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4-year-old kindergarten and policies that provide funding for young children from at-risk situations

In this episode of Policy Matters, we explore the early years, focusing on 4-year-old kindergarten, and policies that provide funding for young children from at-risk situations. We will learn the research base for a statewide policy supporting publicly funded 4-year old kindergarten in South Carolina. The program visits four different 4-K settings in South Carolina-in public schools in both rural and urban settings – as well as in a private childcare setting. We hear from legislators on both sides of the aisle as to its value. Finally, Dr. Dee Stegelin, an early childhood professor in the College of Education will lead the Community Forum panel discussion on the importance of such a policy, including Dave Morley, a retired businessman; Dan Wuori of the SC Office of First Steps; and Joe Waters, of the Institute for Child Success.

Dolores (Dee) Stegelin, Ph.DDolores (Dee) Stegelin, Ph.D., is a professor of early childhood education within the College of Education. She serves as the lead professor who has who has led Policy Matters: Education Policy from the first program in the series. She is one of the country’s foremost experts in the area of early childhood education and development, effective play-based early learning environments, and curriculum. Dr. Stegelin has been active in policy research and professional activities for more than 20 years. Read more about Dr. Stegelin

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