I. Dwaine Eubanks Emeritus College Fellows

This award, named in honor of former EC director, Dr. I. Dwaine Eubanks, Professor Emeritus of Chemistry, recognizes emeritus faculty members who steadily render valuable service without compensation to the Emeritus College and beyond. The designation of Emeritus College Fellow has been created to honor those individuals.

2021 Recipients

Skip Eisiminger

Sterling “Skip” Eisiminger, Professor Emeritus of English
Dr. Eisiminger is the 2013 recipient of the Kenelly-Voss Distinguished Emeriti Award. He was essential in the development of the Conversations with International Students (CIS) program. This program provides support for international students preparing to take and pass the SPEAK test to become eligible for a teaching assistantship. He continues to serve as a mentor in the CIS program and as a grader in the testing program. Beginning in 2015 Skip again served on the Emeritus College Board as Board Chair and a member of the Emeritus College Executive Committee. His nominator noted, “In short, he is known to everyone in the College because of his leadership, work, quiet manner, and good humor. When you think of Emeriti that have for many years contributed to the Emeritus College in varied service, leadership, and work roles you will think of Skip Eisiminger.”

Lucy Eubanks

Lucy Eubanks, Lecturer, retired, Chemistry
Mrs. Eubanks has served on the College’s Advisory Board and Executive Committee. She was active as an elected officer of the Association of Retirement Organizations in Higher Education (AROHE), an international organization serving higher education faculty and staff. Her service to the Emeritus College as a liaison to AROHE for several years has been invaluable. She has prepared and submitted articles about the College to AROHE for their national publication highlighting Clemson University’s Emeritus College programs and activities. Her efforts have led to the College’s recognition for its Conversations with International Students program with the AROHE Innovation Award in 2018. Lucy advises the executive committee on AROHE and national trends in retirement. In addition, Lucy has shown time and again her commitment to the College and its role in helping emeritus faculty to continue to be engage, involved and have positive retirement experiences. Her nominator stated, “Lucy can be counted on the help, no matter the topic or task to be completed. She is involved in the College and the community to everyone’s benefit.“

Hoke Hill

Hoke Hill, Jr., Professor Emeritus of Mathematical Sciences
Dr. Hill served on the Advisory Board of the Emeritus College and chaired the board in 2018- 2019. His leadership helped to implement the Fellows programs, a vision of former Emeritus College Director, Dr. I. Dwaine Eubanks. Following his term as an elected board member, Dr. Hill was elected to the Board of Directors of the Association of Retirement Organizations in Higher Education (AROHE) and his leadership in AROHE has provided opportunities for Clemson’s Emeritus College on the national level. He works closely with Lucy Eubanks in her role as AROHE Liaison to ensure that Clemson’s Emeritus College maintains its standards and high reputation among retiree associations and organizations. Hoke is always available to help the College and his years of service in a variety of roles demonstrates his commitment to the College. Whether it is serving drinks at a social function or providing seminars to members, Dr. Hill is involved in the day-to-day events of the College.

Calvin Schoulties

Calvin Schoulties, Professor Emeritus of Plant Pathology and Physiology and Dean, CAFLS
Dr. Schoulties has chaired the Awards Committee for the last three years and in this role has led the committee in selecting several award recipients. He worked tirelessly with the committee to implement the IDE Fellows program to showcase the ideals and vision of Dr. I. Dwain Eubanks, former Emeritus College Director. His nominator stated, “Calvin is always ready to serve the College and the university as needed.” In addition, Calvin is active in the Clemson Community as well and works with several nonprofit boards and committees in the Clemson area. His leadership and commitment to people across the community is instrumental in the quality and success of Clemson and the Emeritus College.

Jerry Trapnell

Jerry Trapnell, Professor Emeritus of Accountancy and Dean, COB
As a member of the Emeritus College, Dr. Trapnell chaired the original strategic planning committee. The time and attention to detail he took in the crafting of the first strategic plan was remarkable. His vast experience as a strategic planning consultant to many other colleges and universities revealed a mastery of the form and function of an effective, useful and realistic plan. Since the time of the Executive Committee’s approval the first plan, the Emeritus College has benefitted enormously and has been acutely focused on meeting the challenges and opportunities prioritized by the plan. It is several years later, and Jerry, once again, has stepped up to chair the committee to revise and update the strategic plan.

Once again, Jerry has methodically and effectively led a reconsideration of the plan and produced an effective update for the review and acceptance of the Executive Committee. Jerry’s service, dedication and excellent skills of leadership and vision have been selflessly given to the formidable task of charting a systematic approach to the future for the Emeritus College.

Past Recipients

Adolph L. Beyerlein, Professor Emeritus of Chemistry

Harold E. Cheatham, Professor Emeritus and Dean, College of Behavioral, Social and Health Sciences

“Chip” S.M. Egan, Alumni Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Performing Arts and Dean, College Architecture, Arts and Humanities

Bonnie J. Holaday, Professor Emerita of Nursing and Dean, Graduate School

Cecil O. Huey, Professor Emeritus of Mechanical Engineering

Delbert “Del” L. Kimbler, Professor Emeritus of Industrial Engineering

Gary L. Powell, Professor Emeritus of Genetics and Biochemistry

M. Elaine Richardson, Professor Emerita of Animal and Veterinary Sciences and Director, Academic Success Center

Dennis “Steve” E. Stevenson, Associate Professor Emeritus of Computer Sciences

Stuart Silvers, Professor Emeritus of Philosophy