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Friends of the Emeritus College

Friends of the Emeritus College include individuals who desire to financially support the programs of the Emeritus College. Realizing that the outreach of the Emeritus College is invaluable in keeping retirees connected to one another and to the University, Friends give generously to ensure continuation of programs such as:

  • Emeritus Night at the Brooks Center,
  • The Emeritus College Newsletter,
  • Emeritus Day on Campus.

If you would like to be a Friend of the Emeritus College, download and print a copy of the donor card (.doc format) or make a secure gift online.

Founding Members

Lloyd Blanton
Farrell Brown
Harold Cheatham
Hugh Clausen
Peggy Clover
Michael Crino
R.L. Edwards
Harold Harris Jr.
Carle Helms
J.C. Hubbard Jr.
Victor Hurst
John Kenelly
George Kessler
Richard Klein
Ron Kopszyk
Bob Lambert
John Leudeman
Rob Roy McGregor
Stanley Nicholas
Rameth Owens
Walt Owens
Jerry Reel
Lucy Rollin
David J. Senn
Tom Skelton
Diane and Webb Smathers
Gerald Waddie
Sam Willis
Tah-teh Yang
Paul Zielinski