featured in the efforts at Lakeside Middle.