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TigersTeach Scholarship Overview

Two distinct teacher education programs may be pursued in the TigersTeach Scholarship Initiative:

Clemson's Dual Major Undergraduate Program   Clemson's Secondary Science and Secondary Mathematics Master of Arts in Teaching Program
Professor teaching class   Professor and student working in lab
The Clemson Dual Major Undergraduate Programs offer students both a major in a content field and a major in secondary education. The dual major is available in mathematics, biology, chemistry and physics. These dual majors are meant to provide greater career flexibility for students.   The Master of Arts in Teaching in Secondary Science or Secondary Mathematics program targets individuals who have undergraduate degrees in engineering, mathematics, or one of the sciences and who have committed to becoming a teacher. This 39-semester-hour program can be completed in 13 months and is offered in the Greenville area. It consists of online and face-to-face instruction and more than 100 hours of field experience prior to student teaching.

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In addition to the course and internship experiences, TigersTeach Noyce Scholars are expected to participate in numerous immersion activities that will help support the scholar. Immersion activities, in their entirety, will create a vibrant learning community consisting of scholars, teachers in partner districts, as well as professors in engineering, the sciences, mathematics and education. The major theme of these activities will be developing Noyce scholars as leaders committed to serving the community and schools.