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REAL Lunches

Please join us for monthly REAL (Researchers, Educators And Leaders) Lunches to engage in conversations about research, grants and collaborations. If you would like to make a brief presentation about your research to share and discuss with colleagues, contact Dr. C.C. Bates.

All lunches are scheduled from 12:30-1:30 p.m. and will be offered in a hybrid format (webcast through Zoom) from the Dean’s Conference Room (102). We can accommodate a total of 20 in-person participants, with snacks and drinks provided.

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Schedule Of Events


Fall & Spring 2021 REAL Lunch Schedule

Dr. C.C. Bates and Dr. Daniella Hall Sutherland

Thu, September 9

Dr. C.C. Bates
EHD-Literacy Education

Dr. Michelle Cook and Dr. Meihua Qian

Wed, October 6

Dr. Michelle Cook
Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies

Dr. Meihua Qian
EHD-Learning Sciences

Dr. Brooke Whitworth and Robert O’Hara

Thu, November 11

Dr. Brooke Whitworth
T&L-Secondary Education, Science Education

Robert O’Hara
EHD-Learning Sciences

Dr. Cynthia Sims

Wed, December 8

Dr. Cynthia Sims
EOLD-Human Resource Development

Dr. Daniella Hall Sutherland
EOLD-Educational Leadership

Dr. Amanda Rumsey and Dr. Kristen Duncan

Thu, January 20

Dr. Amanda Rumsey
EHD-Counseling Education

Dr. Kristen Duncan
T&L-Secondary Education, Social Studies

Dr. Luke Rapa and Shanna Hirsch

Wed, February 16

Dr. Luke Rapa
EHD-Learning Sciences

Dr. Shanna Hirsch
EHD-Special Education

Dr. Noelle Paufler, Rachel Biritz, Dr. Hans Klar

Thu, March 17

Dr. Noelle Paufler & Rachel Biritz
EOLD-Educational Leadership

Dr. Hans Klar
EOLD-Educational Leadership

Graduate Students

Wed, April 13

College of Education Graduate Student Awards

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